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Today: This week: 1, Elizabeth: O.

If I were one for keeping score… This week: 1, Elizabeth: 0.

Thanks for the stellar protection, stupid bracelet. Just kidding… kind of.

I’m a little cranky and a lot tired.  I’m feeling a bit like the Universe has conspired against me.  On top of other stresses, things that normally would roll off my back have instead rolled down my back and turned into total pains in my ass.  Is it okay to say ass?  I hope so.  If not, my apologies.

I got to work Monday to find out our office fridge somehow broke during the move (we just relocated to a new building, and by new… I mean it’s so old the tampon dispenser in the ladies’ room charges nickles.  And it’s also broken, but that’s sort of irrelevant), so my lunch perished before I had the chance to eat it.  Note to self: Yogurt and various leaves are delicate.  Especially when the heat is on.  The relocation process itself has been nothing short of awful, but I won’t burden you with that.  Not when I can talk about holes in pants.

I spent much of the day Tuesday unknowingly walking around with a gaping hole in my favorite, best fitting pair of maternity pants– the skinny, black ones that make me feel all “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”  I wonder now if they fit so well because of the hole.

On Wednesday morning, I had a complete meltdown (hormones are weird and poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand doesn’t help).  When I finally got my act together and put my face back on, I headed out to my car discovered I had a second flat tire in eight days.  I am not sure how I ended up with a nail in my left rear tire and a screw in my right rear tire, but I can now navigate to the auto body place in my sleep.  Also, one of the light bulbs in our bathroom exploded.

Thursday was a marked improvement (though that’s not saying much).  I got a ton of work done at the office and made progress on some important projects, ate a delicious non-wilted salad at lunch, and successfully hid my husband’s birthday presents before he got home… but I was almost too exhausted to enjoy the lack of catastrophe.  I barely made it 10 minutes into Scandal before needing to climb into bed. Semi-related: I am considering weaving my own line of WWOPD? (What would Oliva Pope do?… in case that’s not obvious) bracelets.

This has not been a normal week, and yet I am sure there’s a lesson or two in there somewhere (besides wear a helmet and safety glasses in the master bathroom and invest in a full length mirror lest ye flash your underoos unto thine neighbors).  It’s important to slow down.  It’s important to take people up on their offers to help.  It’s important to ask for what you need.  It’s important to schedule down time (and abide by this schedule).  It’s important to prioritize health and rest and balance.

Despite there being more downs than ups this week, there have still been plenty of bright spots.  My sister left me a weird voice mail yesterday (apparently someone joined her in the elevator just as she started leaving the message), which I will save for eternity.   I bought my first outfit for the baby (just touching the fabric made me long for the second we get to hold her).  I have a wonderful husband who helps put things into perspective and can somehow get away with laughing while I am crying like a fool (he’s lucky he’s so handsome).  I enjoyed a really great workout at CrossFit Southie on Wednesday aaaand got a push jerk PR.  I’m lucky enough to pass by three street pianos on my way to work and have loved seeing people stop to play this week.  Clark and I spent lots of time on the beach and at the park… and just when I needed a laugh, he posted a status message about farts and the government shutdown.  He’s so thoughtful.

Those are just the little things.

I know I have so much to be grateful for, especially during a week like this one.  Oh, and if you need a flat (or two) patched… I know a guy.

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What are your ups and downs this week?

Today: …is a new day.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I was right.  That rat was a bad omen.  I left my office right on time last night, excited to be meeting Sarah and Bridget for a workout, when my little car failed to start.  The tow truck driver dispatched by AAA was a huge help, but sadly, the car had to be towed to a mechanic.  I am still not sure what’s wrong with it.  Our how many arms and legs it will cost to repair the thing.

[Image source]

I missed meeting up with the girls, but I was able to get a ride to my soccer game.  Once we got to the field, I realized I only had one cleat (seriously, that rat was a warning from the universe).  It really was one of those days.  By some miracle, a teammate had an extra pair (!?) in just the right size.  Being at the mercy of other people– whether it’s a T driver or a helpful stranger with the same sized foot– is not somewhere I like to be.  But I suppose I can’t be in control all of the time.  As much as this pains me.

Today is a new day.  What will be with the car, will be.  I have two shoes on.  And they’re both mine.  So that’s an improvement.

While I attempt to look on the bright side, I’ve got two posts that I wrote for the Healthy Living Summit which might be of interest if you’re attending HLS, or simply breezing into town for fun this summer.  Click through if you’d like to read more, and if you’re a local, please feel free to leave your best tips and ideas in the comments section of either post.

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Also On Tap for Today:

  • Double unders at CrossFit 🙂
  • Tic Tac spice storage
  • Good luck on Day 2 of the bar exam, lovely sister!

Do you have a lucky charm?  …can I have it? (Just kidding.)