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A Season of Gratitude | and sheep costumes

We spent the last few days chasing around two very cute sheep.  This was the first holiday as a family of four that we’ve really been able to get out there (without a stroller) and do the things that people do on Halloween (I guess… it’s never been my jam). 

a season of gratitude

I picked up matching sheep costumes for Grace + Nick on a whim, and it was probably the best Target money I’ve ever spent.  Which is saying something.  They took to them instantly, crawling around our condo for hours (as Grace pointed out, “sheeps use all of their legs for walking”).  They made their public debut at the Cape this weekend, where we hit up the annual Green Halloween at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.  The museum was open (and admission was super discounted — $5 for kids, free for accompanying adults) and full of fun Halloween activities and surprises. 

a season of gratitude

On Sunday, we took my aunt Mary’s suggestion and brought our sheep to CJ’s Horse Ranch in West Barnstable for their Halloween Fun Day.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a pair of sheep ride ponies.  After a tractor tour and the pony rides, Grace and Nick got to meet and trick-or-treat with the horses. 

a season of gratitude

a season of gratitude

a season of gratitude

Everyone was so kind and generous, and our kids had so much fun at both events.  As I scrolled through the 890 photos I took, I kind of couldn’t believe they were real.  The whole weekend was pure magic.


As I lit my soy Christmas tree scented candle this morning (it’s time), I knew I wanted that feeling of the weekend’s magic to last.  I knew I wanted to avoid the overwhelm that often sets in this time of year, as best I can.  I knew I wanted to soak up all that wonder and joy on my kids’ faces.  I knew I wanted to focus on the things that matter… which basically, aren’t things.  And I kept coming back to gratitude.  So I made us a printable chart thing.  Because that’s who I am, for better or worse.  

I’m planning to take a few minutes each night during this holiday season to write about gratitude– who and what I’m grateful for, etc.  And I’d love for you to join me, if you’re interested.  Feel free to use #gratitudeOTFT when sharing on social.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to see what everyone is feeling grateful for?  

a season of gratitude

click to download your free printable gratitude list

I’ll be sharing my list (likely weekly) here and on Instagram stories as well.  (And if it goes well, I promise to make us a new list for December…)

Also On Tap for Today:

Let’s hear it… what are you feeling grateful for today?

Today: A night at the Boston Ballet.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being a guest of the Boston Ballet on opening night of their Fall Program at the Boston Opera House.  After having the opportunity to interview corps de ballet member Emily Mistretta earlier in the month, I’d been so looking forward to the evening.  My friend Elizabeth (I promise I know people with other names, too) and I arrived a little early to sip a glass of Champagne while taking in the scene at the Opera House.

We had fantastic seats just to the right of the stage, and took in the scene as we waited for the first ballet to start, kicking off the 2012-2013 season.

The evening’s first ballet was Christopher Bruce’s Rooster, set to music by The Rolling Stones.  As a Stones fan, I was hooked at the first number.  It was so much fun to watch.  I immediately recognized Rachel Cossar.  She is so incredibly graceful (and such a lovely person, in person!); I couldn’t take my eyes off her and the other dancers.

For the second ballet, we enjoyed Awake Only, a world premiere by the Boston Ballet’s resident choreographer,  Jorma Elo.  I loved seeing Emily Mistretta on stage; what a talent!  I need to be sure to read more about the story behind the ballet, which I had a tiny bit of trouble following as my mind wandered to thoughts of how incredibly strong these dancers are (as showcased by those tiny costumes!), how many shoes they must go through, and what it must take to stay focused through three ballets.

The final ballet, The Second Detail, was choreographed by William Forsythe, with music by Thom Willems.  The music had a very raw, industrial feel and the dancers danced with such attack, it was electrifying.  It was the perfect way to end a wonderful evening in the city.  I am already looking forward to my next trip at the Ballet.

Fall Program runs through November 4th, with tickets starting at $29.  There is a special deal available today only, featuring $31 tickets to Fall Program for any seat (yep, even the really fancy ones).  No tricks, just treats.

Also On Tap for Today:

Are you dressing up in costume today?


Today: T. Rex vs. triceratops.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Spoiler alert: the triceratops wins.

Happy Halloween, from the world’s most ridiculous halloweenie.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Fun fact: Illinois produces the most pumpkins in the U.S.
  • In the mood for a scary movie?
  • Setting out treats for the little goblins in our building
Are you dressing up today?  What about your furry friends?

