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Gloomy ‘tudes + sunny dispositions.

Has it rained every Tuesday this year?  It seems like it.  

gloomy tudes + sunny dispositions

I’m one of those people that pretends to be even keeled, but the weather, man… it gets to me.  I wonder if this is fully science (a need for vitamin D, or whatev) or something we learn as we age.

I spent a good chunk of the day checking Dark Sky (likely my most used app #nerdalert), trying to do math (do I have enough time to get the baby out and into the running stroller, actually go running, factoring in route + speed/lack thereof, and make it back for preschool pickup before the next downpour?)… and mentally complaining.  None of this was especially helpful.

We got home from school and made it 1/29th up the length of our driveway (such is the pace of life these days) when the skies opened.  It was one of those rainstorms that’s over in seconds, but leaves you (and all the art projects you’re holding) soaked.  You might be able to guess my immediate reaction (and if not: it was to silently swear), but you’ve already seen how Grace and Nick reacted.  

With pure joy.  

The weather can ruin your mood.  It can ruin your day.  It can foul up your plans.  And it can foul up your I-look-chic-but-in-that-I-didn’t-try-kind-of-way outfit.

But it can also give you a puddle to jump in.  It can entice worms from where ever they usually are (who knows), so you can closely inspect them.  It can bring forth that inimitable spring rain on blacktop smell that makes me glad to live in the city.  It sustains plants (and all the things that plants sustain… like people).  And it can make my two babes laugh and squeal with utter delight.

But it’s not just the weather.

How many things weigh us down as adults, but with a simple shift in attitude, could be appreciated with the wonder and joy they might deserve?

Perhaps we can unlearn our gloomy grown-up attitudes.  Or at the very least, get some cool raincoats and enjoy the storm a bit.

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Meal + workout plan for the week of 3/13

…Coming to you live from snowy Cape Cod with this week’s meal plan + workouts.  The babes are napping, so I figured I’d make an attempt to get my act together for the week before we head back to the city.

this week's meal plan + workouts

Note to the entire internet self: I need to figure out if Tuesday’s storm is the real deal or not and plan my grocery shopping accordingly.  My favorite meteorologist (yes, I have one of those) seems to be on vacation, so I am essentially lost.


+ (a decidedly wintery) MEAL PLAN

  • Spinach + black bean quesadillas
  • Vegetarian chili for lazy people
  • Spiced lentil + sweet potato stew (recipe from Rachel Ray)
  • Flatbreads + salad
  • Stuffed baked sweet potatoes + salad
  • Grilled cheese + tomato soup

Breakfasts will likely be some combination of yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, English muffins and/or a porridge made from my children’s table scraps… Lunch is usually a giant salad.  I expect these dinners will make for really good leftovers to tag along with my greens.  And my peasant parent porridge.  

Time to Google the weather.  Catch you on the other side… of the Sagamore.

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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XXII.

Judging by this weekend’s Instagram snaps, it was a very Clark weekend.  It’s his world, we’re just living carrying him around in it.

The weekend according to Instagram XXII

  1. We spent Friday night like a couple of cool college kids… at the library.  BU hosts therapy dogs at the Mugar Memorial Library in the days leading up to their final exams.  Clark and I have volunteered there the past few years and always have a great time, so I was psyched when Nick offered to come along.  The program is really well organized and the reactions students have to Clark is so fun to witness.  We were up past his  bedtime (we took the 8-9 PM shift this year), so Clark was extra snuggly.  And smiley.
  2. We spend Saturday like a couple of unprepared parents-to-be… at our “prepared childbirth” class.  While the certificate says we’re prepared, that really remains to be seen.  Mostly because I got up to take a break anytime I felt squeamish.  Which was often.  Hopefully Nick was paying better attention that I was.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I fainted during two separate health classes about where babies come from, once in sixth grade and once in ninth grade.  I tried to convince our midwife that we didn’t need to take the class (mostly because I was convinced, given my track record, that I would not remain conscious… so why waste the time and money?), but she was not hearing it.  In reality, I learned a lot this weekend (and even stayed up Sunday night to read the full manual, semi-terrifying parts and all).  I could have done without the video (there were scenes I will never be able to un-see), but everything else was super helpful.
  3. The jury’s still out on my weekend polish change.  Essie’s belugaria looks fun, but I’ve already started peeling away at the sparkly flecks of glitter.  The polish itself is textured, sort of like nail caviar mixed with regular polish.  I have a feeling this manicure’s not lasting past Tuesday.
  4. We postponed our little Christmas party Saturday night, as several friends would be driving in from outside the city and if you’ve ever tried to park in Southie before, during, or after a storm… you know this is not a process for the faint of heart (the underlying theme of today’s post is fainting).  Also, we wanted everyone to stay safe.  Obviously.  I couldn’t wait ’til morning to check out the snow drifts (which didn’t amount to much after the switch over to rain), so I bundled up Clark and headed outside as soon as we got back from baby class.  I love weather.  Almost as much as I love mail.
  5. On Sunday morning, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in an hour or so and that light, fluffy snow became crusty, icy snow.  I bundled up the little guy again, zipped my coat over the bump, and soon found myself carrying 30 lbs. of French bulldog across icy pools of slush.  Not surprisingly, he pretended to be asleep for the remainder of the day to avoid going out again.
  6. Meanwhile, Nick spent three hours shoveling and actually earned his spot on the sofa.  As for Clark? He’s lucky he’s so cute.

