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Things to do in January

I don’t know about you, but putting away the holiday decorations nearly does me in every January.  The gloomy weather and a cold I can’t seem to kick (kids and their germs, I tell ya) aren’t helping.  

Winter Elizabeth is a lot less fun than Summer Elizabeth.

things to do in january

Semi-related: Winter Elizabeth somehow lost one of her children’s birth certificates. Not my finest work.  Hence, baby Nick and I made our way to the registry office at City Hall today.  As much as I would have rather stayed home, curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a book…

  1. One-year-olds don’t do that.  They just don’t.
  2. An object in motion stays in motion… while staying put is a great way to lose momentum.  And I’d already lost the birth certificate, so…

I couldn’t help but brighten up a bit as we approached City Hall, though.  I love the juxtaposition of old and new less old buildings.  I like seeing tourists milling about. I like the buzz of it all.  

Once we finished the grown-up business part of our outing, I figured we may as well embrace a bit of adventure, too.  We were bundled up and had plenty of snacks, why not?

mother juice unicorn blood

We split a cup of Unicorn Blood (yes, really… it’s a delicious mix of beet, carrot, celery, watermelon + pineapple) from Mother Juice at the Boston Public Market, walked along the Greenway and did some people watching at Faneuil Hall.  A little adventure was the perfect antidote to my winter mood.

matthew hoffman greenway art

So good, right?  Click to learn more about MAY THIS NEVER END by artist Matthew Hoffman currently installed along the Greenway.

For me, keeping busy (especially with good, fun, interesting things… not just boring, necessary things) goes a long way in keeping the winter blues at bay.  In that vain, here are a few things to do in January.


  • Get outside for a walk to improve your mood + overall health.
  • Take an art class. (Creative Bug is my favorite source for online classes– I gravitate toward the painting and drawing classes, but you’ll find really accessible courses on knitting, sewing, collage, drawing, etc.)
  • Or take a yoga class.
  • Join in a day of service on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  You can find projects in your community here.
  • Put together a new playlist (Stevie Wonder on repeat here currently).
  • Celebrate an obscure January holiday (I’ve got big plans for National Popcorn Day on the 19th… mostly, my plans involve me + eating popcorn).
  • Unpack your holiday decorations.  No one can deny the magic of twinkle lights.
  • Ride the subway (i.e. the T) sans pants… or don’t. 
  • Spend an afternoon at a museum.  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and The Clark Art Institute are my (Massachusetts) favorites and I’ve been dying to take the kids to the Children’s Museum.  
  • Refresh your walls with some new (or DIY) artwork.  What you look at all day matters, obvi.
  • Get outside for another walk.

P.S. While the acronym SAD is sort of laughable, Seasonal Affectedness Disorder and winter depression are no joke.  Please don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it. <3

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What’s on your January to do list?

Today: OMG! Baby hippos!

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] Few things make me happier than approximately 992,ooo photos of baby hippos available via Google Images or as I like to call it, OMG!  10 million pages of baby hippos! dot com. In 2009, I saw a real, live baby pygmy hippopotamus at the Portland Zoo.  It’s a good thing the zoo has human-sized defibrillators on hand.  I basically died of happiness and came back to life, just so I could tell you about how cute that little nugget was.


According to scientists one British psychologist, Monday, January 17th was the most depressing day of the year.  I am not sure if that’s true, but I do feel rather grouchy this time of year.  Probably because some turd stole my boots.  Plus, it’s snowing again.  The psychologist, Dr. Arnall, surmised that many people are fretting about holiday debt and broken New Year’s Resolutions (helloooo, that’s why I don’t make them).  Maybe the nerd is on to something.  The good news is that it can only get better from here.  Until June 17th (the alleged happiest day of the year, according to Arnall), then it’s all downhill again.

Whatever.  Let’s look at little hippos and get happy, shall we?

This swimming baby hippo's mom is a total butt head. Get it?

[Photo source]

He's snack-sized! Like a Little Debbie in hippo-form!

[Photo source]

Yo, break me off a piece of that grass. I just hatched and I'm very hungry!

[Photo source]

Ahhhh! Baby hippos were cute even in the olden days!

[Photo source]

This little dude could use a little Crest Whitestrips action.

[Photo source]

Given the opportunity, I would steal this little buddy. And name her Polly Pocket Hippo.

[Photo source]

Hey, wait for me, shiny bums!

[Photo source]

And last, but not least… one final dose of hippo happiness.

You better work!

I like that baby hippos look like they’re made out of Crayola Model Magic.  And that they bear a slight resemblance to my dog.  I think it’s the ears.  Did you know that more people are killed by hippopotamuses than sharks each year?  It’s true.  I bet none of the murderous hippos are babies, though.  They’re just too cute to do anything naughty.  And I am pretty sure they were invented for the sole purpose of making people like us happy.  Well, that, and to turn into adult hippos eventually.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.

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