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Today: Happy Weekend.

It’s barely 8:30 AM and we’re already on our third pair of shoes.  Grace has settled on these, the perfect (tiny) weekend shoes.

I hope you’ve either got your feet up, or a fantastic pair of shoes on.  

Happy Weekend.

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Today: A mile in my moccasins.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]If you were hoping to walk a mile in my moccasins, I regret to inform you that my favorite pair of Minnetonkas went the way of the dodo this weekend.  They are officially extinct.  And I am officially in mourning until my new pair arrives.  I’ve been eyeing the pink beaded ones I had in third grade.  In the meantime, I am playing John Waite’s Missing You on repeat and crying into my shirtsleeve.

Rest in pieces, little guys.

These moccasins have seen me through some pretty great adventures.  They’ve gone camping in New Hampshire, and were on my feet when I was forced to spring out of my tent at 3 AM to douse the flames of our campfire, which had randomly reignited itself.  They’ve been on planes and trains, in boats and cars.  I’ve limped around in them after long runs, slipped them on to walk Clark at the crack of dawn, and once found a favorite earring tucked way up in the toe of the left moc.

Over the years, the suede has worn thin.  A once tiny tear became a gaping hole, and pebbles started sneaking inside.  One of the ties broke clear off.  And then an entire chunk of rubber sole flapped open.  Knowing that there is only so much duct tape available to a girl, it was time to make peace with the fact that my peace moccasins had walked their last mile.  Or more accurately, shuffled their last step.

Goodbye, old friends.

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Do you get nostalgic over shoes and clothing?  Or am I a total weenie?