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Today: Will tweet for jeans.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Tuesdays are usually my night to hit the boxing gym (and subsequently get hit by other people, in the head) and then hit the hay.  I change out of my “real” clothes the second my condo door closes behind me.  Yoga pants were made for 6pm.  This Tuesday, however, I held off on the elastic waistbands and heavy bag to meet Tina and Bridget for Champagne cocktails, tweeting and shopping at the Nordstrom Rack opening event in Burlington.

This event was designed for someone so much cooler than me; it’s a miracle they let me in the front door.  Truly.  The store opens to the public today, but we were given the chance to check out the Rack’s goods a few days early, while tweeting up a storm (#rackopening).  All the while, a DJ played some pretty awesome music, drinks and appetizers made the rounds, and a security team guarded the door.  We each received a gift card, which I put toward a great pair of jeans (Joe’s Jeans are perfect for shorties like me, no hemming needed).  I imagine this what shopping with Britney Spears (before she shaved her head and used her umbrella to poke holes in a car door) was like.  I’ll take shopping with Tina and Bridget over that hot mess any day of the week (yes, especially Tuesdays).

I first discovered the danger magic of Nordstrom Rack a few years ago, when Nick was in Portland, Oregon for business (that sounds so mysterious).  I flew out to visit him for the weekend, arriving in the middle of the work day.  What’s the first thing you should do in a strange city?  Take a tourist map and venture out into unknown neighborhoods!  Flash your cash and jewelry!  Act nervous and distracted!  Duck into the first doorway that isn’t blocked by a man wielding some sort of sword!

That first doorway happened to lead to Portland’s Nordstrom Rack.  I felt like I died and gone to fashion heaven.  If I wasn’t traveling with a strict carry-on only policy, I would have done some major damage.  (For the record, Portland isn’t that scary.  Me on no sleep navigating a new city, however, is very scary.  And yes, there really was a sword.)  If you’re looking to score designer jeans, fun watches and costume jewelry, a special occasion dress or killer handbag, I highly recommend a Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday… really any day trip to the Rack.

You may have to supply your own Champagne, music and security detail though.  Can’t win ’em all.

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