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Today: The calm before the storm.

It would seem like Hurricane Sandy is the real deal, and is set to reach Boston tomorrow morning, so I spent much of today doing any and everything that requires electricity.  Like laundry.  And charging anything that comes with a charger.  I tracked down our flashlights and candles, filled the gas tank, picked up my prescriptions, and bought enough bananas to last us the week.

With six days until our wedding, I’m rather inclined to panic.  What if our caterer or venue loses power?  Or like, what if we lose power, but then get it back, and I plug in my MacBook and we have a power surge and the list that says who is having chicken and who is having pumpkin ravioli gets zapped?  Because I’ve vowed to worry less, though, I’m choosing to stay calm.  That means lots of mint tea and snuggling with Clark, a change of nail polish, and showing up early to the six o’clock Mass.

Making it to church on Sunday night always helps me in that way.  Our parish’s commitment to social justice means so much to me, and helps me to start the week thinking of others, rather than myself.  I prayed that everyone will stay safe during and after the storm, and that I will get a life some perspective and stop focusing on things like table numbers.  I can be such a dingbat sometimes.  Speaking of numbers, if you’re a fellow Bostonian, be sure you have these important ones nearby.

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How do you keep calm?

Today: OMG.

I don’t claim to be an expert on world religions, or even my own religion, but back in 1987 George Michael told me I’ve gotta have faith.  And I took it to heart.  (That same year, he also mention something about being a Father Figure… but um… does that mean something creepy?)  So while I’m taking spiritual direction from a former member of Wham!, here’s a pretty picture taken from high atop an overpriced parking garage in the Back Bay.

This is what the back of one of my favorite churches looks like.  I’ve approached St. Cecilia’s from the front a million (okay, a thousand… um… many, several dozens) of times, so I felt sort of sneaky seeing her from a different angle.  But then again, sneaking a peak at faith from a different angle every now and again couldn’t be a bad thing.

Being Catholic feels very home to me, but I think that my faith has been enriched significantly by the experiences (now matter how divergent) of others.  I like to know what other people believe.

Through my work, I’ve had opportunities to meet with teachers at an Islamic academic and a parochial school in the same day.  I’ve sat at tables with members of the Black Ministerial Alliance and leaders from Boston’s Jewish community.  When you get to spend your days doing work that feels good, surrounded by people who are doing similarly, life feels like one big prayer.  I’m a lucky girl.

We won’t always agree about our beliefs.  Even when we… um, believe the same thing. Like that time some kid and I got into an argument about whether or not “we” should be offended when people say “Happy Holidays.”  I reckon that’s not the same as wishing someone a “Crappy Christmas.”  I think, at least, they’re saying, “Whatever you’re celebrating, I hope it’s happy.”  The Crappy Christmas comment didn’t go over very well.  Nor did “Let’s agree to disagree.”  “You’re a moron” wasn’t well received, either.  Surprising, I know.

What was I rambling about?  Oh right, we’re not always going to see eye to eye, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  As long as we’re not poking any eyes out in the process, that is.

Please file this post under: Out of left field.

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Does faith factor in your day?  Is George Michael a genius or a wee bit creepy?