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Today: The Clark Chronicles [a giveaway and a giveback]

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Shannon, who will soon be the (proud?) owner of a Clark calendar.  I will reach out to you by email to get your mailing address.   Thank you so very much to each of you who commented.  With 35 comments in total as of last night, I decided…. what the heck.  I’m donating $100 regardless.  My lovely parents offered to match my pledge on comments, so that gives us $135 in support of The Greater Boston Food Bank.  Not a bad way to start the day.

As 2012 winds down and 2013 approaches, what better time than now to break out a new wall calendar?  Perhaps one featuring the handsome mug of South Boston’s most beloved (real talk) French bulldog?  After playing around on Minted.com for a few minutes, I found the perfect design and got down to business.  The result:  THE CLARK CHRONICLES.


Because I am…

  1. truly grateful to you for stopping by On Tap for Today, and for all the comments, shares, likes, tweets, pins and pokes (Do people still do that?  On Facebook, I mean?) this year and
  2. because I am a firm believer that you can never have too much Clark…

I am giving away one copy of The Clark Chronicles, a truly special 2013 wall calendar, to one lucky and truly special reader.

This is not just a giveaway, though.  It’s also a giveback (I don’t think that’s a real word, but I am hoping that doesn’t matter.).  For each comment left below, I will donate $1.00 to The Greater Boston Food Bank (up to $100.00 of my very own straight cash, homey).  It is my honor to support the important work they do in Massachusetts to end hunger.  In eastern Massachusetts alone, nearly a third of families in need report that their children are not eating enough because they cannot afford sufficient food.  While I worry about which black shoes to wear with my black dress, one in nine of my neighbors is food insecure.  They may be unsure where they will get their next meal.  They may be choosing between food or rent, food or heat, food or medical care.  These are choices no one should face.  During a season so focused on giving and receiving, I encourage you to consider giving back, when and if you can, in support of the causes closest to your heart.

Please leave a comment below (and for Pete’s sake, make it a thoughtful one) for a chance to receive a Clark calendar (perhaps I could convince him to pawtograph it?  bahahahaaa) and I will donate $1.00 for each comment (up to 100) to the Greater Boston Food Bank.  I will select one random winner at the end of the day on Monday, 12/10/12.

P.S. If you are a very lovely and kind millionaire hundredaire and would like to match a portion of my contribution, please let me know.

Also On Tap for Today:

What is your top goal for 2013?  What cause is closest to your heart this time of year?

Today: From pennies to turkeys.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] When I was younger (like, 6-12 months younger), I had a habit of giving change and small bills to people who asked for it, as I walked or drove by.  For the most part, these were people I saw every day, on my way to and from meetings and appointments.

[Photo source]

Not that long ago, I watched someone– an older man I’d see by the bank most mornings– ask a man dressed in a suit and BC hat if he could spare some change for food.  I already had my hand in my pocket, fishing for change.  My fellow Eagle (or maybe he just bought the hat at Marshalls? Surely this was not a man educated by Jesuits) did not reach into his pocket.  “What don’t you get a job,” he sneered and hurried by.

Is it possible for your heart, jaw and stomach to all drop at once?  I wanted to say something, but nothing came out.  I still regret that.  I gave the older man what was in my pocket, smiled and continued to the bank.  “God bless you,” he called after me.  I am pretty sure that was his reply to the a-hole in the Eagles hat, too.  I know.  I shouldn’t say a-hole.

Here’s the thing.  Or…  Here are the things.  I don’t know what he did with the money.  I don’t know what anyone that I’ve given change or a few bucks to does with the money.  I hope they buy food, but who knows?  At the time, that really didn’t matter.  Did I have spare change?  Yes.  Was the amount insignificant enough that I wouldn’t need it that day or the next?  Yes.  Was the amount significant to be helpful?  I don’t really know, but if I had to guess, probably not.

I’ve talked to Nick and my parents about this and everyone seems to agree; that is to say, they disagree with me.  There are better ways to help than doling out dimes and nickles, ways that don’t involve risks to personal safety or potentially contributing to other people’s problems.  It was my dad who suggested giving the money to the institutions doing incredible work in our city to care for the hungry, homeless, those battling addiction, or needing health care.  Thank goodness I am surrounded by geniuses.  I am taking applications for life coaches, by the way.  Yes, I think I need more than one.

Anyway.  I started keeping a can in my car.

