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New England Nachos for Game Day

I have my feelings about who is going to win Sunday’s big game (obvi).  I also have feelings about game day food.  Good feelings.  If you’re looking to win at snacks, I’ve got you covered with these New England Nachos.  They’re salty, tangy + fresh and (crowd) friendly… just like my favorite New Englanders.  

new england nachos super bowl

It’s worth noting that I ate these for lunch the other day (and called it recipe testing #noshame)… so really, you can serve these any old time.  But they’ll taste especially good when our team is winning. 

Per usual, all measurements are sort of free-wheeling.  You can’t really go wrong here.  These are nachos, not soufflés.  Recipe is vegetarian, gluten free and serves 8.


new england nachos super bowl


  • 1 bag of Cape Cod potato chips 
  • Approximately 6 oz. local blue cheese (I used Jasper Hill Bayle Hazen Blue + Great Hill Blue… basically, cheese heaven)
  • 1/2 c. cranberry relish or sauce (I used Stonewall Kitchen’s New England Cranberry Relish)
  • 2 tsp. fresh chives, chopped
  • 2 tsp. fresh curly parsley, chopped

new england nachos super bowl


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Arrange potato chips in a single-ish layer on the parchment and set aside.
  3. With a fork, gently crumble the blue cheese and sprinkle over the potato chips.
  4. Spoon cranberry relish over the cheese and chips.
  5. Bake until the cheese is bubbly (and/or you’ve lost the will to wait any longer), approximately 5 minutes.
  6. Give your New England Nachos a few minutes to cool.
  7. Top with fresh herbs and serve to your favorite fans (or… just like, yourself).

new england nachos super bowl

Yay, sports.  And yay, snacks.  These New England Nachos are #1.

Also On Tap for Today:

Who are you rooting for?  What will you be snacking on?  How do you stay up way past your bedtime on a Sunday night (asking for… myself)?


Today: Currently | November, 2015.

The mild weather made this month feel more like April than November, so we got plenty of adventures in.  And I sort of forgot to have my snow tires put on.  Whatever, man.  

I assumed (along with everyone else, I think) that we’d be a family of five by now (counting Clark, obvi… I do not have a secret human child somewhere)… but unless he makes his grand entrance before midnight, we’ll be welcoming a December baby.  All this anticipation is making the days crawl, despite the month having flown.  

And like any month, there were ups and downs — but one of the most wonderful moments had to have been meeting our niece who was born two weeks ago.  She is just perfect.

Currently November 2015 Boston

Speaking of perfect, the weather and view (minus the seagull) could not have been better on a recent stroll along the Harborwalk.

Currently | November, 2015


  • My copy of the Get Messy x UNHCR charity magazine arrived this weekend.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this collaboration, which supports relief efforts for Syrian refugees, and love seeing everyone else’s art work in print.  You can order a copy here (all proceeds are donated to UNCHR).
  • Still working through: Big Magic and Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?
  • Reading with Grace: But Not the Hippopotamus 
  • Mostly just looking at the pictures: Vogue, December 2015

Listening to

  • Adele’s 25 (along with the rest of the planet) on repeat.  I’m not ashamed to say, I am obsessed.
  • Christmas music
  • Clark snoring
  • The Undisclosed Podcast


  • An attempt to finish my Christmas shopping in the next day or two.  We’ve done a really fun Secret Santa with my siblings and significant others the last three years and I highly recommend DrawNames.com if you’re organizing a similar swap.
  • Comfort food: Onion tartlets, mashed potatoes, tomato soup, cucumber salad, quesadillas with sharp cheddar and gala apples
  • A top secret Christmas card muhahaha (I hope everyone finds it even a 1/100 as funny as I do)
  • Progress in my sketchbooks and art journals (you can see some recent work on Instagram or here and here)


  • The Christmas decorations I put up (…before Thanksgiving… couldn’t help myself)
  • A fresh bouquet of flowers 
  • Our current routine (while it lasts)


  • That Coach Belichick would be my ideal spokesperson right now.  When asked how he felt when he saw Rob Gronkowski get injured during last night’s game, he snapped, “How do you think I feel?”  Exactly.  Except I don’t think I get away with being quite so sassy.  So instead, I’ll just say… okay, fine, impatient, a little cankle-y, hopeful, hungry and tired.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Deleting 900 million Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails
  • 20 ways to be creative when you don’t feel inspired via CoSchedule
  • Trying to keep up with Dishwasher and Laundry Hamper Zero (it’s like Inbox Zero… kind of… but way less cool to bring up in public)

Today: Are you ready for some football?

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I’m definitely ready for some snacks, I can tell you that much.

I hope you’re all enjoying Super Bowl Sunday (and I especially hope that the New England Patriots win).

Also On Tap for Today:

What is your favorite football snack?

Today: What’s wrong with this picture?

