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Today: Last week’s workouts.

At 35 weeks pregnant, putting on pants feels like a workout.  Fortunately, I’m still feeling good enough to make it to CrossFit twice a week and have been carving out time for a little prenatal yoga in my makeshift studio (the baby’s room).  Actual workouts are a good thing.  Pants on the other hand… meh.

Tuesday and Friday: Prenatal yoga

I haven’t been sleeping much lately (no more than 1-2 hours at a time, which is making for a very delightful and pleasant Elizabeth), and nearly nodded off during savasana both days.  With so much floating around in my brain (a recent sampling: trying to get as much work done as possible before going on leave, trying to avoid googling various pregnancy symptoms, attempting to locate my keys, wondering), the quiet time yoga affords has been both challenging and exactly what I need.  The stretch feels good, too.

Thursday: 2014 WOD at CrossFit Southie

Nick and I rang in New Year’s Day at CrossFit Southie with lots of rowing and modified burpees.  And then I ate a donut.  Real talk.  Also: I like that the baby got a shout out on the whiteboard.

Saturday: CrossFit in the cold

My face nearly froze off on our way to the gym Saturday morning, but after being snowed in, it was good to get out of the condo.  All that rowing warmed me right up.

WOD: 1000m row, 30 pull-ups, 20 front squats, 10 wall climbs, 20 front squats, 30 pull-ups, 1000m row

I wasn’t sure I could hang for the full 2000m, and scaled the first row to 850m.  By the time I got on the rower for the second time, though, I knew I could finish out a full 1000m.  I scaled the pull-ups to jumping pull-ups and the wall climbs to elevated push-ups using a racked barbell.  No donut this time.

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Today: Last week’s workouts.

I think the expression Better late than never! was invented as an act of charity towards people like me.  People who are just now realizing it’s Thursday.

I had a few really great workouts last week, one’s worthy of sharing, so let’s pretend I am not tardy to, like, every party.

Tuesday: Power Vinyasa Flow at NB Fitness Club with Susan G. Komen Massachusetts and New Balance Lace Up 365

Image courtesy of New Balance

I spent eight hours in Detroit last Monday (and exactly as many hours on planes or in airports), so when my alarm went off bright and early Tuesday, I considered spiking that thing volleyball-style across the room.  Instead, I got up, grabbed a great outfit from New Balance’s Lace Up For The Cure line (as part of a minimum $500,000 donation, 5% of proceeds from this line of athletic wear supports Susan G. Komen) and headed to Brighton.

New Balance hosted a number of special workouts this month, helping to raise awareness for their Lace Up 365 campaign.  I’d been looking forward to the yoga class for a while, but was so impressed with the overall experience.  Before class started, we heard from three breast cancer survivors, who joined us for an hour of Power Vinyasa Flow with Antoinette.  While I’d like to blame travel fatigue or pregnancy hormones, I teared up in the back row, listening as Peter, Theresa and Carol shared their stories because all three were so relatable, so honest, and so human.  And that’s what I love about the Lace Up 365 campaign.  It’s all about honoring those lives affected by breast cancer and ensuring that they are on our minds all year long, not just during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In addition to news and information about breast cancer, you can also find information about dedicating your workouts to survivors on New Balance’s website.

The class itself was the perfect blend of challenging and restorative.  I made modifications here and there to accommodate my growing belly (and dwindling balance), and looked up often to see Peter, Theresa and Carol practicing in the row ahead of me.  I’m grateful to have been able to spend the morning with such courageous people.

Thursday: Thanksgiving WOD at CrossFit Southie

Nick and I managed to fit in a workout before hitting the road on Thanksgiving, visiting my parents south of the city and his parents north of the city.  I had planned to do my own thing while the rest of the class completed a partner WOD, but I ending up pairing up with our friend Kendra and completing the whole workout.  I made a few pregnancy-friendly modifications (squats and elevated push-ups in lieu of burpees, step-ups instead of box jumps), but was happy to crank out all the rowing, running, kettle bell swings and double-unders.