Any time anyone has asked me for change lately, I’ve politely refused and then added what change I did have to the can.  As of this morning, I had enough to buy a turkey for a local family through The Greater Boston Food Bank’s Turkey Drive.  It sort of gives new meaning to spare change for food, wouldn’t you say?

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Resting up for tomorrow’s 14 mile run
  • On Mercy:  I love Sister Karol Jackowski’s posts for Whole Living
  • I think I need to drag the winter coats out of storage

Is there such thing as spare change?  How do you spend yours?

Today: Take action.

When I complain aloud, it’s usually about one of two things: being hungry, or being tired.  Nick appropriately responds one of two ways: eat something, or go to bed.  What he’s probably actually thinking is pipe down, woman!

September is Hunger Action Month. Hunger Action Month has very little to do with turbo idiots like myself, who want for nothing, but will complain about a little stomach rumbling.  It has everything to do with the fact that last year, in eastern Massachusetts alone, 394,300 people sought the assistance of a food bank.  This number reflects a 23% increase from the previous year.

These 394,300 are people who are hungry, people who worry about where their next meal will come from, people who–despite their best efforts– cannot secure food for their families.  These are people who are forced to make choices that no one should have to consider:  food or heat, food or rent, food or medical care?  More than a third of these 394,300 people are part of a household with at least one working adult.  These are not people looking for a handout or an easy way out; there are so many circumstances that lead to food insecurity.  These are people who deserve our support.

How can we do our part?  Check out the Hunger Action Month calendar for 30 ways you can join the fight to end hunger in America. 30 ways in 30 days!  You know I love a catchy… catch phrase.

Hunger Action Month is a national movement, so be sure to check out your local food bank for more information and specific programming.  We are really lucky in Boston to have The Greater Boston Food Bank as neighbors; they do incredible work.  A few thousand years ago, when I was a freshman in college, the GBFB’s founder (and founder of Rosie’s Place), Kip Tiernan, came to speak at Boston College.  I like to think I’ve got my act together, but I’ve got to tell you… I wept like a weeping willow in one of the back rows of Devlin 008 that night.  Hunger does not discriminate.  Please do what you can to help.

Also On Tap for Today:

Is there a cause you feel particularly passionate about?  Feel free to share the details in the comments section.

Today: Join me, by joining Project Feed Me

CesarHi.  It’s me. So, today’s post was going to be all about our new French Bulldog.  I know, I know.  I quite literally just posted about wanting a dog, and not knowing how to take care of one.  But before  you go all PETA on me, rest assured that we’d been planning to acquire one of these little monsters for ages… and everything fell into place yesterday.  And also, Nick knows how to take care of dogs.  And I’ve watched several episodes of Dog Whisperer.

…but because I only have a BlackBerried photo of Clark (doesn’t he sound smart?), I think I will have to wait a day or two to dedicate an entire post to him.

He’s worth waiting for, two people who read this blog.  If you need some convincing, here’s a little teaser:

Check out my ears.

Check out my ears.

So, with that said, I’d like to cordially invite you and yours to join me in participating in Project Feed Me. I first learned about this nine week program when scrolling through The No Meat Athlete on my Google reader, which referenced Natalie at No No 2 Yo Yo‘s promotion of this project… and so, I signed up.  And I’d love for you to do the same.

What am I getting you into, you ask?  It’s simple.  Each Monday, a recommended food is posted.  Commit to purchasing each recommended item, donating the whole lot to an area food bank or pantry on the final week of the project.  The list of food items has been generated by food banks, with the intention of feeding families over the holidays.Project-Feed-Me-nono2yoyo4

While the project officially kicked off on October 12th, it’s not too late to join.  Being the delayed person that I am, I joined a week late and will make up for it by purchasing both my chili and tuna contributions this week.  Check back each Monday, and I will re-post the link (click through to sign up!) to No No 2 Yo Yo, as well as the week’s food item.

As the holidays approach, there is no better time to show gratitude for giving back.  It takes very little to make a difference.  I sincerely hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks in putting together some good food for a deserving family.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Get that weird Bumble Bee tuna jingle out of my head
  • Dig out all my warm winter gear (it snowed in Boston yesterday)
  • Ask my parents to execute an elaborate hoax, allowing me to spend some quality time in the attic, playing with Christmas decorations

Will you consider joining Project Feed Me?  If so, I will consider liking you even more than I already do.