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Happy Weekend.

Happy weekend, my friends.  

happy weekend cape cod

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for ages.  Today we’re showing the kids our new vacation home on the Cape for the first time (we closed on the property yesterday– this is the happy surprise I alluded to earlier in the month).  

Some of my happiest memories were made in Harwich; it thrills me that Grace and baby Nick will get to make similar memories finding hermit crabs at low tide, devouring Sundae School ice cream after dinner, swimming with their cousins, and racing around the backyard with Clark.  

I couldn’t feel luckier in this moment.

After a quick trip over the bridge, we’ll be back in the city for baby Nick’s baptism.  At 10 months and 20 lbs., I fear we might need several priests and nuns to help hoist him over the font.  We’ll see.  I can’t wait to share this occasion with our family.  Grace is especially excited for “wearing party shoes and being quiet at church!”  Again: we’ll see.

It feels so good to be occupied by happy things, and to have family and friends to share them with.  Wishing you and yours the same.

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Today: State of the Union.

My fellow Americans (and other people too, obvi),

I missed President Obama’s final State of the Union last night.  I was wide awake, and just feet from the television, but was preoccupied by one event (that sounds nicer than crisis) after the next, most of which involved diapers.

On one hand, I’m disappointed because I really wanted to watch it.  I wanted to see Dr. Hamo seated with the First Lady.  I wanted to pretend I was high-fiving Vice President Biden every time President Obama said something great.  I wanted to watch it so I had something normal to talk about today, in case I was lucky enough to encounter another human over the age of two.

State of the Union

This photo sums up my life at the moment rather perfectly.

But I didn’t watch the State of the Union, because I was taking stock of our own union and serving as Commander and Chief of  “No, I don’t think we’ll see Santa at exercise class.”  (Side note: I will be *fingers crossed* cleared to work out after my postpartum checkup on Thursday.  In the meantime, I need to come up with something cooler and less geriatric to call it than “exercise class.”)

I was folding enough onesies to clothe a small nation (small, because its citizens would need to fit into size 3-6 months), and cleaning up enough cereal (like… how on Earth did it travel from the kitchen and end up in the sofa) to feed an army.

If our condo were a country, it would be called something like The Land of Unfinished  Projects.  Or, Island of Perpetual Laundry.  Or,  What Is That Smell?

I would be in charge, not because I’m especially capable, but because I am always awake… And I was the only one who voted when I held an election at 3:45 this morning (while writing this post on the Notes app of my iPhone…)Being awake seems like a good qualification for being in charge.  Or a decent start, at least.

And in my State of the Union address, I’d say this:  Things are kind of wild right now, but they’re bound to level out.  In the meantime, we’re doing okay.  Some days are more okay than others.  I can only hope my children and husband go to bed every night knowing just how loved they are.

And I’m increasingly hopeful about tomorrow and a month from now and a year from now.  But I don’t want to look too far ahead, because I cry when Grace and Nick outgrow their tiny pajamas… so I can only imagine how I’ll feel when they can read or drive or go to college or whatever.  That’s just too much right now.  Then again, 18 years from now, I hope to be averaging more than 3 hours of sleep a night.

It may take us 2 hours to leave the condo for a 15 minute trip to the library, and I sometimes forget to shower, and I’m not sure when this bone-deep exhaustion will pass… but I feel lucky and grateful and happy…  all good (emotional) states to occupy.

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Today: With a little time and a little space.

I used to be a morning exerciser.  I’d wake up before my alarm rang, head to bootcamp or the gym at our old condo.  It would still be dark and quiet when I returned from my workout, and I’d be ready to take on the day.

Fitting in fitness when you have a little time, and a little space

And then I traded morning workouts to become an evening exerciser.  I’d rush home and get changed, and Nick and I would head to CrossFit Southie together.  Like my morning workouts, evening workouts became part of our routine.  

And then I became a parent, and the only thing routine about our routine… is that everything changes from one day to the next.  There have been countless days when I’ve thought, “I’ll get up early and workout before work,” only to find myself up most of the night, nursing Grace and singing made up words to made up songs until she fell back to sleep.  There have been just as many days when I’ve thought, “I’ll workout when I get home.”  But when six o’clock rolls around, what I really need is a nap. 

These days, plans to workout don’t always pan out.  In fact, it seems they rarely do.  What does work, though, is fitting in a little fitness when I can, where I can.  I may not be able to count on an hour at the gym each night, but I can count on a 15 minute walk during lunch, some yoga in Grace’s room while she plays with her Little Tikes piano (not exactly ambient music, but I love it), a little balance work in line at the grocery store, and five minutes of weights while dinner cooks.  

Fitting in fitness when you have a little time, and a little space

Things I love: a little understated flair on my running tights and some pink laces.

I’ve been seeing a physical therapist for a few months for back and hip pain, and she has given me a series of exercises that, as she says, you can do pretty much anywhere and not look like a weirdo.  I like not looking like a weirdo.  And like a quick yoga flow in the nursery or some squats in the kitchen, they require only a little time and a little space.  

Fitting in fitness when you have a little time, and a little space

I’m no longer a solid morning or evening exerciser.  A workout is only going to happen if it’s easy and accessible.  (And if I don’t find or make excuses, but hey.)  In the interest of ease and accessibility, I’ve started laying out my workout gear again and even put together a little home gym in a bin.

CS by City Sports for women

City Sports recently sent me a few items from their CS by City Sports fall line, including the See Me Go 1/2 zip top (on sale for $38), Sporty long sleeve (on sale for $18), and Dual Fashion tight (on sale for $38).   I’ve always loved City Sports and used to walk down to the Chestnut Hill store (which got even better when it reopened last March) when I was in college for new running gear.  Their CS line is an affordable, well-made and well-designed alternative to, welp… the alternatives.  

The See Me Go top is great for layering (and it has thumb holes, yaaaaaasss!), as is the long sleeve tee.  I’ve worn the tights for both workouts and for running errands (paired with a black tunic and ballet flats).  CS by City Sports comes extended sizes (something I think all fitness companies should get on board with), and their apparel is flattering, functional and unfussy.  In other words: exactly what I’m looking for.  

CS by City Sports for women

Speaking of functional and unfussy, here’s my home gym in a bin.  I pulled together the things I use most often, or that could motivate me to fit in a quick workout without much (or any) planning.  

Home gym in a bin

In the bin (which, for bonus points, is paisley and adorable):

Other home gym essentials that didn’t fit in the bin, but that hang out nearby:

  • Foam roller
  • Yoga mat
  • Exercise ball (which doubles as the most amazing way to soothe or rock bounce our baby to sleep — seriously, all parents should have one)

While this little home gym in a bin is cute enough to leave out, it fits perfectly in our front hall closet (safely tucked away from curious babies and Frenchies) and can be pulled out whenever I have a few minutes to fit in a quick workout.  Easy and accessible, functional and unfussy.  

Obvious disclaimer: I received complimentary apparel from City Sports.  As always, thoughts and opinions shared on these items are my own.  Oh, and here’s something timely: City Sports’ Black Friday deals include 30% off CS apparel.

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