A few people have asked me about keeping up with CrossFit while pregnant, and while I am no expert, I think it all comes down to doing your research, consulting with coaches, and doing what feels good.  Thanksgiving’s WOD took just over 40 minutes for us to complete, and at a high intensity– this was definitely pushing it for me.  Knowing how to scale different workouts (whether for time, reps, intensity, etc.) is so important.  If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Saturday: Hero WOD at CrossFit Southie

10 rounds
10 Thrusters 95#
10 Bar facing burpees
10 Pull-ups
57 Double unders

Saturday’s hero WOD honored Joe Lengel Jr., 57, of Toledo, OH, who died on November 19, 2012, of a gunshot wound sustained while opening his gym, Crossfit Intensity, early that morning.  I finished 8 +8 rounds (I believe the time cap was 35 minutes) and yes, my jump rope matches my Nanos.  Pro Regular person user tip: a bit of washi tape on your rope handles ensures your husband never mistakes your rope for his.

I’ve been fitting in long walks at lunch on off days, making sure to stay active despite the fact that my Spandex is getting tighter and tighter.  Meanwhile, this baby seems to be getting her own workouts in.  I think she’s partial to kickboxing…

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Today: The (long) weekend according to Instagram XX.

What a difference an extra weekend day makes.  More fun, more food, more fresh air.  Fewer number fives… apparently.

The weekend according to Instagram XX

  1. Things start to feel really real when you go crib shopping.  Trust me.  After a surgical strike at Jordan’s Furniture (we were in and out in an hour, and five weeks from now we will have a crib, a dresser — which we will also use as a changing table — and a glider), we spent a bit of time walking around Babies R Us.  Those little folks need a lot of stuff!  I am so excited for her room to come together though.  While I am not wishing away then next couple of months, I just can’t wait for our baby girl to arrive.
  2. After another long week (and yes, I did end up with a third nail in one of my tires…), I was tempted to skip Sunday’s workout and sleep in.  A little encouragement from Nick and a fresh pair of Nanos from Reebok (thank you!) got me out the door, though.
  3. The WOD required a bit of creative scaling, but it felt good to get moving.  I strict pressed 50 lbs., but I think my days of PRs will likely be on hold for a bit.  I’m getting more and more comfortable doing my own thing, substituting and scaling when needed (crossfitmom.com is a great resource for pregnant CrossFitters), and focusing on the fact that doing something is better than doing nothing.  Especially when it feels like I am wearing a weighted vest… all the time.
  4. I could make six different trips to the paint section at Home Depot and I imagine I’d leave with the exact same paint strips.  Regardless of the intended room.  We used chinchilla (Martha Stewart, surprised?) in our first condo, and I’m leaning towards the same color for the baby’s room.  I love color.  It’s like nail polish for your house.
  5. Can we discuss the fact that I missed number 5?  To quote my husband re: pregnancy brain, “What will you forget to think of next?”
  6. This little snail keeps showing up on our front steps.  I like his outfit.
  7. Running low on mascara (my personal nightmare), I ducked into Sephora… and accidentally bought one of everything.  While reaching for a fresh tube of Diorshow Black Out, a pre-teen (or tween… or maybe she was an actual teen) complimented me on “my makeup taste.”  She then followed me around the store and approved of everything that went into my basket.  She made my day.
  8. I got to spend some quality time with my favorite blondes (my younger sister and our niece) this morning.  We did baby yoga, hid in closets, sprinkled bagel crumbs everywhere, read a book about penguins, sang “head, shoulders, knees and toes,” put a human sweater on a baby doll, and made monster noises.  I wish every day started that way.
  9. Back in Southie, Nick and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and coaxed the Frenchie up a thousand stairs to enjoy the gorgeous view of the city from Dorchester Heights…
  10. …which explains why Clark has been asleep for approximately 50 hours.

To make up for the lack of #5… a bonus instaphoto:

I am excited and grateful to featured as today’s “Healthy Girl on the Go” thanks to Jenny and Nancy at Gold Standard Women.  I love reading everything this mother-daughter duo shares about their inspiring health journey and loved spending time with them at this year’s Healthy Living Summit.  I encourage you to check out their site!

