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Today: Check the Doppler.

This weather is just plain crazy.

I slept an extra two hours this morning because apparently, as of today, Clark doesn’t wake up at 5:15 anymore.  Remind me to start setting my alarm again.  I bundled up, grabbed his leash and set off for the elevator.  The minute we stepped outside it was clear: I had over-bundled.  It’s a record high 67 degrees in Boston today.  Our poor polar ice caps!

It’s also windy enough that I worry our condo building might uproot itself and land on a good witch somewhere at the other end of Southie.  What the heck is happening today?  We’ve had rain, hurricane force winds, sun, unseasonable warmth and apparently snow’s on the way this weekend.  I suppose this is why we love and hate living in New England.  And why my wardrobe is having an identity crisis.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Assemble new office furniture, including a real table (no more eating at my desk!)
  • Try to put a dent into Harry Potter; I am finally joining the real world and reading the first book in the series… wizzzzards!
  • Buy stamps

What’s the weather like in your neighborhood?