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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XVI.

After several weekends on the go, it was nice to enjoy a few days at home — especially since we’re scheduled to move in just a few weeks.

Not only did I fit in multiple workouts and multiple naps, but I also found time to read an actual non-work book (Orange is the New Black, which I picked up after watching the entire first season on Netflix in the span of, like, two days.  I definitely recommend the book, but um… spoiler alert: what happens in the show is not exactly true to life).

Our fridge is stocked, my nails are painted, the laundry’s done and the condo’s clean.  I try to balance laziness with short spurts of productivity when I can.

The weekend according to Instagram XVI

  1. It’s been a while since I posted a daily juice photo, but a glass of fresh juice is still my favorite way to start the day (but only after going for a run… no need for any added, um, excitement).
  2. Another favorite ritual:  the at-home polish change.  I’ve been obsessed with essie limo-scene lately, it’s a bit more opaque than ballet slipper but just as pretty.  And, according to essie, it’s perfect for the prom.  So there’s that.
  3. We’ve officially started packing, which means I have officially started coming up with excuses to take Clark for extra walks or reasons to check the mail multiple times a day, and I’ve essentially begun vanishing into thin air as soon as I spot a box being opened.  I did help Nick take everything off our walls and (not-so-helpfully) watched as he spackled, sanded, and touched up paint.  And then I accidentally peeled some paint off our bedroom wall.  I am worse than useless.  I am harmful.
  4. I am a sucker for cute packaging.  I’ve always loved adding POM Wonderful to seltzer, but when I saw this grass skirt-wearing bottle of POM Hula, I convince myself it would taste good in everything (except cereal, well… and probably other things, too).  Regardless, it added a lovely tropical kick to my DD unsweetened iced tea.
  5. I think graffiti is probably against the rules, but I can look the other way when it provides a little inspiration.  Spotted on a recent run: Never lack ambition.
  6. Clark is obsessed with cats.  There are a bunch of terrifying strays in our neighborhood and whenever we spot one on our walk, the Frenchie enters some sort of weird trance.
  7. While Clark was dreaming of a starring role in Cats, the musical, I was celebrating (and sweating through) a 15lb. PR on the strength portion of Sunday’s workout at CrossFit Southie.  There were a number of new people and drop-ins at the 9 AM class and I couldn’t help but think about how warm and welcoming the crowd was when I first joined last July.  One of the few feelings that can trump earning a PR is the feeling of belonging, of community.
  8. More post-workout juice.  Our usual recipe: kale, cucumbers, green apples, celery, carrots, ginger, lemons.
  9. We enjoyed a little fresh air at the SoWa Open Market.  If you’re in town, or visiting on a Sunday, the market is definitely worth a trip.  This year’s market includes the usual art, handmade goods, and crafts, as well as a vintage market, a farmers market, and a lot full of food trucks.  Oh, and the people watching?  Top notch.

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What was the highlight of your weekend?