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What was the highlight of your weekend?

Today: Hunkered down.

While I normally get all jazzed about storms, weather reporters being absurd, and buying the last flashlight at Target,   Nemo (the storm, not the fish) is on my crap list.  With a big work event this weekend, I am stuck hunkered down at a city hotel missing this little dude.

And my husband, too.  Obviously.

I hope you’re hunkered down somewhere warm and cozy, with plenty of snacks, and the people (and non-people) you love.  And if you happen to grow tired of watching news people get snowed on and nearly blown away, here are a few alternatives to pass the time:

Stay safe.  And un-bored.

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  • Welp, we already covered that…

Hunkered down?  What is your favorite boredom buster?


Today: Lucky in New England.

Welp, we survived Sandy with little more than high winds and a few flying street signs.  We never lost power, and were able to stay safe and dry, save for a few quick walks with Clark.  Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone in the Northeast.  My heart goes out to everyone dealing with the hurricane’s aftermath.

When I took the Frenchie out early yesterday, the Pine Street Inn‘s outreach van was making rounds in our neighborhood, checking in on homeless men and women in the area.  That brought everything into focus for me.  I’ve said it a million times before, but it’s always worth repeating.  I am just so lucky.  I wish I could send some of that luck to the people who really need it right now.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Checking in with my tri-state pals
  • Calming my inbox
  • Tying up loose ends at work before the “big day”

How did you fare yesterday?  Hope you’re staying safe and sound.

Today: The calm before the storm.

It would seem like Hurricane Sandy is the real deal, and is set to reach Boston tomorrow morning, so I spent much of today doing any and everything that requires electricity.  Like laundry.  And charging anything that comes with a charger.  I tracked down our flashlights and candles, filled the gas tank, picked up my prescriptions, and bought enough bananas to last us the week.

With six days until our wedding, I’m rather inclined to panic.  What if our caterer or venue loses power?  Or like, what if we lose power, but then get it back, and I plug in my MacBook and we have a power surge and the list that says who is having chicken and who is having pumpkin ravioli gets zapped?  Because I’ve vowed to worry less, though, I’m choosing to stay calm.  That means lots of mint tea and snuggling with Clark, a change of nail polish, and showing up early to the six o’clock Mass.

Making it to church on Sunday night always helps me in that way.  Our parish’s commitment to social justice means so much to me, and helps me to start the week thinking of others, rather than myself.  I prayed that everyone will stay safe during and after the storm, and that I will get a life some perspective and stop focusing on things like table numbers.  I can be such a dingbat sometimes.  Speaking of numbers, if you’re a fellow Bostonian, be sure you have these important ones nearby.

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Today: Ultimate Bootcamp, Days 5 and 6.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]With the excitement of last Thursday’s BPS “skip day” (essentially, a non-event) behind us, the gates at our usual parking spot along the beach were open on Monday morning.  Despite waking up a full 15 minutes before my alarm, I felt a little more sluggish than the previous week.  Realizing that the weather was much more March-like, I added an extra layer and hit the road.

[Image source]

Kim brought us across the field to the sidewalk along Columbia Road for a warm-up run and plenty of lunges and squats.  Using the Farren footbridge, we alternated between running up and over Columbia Road and hunkering down for jump squats and split jumps (I have a feeling there’s a more technical name for that), and static squats and lunges.  We also spent some time on the damp, cold grass (after a brief taste of summer, it is definitely early spring again) taking on suicide-style runs paired with sit-ups and side planks with a twist.

Monday’s workout included:

  • Warm-up run
  • Lunges (front, side, walking)
  • Squats
  • Squat jumps
  • Planks (high, low, side, walking)
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Leg lifts

I came home feeling cold, soggy, and ready for a nap.  Unfortunately, that nap had to wait until bedtime.  There was a lot to like about this workout though, especially I using the bridge for climbing.  It was a great reminder that we don’t need to travel far or find expensive equipment to get a great workout in.  There is so much available right in our own neighborhood.  Though I am not sure I’d be comfortable busting out a set of burpees by myself in the middle of the sidewalk, it’s good to know that’s always an option.  If all else fails.  And I’m really desperate.  (I am trying to imagine a scenario where this would be the best option… so far: nothing.)

