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My happy Valentines.

Pretend these two aren’t sitting in the middle of our glass coffee table (strictly off limits).  Precious moments first, safety second.

my happy valentines

I look at my husband and our two happy Valentines and I could just gush about how I love them so.  On and on.  And on some more.  

Instead I’ll leave you with a line of Hafīz:

“And Love says, ‘I will, I will take care of you,’ to everything that is near.”

…And a wish for lots of love + care today.

Also On Tap for Today:

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

Today: I am the luckiest.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I’ve been sitting on a secret since Friday night.  Me, the person who tries to give people their Christmas presents in October, too excited to wait.  After a long day and one huge surprise, I went to bed the happiest person on the planet.

Nick asked me to marry him, and you’d better believe I said yes.  In the four and a half years we’ve known each other, Nick has become both my anchor and my sail.  How did a dinghy like me get so lucky?

Forever is the best possible adventure I could imagine.  I am so happy, so blessed, so grateful.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Traveling north and south to celebrate with our families
  • 11 miles
  • Smiling, crying, more smiling, and more crying 🙂
Are you good at keeping secrets or surprises?

Today: Roses and chocolate and lobster, oh my!

Yes, you read that correctly. But no, I did not eat the wily crustacean.  I did cook it though.  I was ruthless.  All in the name of love.  And experiments.  After battling through fixed menus and crowded restaurants the past few years, we had a lovely, relaxed dinner at home yesterday (if I do write so myself): baked ravioli, grilled bread with fresh parsley and garlic, corn, spring mix salad and (Nick’s) lobster.  I sipped a little Prosecco.  And then, I sipped a little more.

I love Valentine’s Day; always have, most likely because my parents always made us feel like it was a day for anyone who loved anyone– not just those in love.  They would always have cards and goodies waiting for us at the breakfast table; besides Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day just might be my favorite holiday.  I loved writing out Valentines to my classmates.  Even those I found annoying.  Which was most of them.

When I went to Italy as an exchange student in high school, my mom helped me pack Valentine’s Day goodies for my host family.  It was the moment I handed the twenty-something host brothers their cards that I realized not everyone celebrates the day as happily and, well, platonically as we do.  “Valentine’s Day is for loverrrrrs,” one of them remarked.  I was mortified.  After contemplating hightailing it back to the airport, I decided it better to pretend to understand neither Italian nor English.

Valentine’s Day may be over-commercialized, but I see no shame in showing your loved and liked ones how you feel.  Back to yesterday: we started the morning with a romantic breakfast at an exclusive dining establishment in Southie… Mul’s Diner.  Haha.  I love that place.

We returned to the condo, where these beauties were waiting. Unbelievably gorgeous.

Meanwhile, Clark had a special present for Nick, hidden in his crate.

Nick and I exchanged a few pressies as well.  He surprised me with tickets to see Chelsea Handler in April.  I cannot wait!  Her new book (which will mostly likely be as hilariously inappropriate as her first two) comes out in just a few weeks.  Speaking of comedy…

I am still giggling about that card.  We spent the afternoon chasing Olympic dreams at Murphy rink.  We went last Sunday too, so yesterday marked the second time in a decade that I’ve been on skates.  We had a blast, up to the point where I was nearly hip checked by a pipsqueak.  Oh, school vacation week.  I’m so jealous I may just trip the next kid I see.  You’ve been warned.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Enjoy President’s Day (or as my younger brother’s been calling it, Gerald Ford Day)
  • Bake some Olympic cupcakes
  • Try a new (to us) restaurant in neighborhood.  Mmm… Mexican!

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  How do you avoid making an ass of yourself abroad?