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On our walls | at the Cape

After three or four consecutive weekends in the city, we are back at the Cape, enjoying the peace and quiet of the off season.  Since closing on the house here in mid-October, we’ve been down as many weekends as possible.  We’ve made a lot of progress in some areas, but in other areas, maybe not so much… both kids’ rooms sort of look like the second child’s room in this hilarious BuzzFeed post that I can’t stop scrolling through. 

We have some really fun things up on our walls, though, so I figured we could start there. It’s been so fun to start from scratch, building an inexpensive collection of pieces we truly love. I think that’s really the only rule that matters when building an art collection: Buy what you love.

I’ve linked to products when possible, mostly because I think everyone needs at least one of Elizabeth May’s seagulls in their home.  Please note that some links are referral or affiliate links.


on our walls kitchen

The first things to grace our walls were these Elizabeth May seagull prints (Seagull 15 + Seagull 16).  I absolutely love her style, and just saw that she has new Barack Obama and Joe Biden prints for sale in her Etsy shop so…. they will be joining us soon, along with her Maya Angelou and Susan B. Anthony portraits.  

Cool/important people art party at the Cape!

I used these brass matted Target frames throughout the house.  I am obsessed.


living room on our walls

  • Photos of Grace, Nick + Clark,  all taken at the Cape
  • Minted signed print (Mid-summertime by Emily Jeffords) + a photo of Grace birdwatching with “the giant ‘noculars'” at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History 

*You can use your Ebates account for cash back at Minted (PSA for those not already using Ebates: sign up for an Ebates account and go to their website when shopping online– by going through them first, you’ll earn cash back at many of the sites you usually shop.  For me, that’s diapers.com, LOFT, Nordstrom, Minted, Athleta, etc.)

CapeAbilities flag

We have this Cape Cod flag, made by Cape Abilities participants, hanging on the wall heading upstairs.  Proceeds from these flags (this size was $35) support the organization, which serves individuals with disabilities on Cape Cod through a range of programs.  If you’re on the Cape, I highly recommend a trip to their farm in Dennis and store in Yarmouth.  They do wonderful work.


guest room on our walls

I normally wouldn’t paint over someone else’s work… but I figured a mass market paint-by-number is fair game, right?  You can find similar vintage paintings at thrift stores and on Etsy or ebay, often with wooden frames, for $20 or so.  I used leftover paint from another project and simply blocked off a third of the image with blue painters tape and added a single coat of paint so that the original painting is still visible up close.


our bedroom on our walls

I hadn’t planned to hang the tapestry and Top Knot print together, or even in the same room… but then I saw them side by side and loved the repetition of those red stripes. The rest of our room is super white and restful, so these pieces punch things up a bit.

The tapestry is from the Pillowfort kids line at Target, but it totally works in a grown-up room.  Kids decor is often less expensive… and more cool.


Grace on our walls

Grace fell in love with this swan (and her tutu), and who could blame her?  The framed print is actually a Valentine’s Day card that cost $3 ($15 including the frame). Framing greeting cards is an easy, low commitment way to add a little something to your walls.


Nick on our walls

One of the artists for Modern Map Art generously sent us this print, which I thought would work perfectly in Nick’s room (I’m going for a mostly navy vibe in there).  There are several options for Boston, all in local team color ways.  My photo doesn’t do the print justice, so I recommend checking out their website to see more detailed shots.  They sell similar prints for cities all over the globe, as well as some really cool ski maps.

I love how major and local streets have been painted over the map in red.  It’s really bold and graphic and I think it pairs well with the anchor tapestry (another kids department find).  

Plus, it’s nice to have a little Southie with us at the Cape. 

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What is your favorite piece of art or inexpensive decor tip?



Today: It’s (finally) beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

If I had it my way (and all the time in the world), I would begin decorating for Christmas in September.  And not finish until June.  Despite getting a later start this year on all things Christmas, I am soaking up all the sparkly and shine while it lasts.

I love little trees. The more sparkles or feathers, the better.

The holiday season makes me inexplicably happy.  Joyful, even.  On my way to a meeting earlier this week, I was stuck behind a man who was walking slowly, but whistling “Frosty the Snowman” loudly.  Were this any month but December, I’d be annoyed, and pass him as soon as the opportunity presented itself.  (Side note: the whole idea of a snowman coming to life, let alone getting married?  So creepy.)

I intended to make that garland super long… but I got super lazy. Story of my life.

Instead, I found myself smiling about that moment for the rest of the day.  I get the same perma-smile from cars whipping around with Christmas trees tied to the roof, tacky holiday decorations in our neighborhood (my feeling: the tackier, the better… as long as it’s on someone else’s house), holiday stamps, fake Santas taking calls from children on the radio… you get the point.

Clark did a little crate decorating.

And I find myself being a kinder, more gentle, more patient version of me this time of year (save for the random outbursts of pregnancy-related ‘tude).  I notice it in other people too.  It’s really quite lovely.

Spotted a pink nutcracker for the baby’s room and couldn’t help myself…

I’m also more aware this time of year than any other how much I have to be grateful for.  While the twinkly lights and warm Santa socks are nice, I know how lucky I am to have a husband who is just plain incredible and a healthy baby on the way, family and friends who love and care for me, a safe and comfortable place to live, plenty to eat, good health, a fulfilling career, and the freedom and flexibility to make all kinds of choices.

I have so much, and so it feels as important as ever do what I can with what I have– whether that’s time, money, or donated goods.  Perhaps you’ll join me in supporting a cause, organization, or program that you find compelling?  A few suggestions, if I may:

In and around Boston

National and International

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Also On Tap for Today:

How are you celebrating the season?