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Today: Bears, whales, snacks and flowers.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]It seems fitting that the planet (our corner of it, at least) is getting some much needed rain for Earth Day.  Clark and I enjoyed a nice, long walk in the mist this morning before curling up on the sofa for a day of reading, folding laundry, and getting ready for the B’s game (come on, boys!).

Yesterday’s game didn’t go as we had hoped, but we still had a good time cheering on the black and gold with Nick’s brother Mike, and my lovely friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth provided her unmatched knowledge of the team, as well as various good luck tokens, including a piece of glass from last year’s Stanley Cup final.  I made sure we had snacks.

I’ve been sticking to my low FODMAP diet as closely as possible, while giving myself a little wiggle room on days like yesterday (a little bit of bread, and a touch of garlic).  I’m half-way through the four week process, and looking forward to figuring out what to eliminate for good.  Amid the snacks, we made room on the table for a springy centerpiece.

There was plenty of yelling, cheering, and groaning as the Captials topped the Bruins with just over a minute left to play.  While killing time before today’s must-win game, Nick and I checked out Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist.  It was very interesting, if not more than a little upsetting.

[Image source]

I am fascinated by Paul Watson, The Sea Shephard Conservation Society and their tactics.  Are they controversial?  Most definitely.  They have done well to bring media attention to whaling, seal clubbing, drift net fishing, and other serious issues, though.  It seems we still have a long way to go to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.

In the meantime, let it rain.  And Go Bruins!

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How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Today: An itty, bitty Earth Day giveaway.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] Unless you’re staying up past my bedtime, you’re likely reading this tomorrow… on Earth Day.  If you’re reading this on Thursday, congratulations you sneaky devil, you!  You get an extra day to enter my teeny, tiny Earth Day giveaway, which is all about making teeny tiny changes that will make our planet a happier, healthier place to read my rambling blog.  And, um… live.

Well, well, well... what have we heeeere?

One of you precious Earthlings will receive two items I’ve picked up recently in my quest to live more greenly:

Peace baggies be with you.

We’re lucky to live in a building that went green before it was the new black.  All common areas are cleaned exclusively with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products.  Switching your household cleaning products is an easy change, but it’s one that can have a dramatic impact.  Similarly, Rume bags make a great replacement for plastic baggies.  They’re water resistant, food safe, and dishwasher safe.  More importantly Also, they’re waaaay cuter than plastic bags.  A few more small changes I love:
  1. Bring your silverware to work, skip the plastics
  2. Eat outside
  3. Buy less, share more (hit up the library rather than Amazon, and a clothing swap rather than the Gap)

So here’s the deal.  To enter this teeny, tiny, itty, bitty giveaway, please share one little change you’re making this Earth Day.  You can earn extra entries by “liking” On Tap for Today on Facebook, or tweeting about this giveaway (@ElizabethEv is hosting an itty, bitty Earth Day giveaway: http://wp.me/pySBS-ZC).  Please be sure to leave separate entries for each entry.

P.S. For the record, there’s nothing to disclose here.  I bought these goodies with Clark’s my own allowance.

I will pick a winner at random on Saturday evening.

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What little change are you making this Earth Day?