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Today: Scenes from the snowiest winter in South Boston.

snowy South Boston

I am not sure which is more unbelievable:

  • It has snowed 7 feet during the last 3 weeks here in Boston
  • I am about to quote a Florida Republican and member of the NRA (on the topic of winter, of all things)  

It has come to this.  My ability to use my own words is buried, along with my car, under all that snow.  However, the former Congressman’s words (in this instance, at least) felt spot on.

After Nick cleared out the SUV and picked up some iced coffees (always iced, even when the thermometer iPhone weather app thing reads 4 degrees), we bundled up Grace and took a quick drive around the neighborhood.

I’m not a betting girl, but if I were, I’d say there will still be snow on the ground come Marathon Monday. [Side note: our friend Sarah is running Boston in support of the MGH Emergency Response Team.  If you’re wondering what marathon training during this historic winter is like… welp, she’ll tell you.]

South Boston Emergency Transportation Reconfiguration

With no room for both cars and snowbanks, driving around here has felt a bit like living in a (mostly super-dangerous) video game.  Last Thursday, it took me two hours to get from the South End to Southie.  I was an hour late for daycare pick-up (fortunately, Nick was able to get there in time).  Most of those two hours were spent in my own neighborhood, trying to navigate too narrow streets, while attempting to neither hit a pedestrian nor get hit by a bus.

Hopefully this weekend’s Emergency Transportation Reconfiguration (doesn’t that sound so… serious?) will help.  Most numbered streets are now one-way (odd numbers head east, even numbers head west), through April 1st.  Ahh, April. That sounds nice.

While I lose my mind keep busy with glamorous things like laundry and pretend a heat wave is moving through, a few photos from our tour of the neighborhood:

Sully's Castle Island snow

Oh.  I saved the best for last.  How awesome (and unsafe, yes, but awesome) is this tunnel at the corner of K & 8th?  I like when people make the most of things.

snow tunnel south boston

With more snow on the way, that’s really all we can do.  Make the most of things.  Hang in there.  And be grateful that we’re warm and safe.  We’re going a little stir-crazy, sure.  

But spring is coming.  Eventually.

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Today: Make your own snow globe.

It’s snowing.  Again.  I made it back to Southie early enough this evening to snag one of the good parking spots on our street (if you’re from around here, you know how we treasure our spots), while Clark claimed his own parking spot.  On the sofa.  We’re planning to stay put for the rest of the evening, practicing our favorite new duet, “What U Want With My Body.” Clark called dibs on the Gaga parts… so I’m stuck being R. Kelly.  Rude.

If you’re looking for something more normal to do this evening, I’ve got an idea… provided you have a bag of buffalo snow laying around.  I was first introduced to this magical material at #WFMEtsy, a holiday event hosted by Whole Foods River Street in partnership with Etsy, Boston Handmade and local artists.

And no… buffalo snow is not made from real buffaloes.  Buffalos?  Who knows.  (Apparently, either one is okay.)

After perusing local crafts and meeting vendors at the event, I had the chance to make my own snow globe.  As soon as I got my hands on that fluffy, sparkly faux snow, I knew I could make some really fun messes with it at home.

Make your own snow globe

All you need to make your own snow globe… or snow bowl… or snow jar:

  • Some sort of container (I picked up a few latched jars and shallow cyllinders at A.C. Moore)
  • A bag of buffalo snow
  • Random figurines (the weirder, the better)

(Super obvious) directions:

  1. Place figurines in container
  2. Add buffalo snow
  3. Sprinkle some on your dog and transform him into an arctic fairy

New Balance celebrates another season of clear paths along the Charles

If the thought of making your own snow globe picking up tiny scraps of glitter for the next six months sends you running… I get it.  And if you’re really running, New Balance has you covered for the fifth winter in a row, having renewed a sponsorship agreement with the DCR to ensure area runners and walkers have clear and safe running paths along the Charles River during the 2014 winter season.  

Having trained along the Charles through a particularly snowy and cold Boston winter, I know how valuable this partnership is to our city.

Enjoy those clear paths… while Clark and I enjoy the sofa.  And the glitter.

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Today: Please pass the Lysol.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] I need to give myself a full-body spritz before heading out into public.  I know you’re not supposed to venture out when you’re not feeling well, but I’m running low on M&M’s.  Depending on which WebMD article you read, I either have a cold, the flu, or the medieval plague.  I slept a full 20 hours on Saturday alone, which under any other circumstances, would be 100% awesome.

The four hours that I was awake were spent watching A & E’s Jane Eyre (I was pleased to see someone paler than me, until I realized that character was, well, dead), blowing my nose, mumbling nonsense to my dog, trying not to give germs to Nick, and drinking half-water/half-ginger ale.  Like a five year old.

I am giving myself one more day to punch this cold’s lights out.  I am hopeful that’s all it will take.  I need my physical and mental strength restored if I am going to survive the twenty inches of snow we’re supposed to get between Tuesday and Wednesday.  In the immortal words of Nancy Kerrigan, “Whhhhhyyyyy meeeeeeeeeee?  Whhhhhhhyyyyy?”

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Today: Clark tours Southie in the snow.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] When Clark and I headed out for his first walk this morning, just before 7 o’clock, the snow had begun to slow.  The roads were still quite a mess though, so after wading through a few snow banks in my new bright yellow boots, I picked up the French Fry and heading back inside.  I spent the next few hours working by a roaring (electric) fire before we braved the wild outdoors again.

