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Today: Take better photos.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]After a long week at work, I would’ve loved to have slept in on Saturday, but that would have meant missing a day with these two hooligans at the inaugural Blog Better Boston conference.

I always have a good time with Bridget and Ali, regardless of what we’re up to.   In addition to catching up and lots of laughs, the highlight of the day was definitely Kristin Teig‘s food photography workshop.

It was great to have access to such a talented photographer, see demonstrations on lighting techniques, and pick up a few tips and tricks.  While she focused on food photography, the information she shared was useful for all types of photography and not limited to DSLR cameras.  In fact, she shared an incredibly beautiful shot of fresh strawberries… and then revealed that it had been taken on her iPhone.

Here is Kristin walking Bridget through the aperture priority setting on her camera.

Kristen shared an extensive list of resources, and recommended we check out Creative Live‘s various online courses.

Other resources she recommended:

The other sessions I attended paled in comparison, but it was great to spend time with Bridget, Ali, Colleen and Michelle.  I am excited to break out my camera and play around a little bit over the next few days.  In the meantime, I have 42 loads of laundry to tackle.  And a French bulldog who is in serious need of a bath.

Also On Tap for Today:

Is there a particular skill you’re looking to improve?

Today: A day of gratitude.

As you well know, I won’t be touching the turkey.  I might touch the sweet potatoes, though. Multiple times.

Tomorrow is all about being thankful, which is easy when you have so much: good health, strong faith, the love of a lifetime, parents who lead by example, siblings I adore, friends that feel like family, creative outlets, work that I am passionate about, a safe and happy home, more than enough to eat, more than enough to wear, and more than enough to spend.  Twenty-four hours is far too few for a day like Thanksgiving.

Also On Tap for Today:

What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving?



Today: While I’m 29 (and superfine).

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] I was able to cross of most of the items on my “While 28” list, and even surprised myself a bit.  I originally hoped to run my first half marathon, and then figured… balls to the wall.  Or whatever that expression is.  I hope it means, like, tennis balls and not balls-balls.  I saved up and bought a pretty sweet camera, but never got around to taking a lesson.


I did take a sewing class, though.  I never got a new doctor, but I did tackle my fear of the dentist.  I cleaned out my closet, watched a Sox game from the Green Monster, visited a lighthouse, ran a few races outside of Massachusetts, and went to a water park… which was awesome.  I decided jumping out of a plane once in a lifetime is plenty.  In other words, I forgot that was on my list until I just took a peek.

I would have loved to check off every item on my list, but LBS*… I was pretty busy doing other rad stuff while I was 28.  Like traveling to Haiti, Mexico, Maine, Florida, the Cape (obvi) and New York.  And running my bum off (except that most of it’s still there).  And playing construction supervisor.  And throwing away half-eaten dog toys.

If you can't see how old I am, you're colorblind. Sorrryyyy! What an awkward way to find out.

[Photo source]

29 has some big shoes to fill.  Then again, 29 rhymes with superfine.  So I think it will be a great year.  Okay, less talking, more listing.

While I am 29

  • I will give at least 29 things away
  • I will read at least 29 books (I anticipate some of them being very short)
  • I will nearly master 29 recipes
  • I will teach you 29 of my favorite words in French

And I will visit

  1. The Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library
  2. DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
  3. Vermont
  4. The Butterfly Place
  5. The Berkshires
  6. Boothbay Harbor, Maine

And I’ll do these things, too

  1. Take cooking classes at Stonewall Kitchen and the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
  2. Take a photography class at See Shore Photography
  3. Go antiquing/thrifting
  4. Get a new primary care physician 4realz
  5. Run a race every month for a year
  6. Master (sort of) TRX and incorporate more strength training so I can become a ninja
  7. Write an article to be published
  8. Give up Diet Coke for 40 days (and maybe, hopefully, forever)
  9. Take a tennis lesson
  10. Maybe run another marathon, and definitely run a halfsie
  11. Compete with and title Clark (in pet therapy, rally)
  12. Call into my favorite sports talk radio station

*let’s be serious

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s on your list?  What did I forget?