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Today: Let’s get physical.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] The downside to kicking the year off (BAM!) by running a marathon is that, well, what else is there left to do?  I mean, clearly there is a lot left to do (not the least of which is laundry), but I’ve spend the last month or so in a fitness rut.  I’ve been playing soccer every week, and had a blast running the Bradford Valentine’s Day race, but otherwise… I’ve been doing a whole lot of not much.

Fortunately, I got my glutes kicked right back into high gear this weekend.  Squatting and kicking and lunging and curling until I nearly expired was exactly what I needed.  I think.  I had the pleasure of joining Elina, Kathy and Rachel for a F.I.T. House event at Life is Good on Newbury Street.  Emily McCavanagh founded Fitness Inspired Training with a holistic and refreshing approach to fitness and teaches clients how to get fit, eat fit, and live fit.  We got worked by Emily’s 45 minute F.I.T. Pump class, which can be completed anywhere– at home, in the office, or on the road.  Two days later, I am basically crippled.  In a good way.

I love Emily’s attitude and approach.  I had fun, while at the same time cursing the day I was born.  Which incidentally, was March 1st.  Hint, hint. Her F.I.T. Pump workout included three targeted exercises for each major muscle group, followed by a 30-second high intensity blast of each.  A sampling of the workout:

  • Quadriceps: Squats on toes, sissy squats (faulty advertising at its best), alternating lunges
  • Hamstrings: Deadlift with resistance band, bridge with leg kick out, reverse plank with leg lift
  • Glutes: Front squat with resistance band, side to side lunge, squat with kick
  • Chest: Chest press, chest fly, chest pumps (like fist pumps… but harder)
  • Back: Wide row, single arm row, lat pull down
  • Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders: Front bicep, tricep kickbacks, shoulder press
  • Upper abs: straight leg crunch, reverse straight leg crunch, straight leg sit-up (my favorite, for real)
  • Lower abs: reverse crunch with bottom lift, reverse crunch, cross arm extensions

I got sweaty just typing that.  This was just the routine shake-up I needed.

How cute is the little jump drive? It's loaded up with fantastic recipes and Emily's killer F.I.T. Pump workout.

Following the workout, we got a sneak peak of Life is Good‘s new fitness line.  I love Life is Good‘s philosophy and charitable work.  I know first hand what a difference being powered by optimism makes, and love that this mantra can be found inside their workout gear.  You know, for your bum to read while you’re out running.

So many new mantras, so little room on my bumper.

After the one-manequin fashion show, Emily’s colleague treated us to kale smoothies, which she calls Shrek Shakes :),  and some creative and practical nutrition advice.  I’ll save that bit for later this week, when I plan to introduce you to ANDI… muhaha.  Stay tuned.  Or whatever.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • If we don’t win tonight’s soccer game, I may just burn a shinguard at mid-field
  • Brilliant!  Google’s Recipe finder!
  • Turning into a pumpkin 29 at midnight

How do you keep your life fresh and sexy? On second though, just answer the fresh part…