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Today: #getafterit jams.

Earlier this month, Reebok sent me a pair of Bose SIE2i sport headphones and they’ve been along for every run and trip to the gym since.  Talk about a cute workout buddy.

reebok bose SIE2i

Unlike other sport headphones I’ve tried, these allow for a bit of outside noise to sneak in, too – which helps when running outside.  Safety first, jams second.  The sound quality is unmatched.    Seriously.  Robert Palmer never sounded so good.  Reebok partnered with Bose earlier this year to launch the line of sport headphones, which comes with a matching breathable armband (complete with a key pocket and touch-senstive window), and was clearly designed with athletes in mind.  Details on the SIE2 and SIE2i sport headphones such as a shorter cable and a small clip to hold it in place (so it’s not flying up in your face or tangling around your chest as you run), as well as iPhone-specific features are an added plus.

What have I been listening to while I #getafterit, you wonder?  My latest workout mix includes the aforementioned Robert Palmer, Calvin Harris and Florence Welch, MJ (obviously) and a few others.

Perfect for getting after it.  Speaking of which, there’s a #getafterit Twitter chat tonight (12/27) at 9 PM EST with @Reebok and @FitFluential.  See you on the internet to chat about fitness goals and resolutions!

I received these headphones from Reebok at no cost, but my opinions (and questionable taste in music) are all my own.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Wishing this rain was snow
  • Reading about good luck foods for 2013
  • Post-holiday clean up

What’s your favorite workout jam this week?



Today: 12/12/12

We visited the Mayan ruins at Tulum a few years ago, and our trusty tour guide assured us the world is not going to end this year.  So there.  No more worrying.  Today marks the first and last time I will see 12/12/12 on the calendar, though.  Unless, like… I invent a time machine, travel to the year 2112 and take a peek at their calendar.  Or whatever.  I’m much too busy for that.  I’m not too busy to give you 12 jams, 12 places, and 12 books however.

12 favorite jams (of the moment)

  1. The White Panda‘s Drake and Diane mash-up.  Download it immediately.  It’s brilliant.
  2. Led Zeppelin – All My Love
  3. Amy Winehouse – Valerie
  4. Bon Iver – Re: Stacks (perfect for lowering your blood pressure, or napping)
  5. The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
  6. Michael Jackson – Human Nature (and also, every song he has ever written, recorded and/or performed… except for the Free Willy theme song)
  7. Nas – One Mic
  8. Pat Green – Carry On (I like to pretend it’s summer when I listen to this song)
  9. Ray Charles – That Spirit of Christmas
  10. The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait
  11. Wilson Phillips – Hold On (makes me wish I was in an 80’s girl band… sort of)
  12. Youth Group – Forever Young (and not just because it’s on the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack)

12 places in Boston that I just love

  1. The courtyard at the Boston Public Library, Copley Square
  2. The Buddha room at the Museum of Fine Arts
  3. Franciscan Hospital for Children
  4. Castle Island
  5. Dorchester Heights
  6. Bapst Library at Boston College
  7. The penguin exhibit at the New England Aquarium
  8. Our roof deck
  9. The Harborwalk in Fort Point
  10. The docks by the Esplinade
  11. Haley House Bakery Cafe in Dudley Square
  12. Murphy Memorial Rink

12 books on my shelf

  1. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand [per Anne‘s recommendation!]
  2. MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend by Rachel Bertsche
  3. It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig
  4. Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann
  5. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (one of the very few books I can read over and over)
  6. Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead
  7. City of Falling Angels by John Berendt (so, so good)
  8. A New Owner’s Guide to Papillions by Deborah Wood (no… we don’t have one… but the papillion was one of forty types of dogs I thought I wanted before we found Clark)
  9. I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley
  10. The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank
  11. The Apple Lover’s Cookbook by Amy Traverso
  12. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (…arrrrgh)

Happy 12/12/12!

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your favorite jam of the moment?