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Today: Life with Clark

dog walkHere it is.  The post you’ve all been you might have been waiting for.  What I’ve learned this past week from life with our little monster:

  • Looking cute while picking up what your dog… put down… is not easy.
  • Sometimes, when you’re trying to sleep, you new puppy might make noises that sound like a pterodactyl or a fisher cat.  If you’ve never heard of a fisher cat, read on.  I will terrify you in mere moments.
  • You will meet more people in three days with a dog, than you might otherwise in three months.  Most of these people will be nice and normal.  Others will linger just a bit too long, but there’s no casual way to say, “Stop petting my dog, ya freak.”
  • If dog food tastes anything like it smells, it’s gross.  Dog food makers can dehydrate anything.  In fact, I think they might be in cahoots with the people who make astronaut ice cream.
  • You’ll find treats in pockets you didn’t even know you had.
  • French bulldogs like to jump on other French bulldogs, which is fun for them, but traumatic for a new owner who worries her dog might break another person’s dog.  Also, they don’t speak French.  Yet.
  • Dogs do not know the difference between 6AM on a Tuesday and 6AM on a Sunday.
  • It’s really easy to fall asleep on the sofa if there’s a snoring puppy smushed on top of you.

And now, pictures.

Clark 1

Check out the Frenchie ears.

Clark 3

Get this monkey off my back.

Clark 4

Pretending I know how to hold a dog.

If all this cuteness overload is too much for you, allow me to introduce New England’s most malevolent mammal… the terrifying Fisher Cat. Raaaaaaaaawr!


I will bite you. And your little moose, too. (Photo via www.troop399nbny.org)

According to the world’s most credible source (Wikipedia, obvi), the Fisher Cat has “unsheathed, retractable claws.”  With its Edward Scissorhands and their raging teeth, the fisher cat is one of very few predators who actually seek out porcupines for prey.

They don’t really discriminate, mowing down birds, small mammals… and even large mammals, such as the moose.  The noise they make is so distinctive and terrifying, someone in New Hampshire dedicated an entire website to it.  Click on the audio, if you dare! Muhahaha.  To make matters (even) worse, they have been hit with the ugly stick.  Hard.

On that note, have a lovely day!

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Write myself a note to change the clocks for DST on Saturday night.  I love “falling back.”
  • Perhaps our team will make out triumphant return to trivia tonight?
  • Share an inspiring story about a kindergartner who’s pulling for his sick friend.  You must read/watch. (Thanks, Christina!)

How cute is our Frog Dog?  How many nightmares will you have this week about the fisher cat? And please tell me you’ve watched the Sweetie Petey newsclip.

Today: Do something trivial

tom selleckI’m not sure if you’ve ever been to trivia at a bar, but if you have, you can probably just go ahead and skip this post.  Come back in few days when I’ve thought of something else (equally, if not more, mundane) to write about.

Now that I’ve exclaimed that disclaimer, let’s talk trivia.  We won again this week.  I don’t really know how that happened, but I do know I got the question about Oscar Wilde right.  [This Irish writer was quoted as saying, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”]  No offense, teammates, but this is clearly Wilde.  Keats?  Please.

Normally I get really excited for the French questions.  Last week I was all over haute couture, but when the question about a French pastry being named for its resemblance to lightning popped up, I had no idea what the heck the answer was.  La foudre?  Never eaten anything that remotely sounds like that.  Frankly, that sounds dégoûtante.  Apparently, the correct answer (which my teammates pulled through on) was eclaire.   And (not so) apparently, some French people call lightning… eclaire.

I totally got served when we tried to win full points on the guess the person section.  The trivia DJ (amazing job title) gives clues, with point values, to describe an individual.  The first clue has the highest point value and the later (and presumably more obvious) clues have lower values.  I tried to cash in the highest point value on a one Mr. Bill Cosby.  The clue immediately following my bounding up to the DJ with that answer was, “This person turned down an offer to play Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”  Clearly, I was doomed.  Incidentally, the correct answer was Tom Selleck.

We managed to pull off the comeback of the century (it’s all relative, my friends) and left on a winning streak.  You only need to win twice in a row to call it a streak, right?

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Survive back-to-back-to-back meetings on a Monday morning
  • Find the cord that connects my digital camera to my digital computer
  • Make plans for Kristine’s visit later this week!

Do you have any suggestions for trivia team names?  Have you ever mistaken Tom Selleck for Bill Cosby or vice versa?  And does it annoy you when people say vice-ah-verse-ah?

Today: Order in

peapodI wasn’t sure if having our groceries delivered was lazy and wasteful, or just plain genius.  Now that our first Peapod delivery has arrived, I am leaning toward the latter.

I’ve been slow to make friends in our new building (save for the older gentleman who complimented me on my sequin shoes in the elevator yesterday morning, and then asked if I was hoping to get back to Kansas.  Brilliant.).  I think it might be because I look like hell on wheels, stumbling through the lobby after picking up groceries on my way home from work, dropping boxes of couscous or econo-packs of toilet paper or wayward bunches of asparagus.

Most nights, as I lead a one person parade of exploding bags, I’d pass a cool, calm and collected Peapod delivery person, equipped with a rolling cart and neatly organized green bins.  Why I took me so long to make the call is, as most things are, beyond me.

Being a generally lucky and observant person, I had happened upon a random $10 off coupon and was staring down a lengthy shopping list.  So I bit the bullet sat before my adorable Mac Book and added item after item to the virtual cart.  Fast forward 12 or so hours and an amiable delivery person was unloading our very own bin of groceries in the kitchen.  Amazing.

You know how I feel about Diet Coke (the jig is up, I unquit drinking the DC), but do you have any idea how I feel about a 3/$11 sale on 12 packs?  Am I really writing about this?  Regardless, carrying 1 pack, let alone 3, up the stairs is enough to make me want to quit cold turkey… but if someone else is carrying them… well hello, deally.

I am now officially ashamed I wrote 4+ paragraphs (and poorly, at that) about food shopping.  Please just take my word for it: While it might feel slothful and unconscionable in a recession, having your groceries delivered means you save time, you save gas, you don’t buy Twinkies or the Enquirer at the checkout, and you most certainly do not drop and shatter a bottle of Pom Wonderful on the floor of your building’s glistening lobby.  Disgraceful.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Study up for Trivia!  We have a 1st place title to defend.  I am hoping there are more French questions this week.
  • Continue my hunt for the perfect birthday presents.

Who are the people in your neighborhood?  And how have you made a fool of yourself in front of them?