Today: Tell a tasteless Halloween joke

mail-2I apologize for the poor quality of today’s images.  Ever the dingbat, I left my camera cord… well, who knows where?  I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but I do love The Nightmare Before Christmas and candy, so it can’t be all bad.  Last night Alyson and I channeled MJ for the Thriller dance party at Life in Synergy (a great gym in the Back Bay, with a huge range of classes).  After going it alone at the Bollywood dance-off, I am very happy to have a partner in crime (…and yes, I was just about to write something about smooth criminals).

Attendees were encouraged to dress in costume.  One woman wore all brown, rubbed on some brown face paint and stuck a twig in her ponytail.  I think she was a tree.  I didn’t have much time this week to pull together a workout-worthy costume, so I threw on my Michael Forever tee-shirt (complete with glittered glove applique), yoga pants, a pair of black legwarmers and sequined ballet shoes.  Perfect for spinning, shaking and snapping.  If you need entertainment for your next party (especially if your guests happen to be visually impaired), we’d be happy to perform Thriller for you.

Today, Nick and I stopped by the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.  What is it about free stuff that brings out the beast in people?  Oh, the irony of elbowing and pushing people to get to the animal cruelty prevention pamphlet table!  We sampled some unbelievable peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Company and picked up samples of Lara Bars and a few recipes, which I look forward to experimenting with later this week.

We’re off to watch my younger brother’s rugby game.  We might not be back in time for the one trick or treater who might appear at our door, so we threw this together to leave at the door:


While I’d like to claim in was an attempt to stave off childhood obesity, mostly I didn’t want to eat all the candy that would inevitably left over, and I sort of wanted to play with Play-Dough.  I like how it smells.

I hope you have a safe and happy Halloweenie.

Today: Life with Clark

dog walkHere it is.  The post you’ve all been you might have been waiting for.  What I’ve learned this past week from life with our little monster:

  • Looking cute while picking up what your dog… put down… is not easy.
  • Sometimes, when you’re trying to sleep, you new puppy might make noises that sound like a pterodactyl or a fisher cat.  If you’ve never heard of a fisher cat, read on.  I will terrify you in mere moments.
  • You will meet more people in three days with a dog, than you might otherwise in three months.  Most of these people will be nice and normal.  Others will linger just a bit too long, but there’s no casual way to say, “Stop petting my dog, ya freak.”
  • If dog food tastes anything like it smells, it’s gross.  Dog food makers can dehydrate anything.  In fact, I think they might be in cahoots with the people who make astronaut ice cream.
  • You’ll find treats in pockets you didn’t even know you had.
  • French bulldogs like to jump on other French bulldogs, which is fun for them, but traumatic for a new owner who worries her dog might break another person’s dog.  Also, they don’t speak French.  Yet.
  • Dogs do not know the difference between 6AM on a Tuesday and 6AM on a Sunday.
  • It’s really easy to fall asleep on the sofa if there’s a snoring puppy smushed on top of you.

And now, pictures.

Clark 1

Check out the Frenchie ears.

Clark 3

Get this monkey off my back.

Clark 4

Pretending I know how to hold a dog.

If all this cuteness overload is too much for you, allow me to introduce New England’s most malevolent mammal… the terrifying Fisher Cat. Raaaaaaaaawr!


I will bite you. And your little moose, too. (Photo via www.troop399nbny.org)

According to the world’s most credible source (Wikipedia, obvi), the Fisher Cat has “unsheathed, retractable claws.”  With its Edward Scissorhands and their raging teeth, the fisher cat is one of very few predators who actually seek out porcupines for prey.

They don’t really discriminate, mowing down birds, small mammals… and even large mammals, such as the moose.  The noise they make is so distinctive and terrifying, someone in New Hampshire dedicated an entire website to it.  Click on the audio, if you dare! Muhahaha.  To make matters (even) worse, they have been hit with the ugly stick.  Hard.

On that note, have a lovely day!

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Write myself a note to change the clocks for DST on Saturday night.  I love “falling back.”
  • Perhaps our team will make out triumphant return to trivia tonight?
  • Share an inspiring story about a kindergartner who’s pulling for his sick friend.  You must read/watch. (Thanks, Christina!)

How cute is our Frog Dog?  How many nightmares will you have this week about the fisher cat? And please tell me you’ve watched the Sweetie Petey newsclip.