Today: Happy Easter, bunnies.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] We’re about to hit the road for Mass and Easter dinner at my parents’ house, but I wanted to be sure to wish those of you celebrating, a very happy Easter Sunday.  To everyone ele, I’m wishing you a very happy regular Sunday.

In case you missed this last year, here is Clark doing his best impression of the Easter Bunny:

When I was little, I was terrified of the “Eater Bunny,” and as such, our baskets were filled and carefully delivered… to my dad’s car.  Can you blame me?

Keep out of my house.

Terrifying.  Speaking of terrifying, wait ’til my family cuts into this cake I baked (and then had to piece together with a big piping bag of frosting…) yesterday evening.  Looks can be deceiving.  I will be sure to post its innards later today.


As I rush to dry my hair and find my missing shoe, I’ll leave you with a few more early Easter pictures.

Easter baskets for Nick and Clark.

Please don't call the MSPCA. He likes the ears, I promise.

Happy Easter from our little family to yours.

Also On Tap for Today:

What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?

8 thoughts on “Today: Happy Easter, bunnies.

  1. OMG, Clark is such a cutie patootie! Love the Easter bunny impression. That’s funny about the Easter bunny delivering baskets to your dad’s car!

  2. I loved Clark’s snorting noises during the video. So cute! I wish I could get my dog to wear bunny ears like that. Clark is so festive for the holiday.

  3. I’m most definitely not a fan of peeps! I like any other Easter candy though, but peeps? no way! I love to celebrate Christmas, because of the season leading up to it. I like decorating the tree and baking, and those things definitely come with Christmas, I also like the music, and the shopping. I’m doing IComLeavWe for the first time.

  4. Love the baskets in the car! For some reason, i never got baskets from the easter bunny. it was “the rabbit” that came and left the usual candy, but never in a basket…always in something fun and functional like a sand pail set, wagon, hat, purse…
    Personal fav holiday: Halloween! ICLW #156 the fertility daily

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