Tuesday provided a new challenge:  get from bootcamp to work in under 60 minutes in a suit with my face on and my hair did.  I had an early morning meeting in the Financial District and was forced to duck out of class 10 minutes early to ensure I wasn’t late.  I really could have used 45 extra minutes just to warm up.  Good Lord, it was cold yesterday morning.

I’m no meteorologist, but the wind coming off the ocean made it feel more like -28.  Despite wearing a tank top, a short-sleeved tee, a long sleeved thermal, a fleece, a ridiculous hat (with a pompom) and gloves, I was still quite cold.  I was hoping for a lot of running for this reason.  That, and I had a tetanus shot on Monday and my left arm feels like it’s full of lead.  I crossed my fingers for a leg day, but as soon as Jeanine kicked off the workout with 25 burpees, I knew that finger crossing was in vain.

Tuesday’s workout included:

  • .25 mile warmup
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Line drills on the football field
  • Pushups
  • Planks
  • Bicep curls
  • Overhead presses
  • Rows

My arms felt less like lead and more like jello by the time I made it to the car.  I wish I could have stayed for the full hour, but sometimes duty calls.  I should probably remind duty to not schedule any more 8:00 meetings.  Later in the day, as I ran through all of the other meetings, appointments, and tasks that needed tackling, I was so thankful to have started the day with a workout.

Before beginning Ultimate Bootcamp, almost all of my workouts (boxing, running, yoga, soccer) were at night.  I can’t tell you how many times a work or personal obligation got in the way of those workouts.  While it would have been easier on such a cold morning, with a meeting to worry about, to have stayed in bed, I am really glad my fellow bootcampers and I chose to get up and work out.

Full disclosure: I am attending this session of Ultimate Bootcamp at no cost.  I am not being compensated for writing about participating, and per usual, you can trust me to be open and honest about the experience.

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If you’re weather-obsessed (like me), what’s your go-to source for forecasts?

Today: Macrobursting with excitement.

Fortunately for everyone in the Boston metro area, I am not a paid weatherperson.  In times such as last night, I would be a complete loose canon on air.  Pea sized hail, everyone!  Macrobursts!  Tornadic activity! Then again, I have heard some doozies during WBZ’s live coverage of the tornado warning in western Mass… so maybe I am actually very well suited to be a weatherlady. I’ve got the jazzy outfits, after all.

I know there’s nothing funny about dramatic weather systems, especially when lives hang in peril, but I found myself laughing like a hyena last night, if a hyena could watch television.  A few of the highlights:

  • “Stay out of barns and abandoned houses…” Tornado warning aside, this is just plain ol’ good advice.  I mean, why at 7:30 in the evening would you be lurking in an abandoned house?  I get the barn thing– if you’re a farmer or an equestrian– but an abandoned house?
  • “…the bathroom is really safe, because you’re surrounded by pipes.  Lead pipes.  Well, not lead pipes, but metal pipes.” Lead pipes? Perhaps this weatherman was playing a friendly game of Clue before the tornado threatened to touch down.  Forget a possible tornado, now we have to worry about being vulnerable to lead poisoning every time we go to the bathroom.
  • “Now is not a good time to go out in the yard and look for things.” This brilliant caution from a MEMA representative got me thinking about what kinds of things people might look for in their own yards, in the dark.  Their dog?  Their children?  Maybe they have one of those metal detector things?  A buried time capsule? If this broadcast was tailored specifically to my dad, it would have sounded more like, “Now is not a good time to go out and putter around in the yard.”
  • “The Doppler Radar is a huuuuge tool.  A huge asset.” This seems like a good note to end on.

We took Clark out for his last walk of the evening a bit earlier than usual (I didn’t want him to get sucked into a tornado, obvi), just in time to see some of the most amazing lightning imaginable.  I grabbed my camera and did the least safe thing one could do in an electrical storm, and headed straight for the roof.  Here’s what I captured (no, it’s not an animal):

I tweeted (oh, the magic of Twitter!) that little video, and it ended up on My Fox Boston 25 and the opening credits and weather segments of WBZ’s 11 o’clock news.  So, I sort of am a weatherlady.  Just without the microphone.  And access to millions of viewers.

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Today: Be cool.

Clark has a message for everyone out there surfing this heat wave:  Just be cool.

And that’s why they call it… the doggie paddle.  If you can’t don a sweet red life vest and swim around in the shallow end, here are a few more ideas for keeping cool:

And a very important message from the Boston Public Heath Commission:

I figure it could always be worse.  Like two summers ago, when it rained for 9,000 days straight.  Or last summer, when our A/C went bust in the office, and the temperature indoors peaked at 101 degrees.  Yep, it could always be worse.

Also On Tap for Today:

How do you keep cool?  What’s your favorite type of weather? Favorite weather person?