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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XVII.

While I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot this weekend (I think that’s why weekends were invented?), those two days flew by.  Beautiful weather, a few good workouts, and plenty of time spent goofing around with Clark…

The weekend according to Instagram XVII

  1. I overslept a bit on Sunday and made it to the first class at CrossFit Southie by the skin of my teeth.  I hate that expression.  I have no idea why I just used it.  Sorry.  (And sorry that I am too lazy to swap it out for something less creepy.)  For the strength portion of the workout, we worked up to a 1 rep max of the strict press.  As the weight got heavier, I wanted more and more to rely on my legs (i.e. not a strict press).  I added weight in small increments (even using the 1 lb.  discs towards the end) and worked up to 73 lbs.  Also, I managed to ding my forehead with the barbell.  Not surprising.  The workout itself was challenging, but I love AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible for a set amount of time).  The bear complex is a series of movements (completed in sequence, without putting the bar down): power clean, front squat, shoulders to overhead, back squat, shoulders to overhead.  Each round consisted of 5 bear complexes, followed by 10 burpee lateral jumps (over the barbell).  I spent the rest of the day feeling like I needed a nap.
  2. The weekend wouldn’t be complete without a polish change.  My hands and nails tend to be dry, so I started using cuticle oil (almost daily) and love it.  Essie makes an inexpensive tube (I found mine at Target) with a genius applicator.
  3. Highlight of the weekend: FaceTime with my niece.  She loves dogs (and birds), so I made sure Clark got in on the action.  She spent most of our call walking around, grabbing books, and showing Clark pictures of other dogs.  And then my heart turned to complete mush.
  4. We spent Saturday night in, surrounded by boxes and packing supplies, watching documentaries on Netflix.  Nerd power!  A few that I’ve enjoyed lately: Urbanized and The Interrupters.  Oh, I also watched one about animals making friends with other species… like a goat and a blind horse.  And an orphaned deer and an old dog.  I am hoping I can somehow arrange for Clark to befriend a small hippo.  Or a turtle.  Or maybe a parrot.  Definitely not a cat, though.
  5. Our neighborhood association has done an incredible job cleaning up our end of Southie, planning and growing gardens and adding unexpected bright spots, like these morning glories climbing a chain link fence.  Especially as we’re getting ready to move, I can’t help but notice how much has changed in just the four short years we’ve been here.
  6. I ended the weekend the way it started, with a tall glass of fresh juice.  As many people ask for the ingredient list as they do for photo app recommendations, so I will happily give you both.  My usual juice consists of a bunch of kale (6-7 stems, trimmed), 1 English cucumber, 2 celery stalks, 2 lemons, 2 green apples, and a small piece of fresh ginger.  I use a number of different photo apps on my iPhone (and usually upload photos to Instagram, rather than using the camera feature within the app).  For collages, I recommend PicFrame – it’s simple and easy to use.  For adding text to images, I use TypicPro and Over most often.  While I like the camera on the iPhone 5, I sometimes use Camera+ or VSCOcam instead, and recommend Self Timer for… welp… self timed photos.

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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XVI.

After several weekends on the go, it was nice to enjoy a few days at home — especially since we’re scheduled to move in just a few weeks.

Not only did I fit in multiple workouts and multiple naps, but I also found time to read an actual non-work book (Orange is the New Black, which I picked up after watching the entire first season on Netflix in the span of, like, two days.  I definitely recommend the book, but um… spoiler alert: what happens in the show is not exactly true to life).

Our fridge is stocked, my nails are painted, the laundry’s done and the condo’s clean.  I try to balance laziness with short spurts of productivity when I can.