Hey, lady. Let's get a move on.

I assumed this would be another short-lived adventure, but Clark had other plans.  He played tour guide, darting up the steps leading to the Broadway Bridge.  Thanks to his sassy red fleece and Musher’s Secret on his paws, Clark and I were able to stay out for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

Whose job was it to shovel? Yer firrrred!

After feeling a bit of cabin fever setting in (along with a regular fever, due to this stinkin’ cold), it was great to get out and enjoy the crisp winter air and soak up a bit of vitamin D.  I really love our neighborhood.  Clearly, Clark does too.  So much to see and smell.

Supervising the MBTA. Please hold your complaints.

The sidewalks along the Broadway and W. 4th Street Bridges, and the Harbor Walk were really well plowed. Apparently a bobcat (and presumably a human driving it) were out just before us.

And then, we spotted Batman's shadow... waaaait a minute!

Homeward bound. Like the movie. Except that we're still attached by a leash and collar.

Even though it seems like there’s a storm following each storm, I couldn’t help but enjoy my snowy stroll.  Everyone we encountered seemed to be in a good mood.  The sun was shining, the sidewalks and roads had been cleared, and all seemed right.  Then again, I am hopped up on cold medicine.  So who knows.

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Enough grumbling, fellow Northerners.  What’s one thing you love about winter?

Today: OMG! Baby hippos!

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] Few things make me happier than approximately 992,ooo photos of baby hippos available via Google Images or as I like to call it, OMG!  10 million pages of baby hippos! dot com. In 2009, I saw a real, live baby pygmy hippopotamus at the Portland Zoo.  It’s a good thing the zoo has human-sized defibrillators on hand.  I basically died of happiness and came back to life, just so I could tell you about how cute that little nugget was.


According to scientists one British psychologist, Monday, January 17th was the most depressing day of the year.  I am not sure if that’s true, but I do feel rather grouchy this time of year.  Probably because some turd stole my boots.  Plus, it’s snowing again.  The psychologist, Dr. Arnall, surmised that many people are fretting about holiday debt and broken New Year’s Resolutions (helloooo, that’s why I don’t make them).  Maybe the nerd is on to something.  The good news is that it can only get better from here.  Until June 17th (the alleged happiest day of the year, according to Arnall), then it’s all downhill again.

Whatever.  Let’s look at little hippos and get happy, shall we?

This swimming baby hippo's mom is a total butt head. Get it?

[Photo source]

He's snack-sized! Like a Little Debbie in hippo-form!

[Photo source]

Yo, break me off a piece of that grass. I just hatched and I'm very hungry!

[Photo source]

Ahhhh! Baby hippos were cute even in the olden days!

[Photo source]

This little dude could use a little Crest Whitestrips action.

[Photo source]

Given the opportunity, I would steal this little buddy. And name her Polly Pocket Hippo.

[Photo source]

Hey, wait for me, shiny bums!

[Photo source]

And last, but not least… one final dose of hippo happiness.

You better work!

I like that baby hippos look like they’re made out of Crayola Model Magic.  And that they bear a slight resemblance to my dog.  I think it’s the ears.  Did you know that more people are killed by hippopotamuses than sharks each year?  It’s true.  I bet none of the murderous hippos are babies, though.  They’re just too cute to do anything naughty.  And I am pretty sure they were invented for the sole purpose of making people like us happy.  Well, that, and to turn into adult hippos eventually.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.

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Today: Strolling through a snowy Boston.

Thank goodness for a good pair of boots and garaged parking.  Otherwise I’d be stranded.  Or have soggy socks.  And a broken back.  Shoveling out my car is so 2009.  Those were the days when I lived in Brookline and had a primo parking spot… right next to the snow removal spot.  During every, single storm, my car would get buried by the plows.  During one particularly awkward and icy shoveling session, I had nearly cleared my car when I somehow slipped under my car.  I was far enough under there, I could have have probably changed the oil.  You know, if I knew how.

After a meeting yesterday morning, I strolled through the Common with my camera.  Usually I am running up Beacon Hill, cursing the day I signed up for the marathon (just kidding… kind of), so the leisurely pace was a welcome change.

The city is so quiet this time of year; without all the hustle and bustle, it’s easier to notice the little details.  Like this adorable string of green Christmas bulbs.

It’s also easier to notice such perils as this razor sharp icicle.  Ahh!  Maybe we should all be wearing helmets.

I’m not sure if you saw yesterday’s New York Times, but apparently they made a trip to my neighborhood to take their own snowy stroll.  I really wish they would have let me know they were coming.  I would have cleared a parking spot for them and had Clark serve as a space saver.  Or at the very least, tried to pop out at the perfect moment to be interviewed.  I love our neighborhood.

That’s a lot of snow for our “scrappy South Boston.”

While I’m having a grand old time enjoying the white stuff, there are those who need our help.  Look into options in your own towns and cities, and be sure to check in on loved ones, especially the elderly and disabled.  Do a little end of the year purging and donate your warm blankets, outerwear, hats and mittens to local shelters and organizations such as Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.  Crack open that pantry.  Do you have a can of soup or a jar of peanut butter you can part with?  Find a local food bank or pantry by clicking here.

Doing good will melt those dangerous icicles.  Stay warm, lovely friends.

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