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Today: Get lost.

After the two and a half hours of sleep I LOST last night (get it?), I’m feeling like a holey Dharma Initiative jumpsuit.    I’m worn out.

In case…

  • a) you haven’t yet watched last night’s series finale bonanzarama or
  • b)  if you hear one more thing about that dang show, you’re just going to scream

…I will keep my ramblings on the topic short and sweet.  I went to bed extremely confused, but upon further consideration, I really loved how LOST ended.  I especially appreciated the balance of Jack’s opening and closing eyes at the series start and end.

According to Twitter, last night’s episode brought people to tears.  I believe it, but Stonewall Jackson here did not cry.  I thought about it, though.  Especially when Vincent bobbed and weaved through the bamboo forest one last time.  When I peace it, I hope that, instead of plopping down next to me, Clark embraces his new-found freedom and heads to the nearest Polkadog Bakery and pigs out (on something other than the low-cal treats I insist the chunky monkey eats).

Now that the best show on Earth (besides the Red Sox, and the nightly news with Brian Williams) is no more, I have… welp, even more time on my hands to waste.  With Memorial Day Weekend just days away, I am fully embracing the start of a new season (of life, not television).  Technically summer doesn’t begin until June 21st, but technically, I don’t care.

I am most looking forward to:

  • Our week at the beach in Deleware with friends 🙂
  • Swimming! (I may even sneak in a dip tonight)
  • Races, races, and more races
  • Relaxing at the Cape with the family and the Frenchie
  • Summer reading!

Sure, we grown-ups may not get a summer-long vacation, but we do get to write our own summer reading lists.  And we can sip fruity cocktails.  If we want.

Also On Tap for Today:

What are you most looking forward to this summer?  And if you’re LOST-obsessed too, what will you miss most?