The weekend according to Instagram XVI

  1. It’s been a while since I posted a daily juice photo, but a glass of fresh juice is still my favorite way to start the day (but only after going for a run… no need for any added, um, excitement).
  2. Another favorite ritual:  the at-home polish change.  I’ve been obsessed with essie limo-scene lately, it’s a bit more opaque than ballet slipper but just as pretty.  And, according to essie, it’s perfect for the prom.  So there’s that.
  3. We’ve officially started packing, which means I have officially started coming up with excuses to take Clark for extra walks or reasons to check the mail multiple times a day, and I’ve essentially begun vanishing into thin air as soon as I spot a box being opened.  I did help Nick take everything off our walls and (not-so-helpfully) watched as he spackled, sanded, and touched up paint.  And then I accidentally peeled some paint off our bedroom wall.  I am worse than useless.  I am harmful.
  4. I am a sucker for cute packaging.  I’ve always loved adding POM Wonderful to seltzer, but when I saw this grass skirt-wearing bottle of POM Hula, I convince myself it would taste good in everything (except cereal, well… and probably other things, too).  Regardless, it added a lovely tropical kick to my DD unsweetened iced tea.
  5. I think graffiti is probably against the rules, but I can look the other way when it provides a little inspiration.  Spotted on a recent run: Never lack ambition.
  6. Clark is obsessed with cats.  There are a bunch of terrifying strays in our neighborhood and whenever we spot one on our walk, the Frenchie enters some sort of weird trance.
  7. While Clark was dreaming of a starring role in Cats, the musical, I was celebrating (and sweating through) a 15lb. PR on the strength portion of Sunday’s workout at CrossFit Southie.  There were a number of new people and drop-ins at the 9 AM class and I couldn’t help but think about how warm and welcoming the crowd was when I first joined last July.  One of the few feelings that can trump earning a PR is the feeling of belonging, of community.
  8. More post-workout juice.  Our usual recipe: kale, cucumbers, green apples, celery, carrots, ginger, lemons.
  9. We enjoyed a little fresh air at the SoWa Open Market.  If you’re in town, or visiting on a Sunday, the market is definitely worth a trip.  This year’s market includes the usual art, handmade goods, and crafts, as well as a vintage market, a farmers market, and a lot full of food trucks.  Oh, and the people watching?  Top notch.

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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XIV.

What a lovely weekend.  Good food, good friends, good hockey… and welp, a few other things too.  I lost my phone (behind the sofa, naturally) at some point, but did manage to capture most of the highlights.

The weekend according to Instagram XIV

  1. I mean, come on.  Two Stanley Cup finals in three years?  We’re spoiled.   I couldn’t sleep Friday night; it was just too exciting.  The finals start Wednesday, which means I will be napping until then.  Toodles!
  2. Sleep or no sleep, Nick and I hit up CrossFit Southie bright and early Saturday morning.  He competed in our box’s internal throwdown (5 workouts between 9 AM – 2 PM) and took 3rd place in the men’s scaled division.  I came in 1st place in spectating.  In all seriousness, it was so fun to watch Nick and some of our friends compete.  I’m so proud of them all!
  3. Speaking of being proud, last week was Pride Week in Boston.  We wanted to make sure all our friends knew they were loved and supported (every week of the year), so we tweeted out this little message from Clark.
  4. Nick enjoyed a well-deserved rest day Sunday while I hightailed it back to CrossFit Southie (this time, in workout gear).  I love working out together, but I find a solo workout every now and then helps nudge me out of my comfort zone.  I got a PR in power cleans (83 lbs… that’s like… three Clarks!) and finished the workout in just over 17 minutes.  It was a tough one!  There were 10 rounds with reps descending each round (10-9-8-7-6… etc.), totaling 55 power cleans (at 55lbs) and 55 burpee lateral jumps (over the barbell).
  5. I got home to find some muscles peeking through.  Unfortunately, I do not excel at taking self portraits.  Want a blurry photo of our furniture? I’m your girl.
  6. I roasted a big batch of sweet potatoes of the week, and enjoyed a small bowl topped with Old Bay.  I love Old Bay.
  7. I also love summer, and being outside.  After working out, Nick and I picked up some groceries at the market on K & 8th Street and headed up to the roof with our friends Tina and Mal.  We’ve got a great little community herb garden up there.  I know where I will be planting my windowsill herbs once they outgrow their space!
  8. I whipped up a simple green salad, a fruit salad with fresh cherries, and my roasted sweet potato salad.  Nick took care of the meat like a good carnivore, and Tina and Mal brought a delicious homemade guacamole and some hard cider (this is one of the many reasons we get along so well).
  9. Good weather, good food, good friends.  What more could you ask for?  Perhaps good friends that you can trick into helping you (finally) complete your puzzle.  Muhahaha.