Because it’s Friday, and we could all use a laugh, I will let this screenshot (captured while placing a Superbowl-sized Peapod order) speak for itself.

Click to enlarge

In this case, I advocate choosing conventional over organic produce.

Also On Tap for Today:

Let’s hear it: Patriots or Giants?

Today: Nice buns.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I don’t mind regular ol’ football, but I think NFL RedZone is giving me high blood pressure.  The network covers every game being played, jumping from one scoring opportunity to the next.  Holy crap, the Dolphins just scored!  And the Patriots take it to the house!  The Steelers are in the end zone!  My head just popped off! (Can you say “take it to the house” when talking about football?  I don’t really even know.)

While Nick’s brain can operate at that level, mine cannot.  So I retreat to the uppermost cabinets in our kitchen, where the sugar and flour reside.  For me, football Sundays are perfect for baking.  This weekend, I developed a weird craving for cinnamon rolls, likely a result of being exhausted and dehydrated after Saturday’s run.  Give me sugar, or give me death… Just give me the sugar.  So while our living room was all about tight ends, our kitchen was all about nice buns.  Get it? Buns?  Tight ends? …Cool.

I doubt anyone visits On Tap for nutrition advice, but just to be clear:  I am fairly certain cinnamon rolls are not “good for you.”  They are not appropriate fuel for marathon training.  They contain flour, sugar, butter, and more sugar.  And then you add sugar on top in the form of icing.  That’s what makes them taste so good.  Obvi.

When I want to make something healthy and clean, I consult any number of websites or cookbooks in my arsenal.  When I want to do the opposite, I go immediately to Paula Deen.  There is no point in messing around.  I followed her cinnamon roll recipe nearly to a t, but substituted ground flax in place of the egg, and cut back a bit on the filling after reading several comments on the recipe that referred to overflowing cinnamon sugar (oh, the humanity!).

When working with yeast, it’s important to be patient.  In other words, if you’re craving a food that requires baking with yeast, be prepared to be tortured.  Despite wanting to dip my own arm in cinnamon sugar and gnaw it off, I managed to give the dough (and eventually, the rolls) plenty of time to rise.  By the time the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven, I had consumed 1.5 liters of water, taken a nap, put on an actual (i.e. non-Spandex) outfit for Mass, and felt much more human and much less likely to eat 1,500 calories worth of baked goods in one sitting.

Sugar coma (...just kidding, no cinnamon rolls for you.)

After sharing a roll or two with my football fanatic, I packed up the rest (complete with a set of birthday candles) to bring to my sister’s.  These things were meant to be given away.  I mean, really.  Who doesn’t love a nice set of buns?

Also On Tap for Today:

Are you a football fan?  What’s your favorite way to pass a Sunday?

Today: Are you ready to do something besides watch footbaaaaaall?

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I stayed up past my bedtime watching A Football Life last night.  More accurately, I sat around doing nothing for three hours, I didn’t get anything done, I watched A Football Life, and then stayed up past my bedtime doing things I was supposed to have done earlier like doing laundry, putting away groceries,reading fashion magazines, doing more laundry, and painting my nails. Because people keep staring at my fingers.  Well, one finger, specifically.

I know we're both super busy, but maybe Bill would like to join me for a pedicure this weekend?

[Photo source]

Bill Belichick may have five rings (and a boat named after that fact, naturally), but I’d take my one ring over his five any day.  I won the Super Bowl of love, baby.  It boggles the mind that someone would want to be in the same room with me for more than two minutes, let alone want to marry me.  Especially when I say things like Super Bowl of love, baby.  Anyway, while my fiance, Coach Belichick and nearly everyone else in my Universe spends the weekend eating, sleeping and breathing football, I’ve got a few other things On Tap.

  • Fighter Conditioning class
  • 14 mile run
  • My uncle’s band’s concert (I am totally related to a rock star!)
  • 12th Annual South Boston Street Festival
  • Whole Foods Market 5k to support City Sprouts and The Food Project  (Registration is still available at the Whole Foods Market Fresh Pond store in Cambridge on Friday 9/16 from 4 PM – 8 PM and Saturday 9/17 from 1 PM – 5 PM, and onsite on race day beginning at 7:30 AM)
  • Baking and eating brownies
  • Packing summer stuff (including my truly amazing pretzel float) for storage
  • Putting together a gigantic book donation for the Prison Book Program
  • City Wine Tours event
  • Meal planning for the week (i.e. something other than seven nights of brownies)
  • Orchestrating an elaborate prank whereby I claim our cable has gone out 3 minutes before kick-off

It’ll be a miracle if I am not crip-walkin’ (as in, mobility-impaired not gang-involved) like that’s what’s up by the time Sunday evening rolls around.  Worse case scenario, I could always save my “honey, the cable’s out” prank for Monday Night Football.

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