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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XIII.

Lucky thirteen.

The theme of this weekend was boob sweat the arrival of summer weather.  I love the heat.  My dog?  He’s over it.

The weekend according to Instagram XIII

  1. Friday (I’ve decided to start weekends a bit early and lead with Fridays) was Pen Pal Day! at the middle school where I volunteer.  Highlights included a harp performance, breakfast with my seventh grade pal, and an outdoor sing-a-long.
  2. Saturday morning I awoke to find my little herb garden has come alive.  As of last check, we have approximately 5 chive sprouts and 600 basil sprouts (the, um, seed packet sort of exploded when I was putting my little windowsill garden together).  No sign of the parsley.   Rather than watering with a coffee mug (who has a watering can in the city?), which in the past has led to accidental plant drownings, I did a tiny bit of research and have been gently misting the soil each evening with a spray bottle I found in the Target travel aisle for $1.29.  Nothing by the best for the sprouts.
  3. I can’t remember the last time I ran outside (except for every, single morning when I sprint across the crosswalk to avoid getting hit by the MBTA bus…. no regard, I tell you!).  I decided to skip the treadmill, lace up my Kinvaras and hit the road for a quick and hot run along the Harborwalk early Saturday.  I love living right at the intersection of city and sea.  Can’t beat those views.
  4. Did I mention it was hot this weekend?   Sweating buckets.
  5. I joined Nick to sweat a few more buckets at CrossFit Southie on Sunday morning.  As soon as we got back to the condo, we tuned into the Reebok CrossFit Games live feed.  Another weekend, another round of incredible Regionals competitors.  Between the day’s workout (which I loved) and watching the athletes compete, I took some time to think about what I’d like to accomplish this month.  My goal for June is consistency.  With work, travel and other good things happening, I felt like a bit of a flake this spring.  I didn’t make it to the box as often as I would have liked, and found myself making excuses (namely: I am wiiiiiiped) when I could have been making progress.  Even still, I am this much closer to an unassisted pull-up (hello, red band) and have been lifting more weight than ever.  Just imagine what I could do if I, welp… showed up more.  So that’s the plan: show up more.
  6. Sunday’s workout included bent-over barbell rows, ring rows, ring push-ups (I scaled down to hand release push-ups), double unders and wall climbs.  Needless to say, I was feeling the burn.  Literally.
  7. First swim of the year!
  8. I got to spend a little quality time with my niece on Saturday night while the grown-ups celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday.  My niece turns one this month, and gets cooler by the minute.  It’s just amazing.  I love seeing my brother and sister-in-law read to her, and knew this book would be the perfect addition to the baby’s growing collection.  It’s called You are my I love you/Tu eres mi te queiro by Maryann Cushman.  It is available in English only, too, but I love the bilingual version.  Such a beautiful book.
  9. And this is how Clark feels about 91 degrees: complimented, but not interested.

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Today: The weekend according to Instagram XII.

While summer is still a few weeks away, Memorial Day always feels like the unofficial start to the season.  With gratitude to all those who served our country, and their loved ones, we enjoyed a lovely few days.

The weekend according to Instagram XII

  1. Clark and I kicked off the weekend with a pet therapy visit at the hospital.  With my work schedule settling down a bit, we’re able to make weekly visits to see those awesome kids.  It’s just the best.
  2. Saturday morning’s workout at CrossFit Southie left me Crip walkin’ crippled walking all weekend.  I added 10 lbs. to my usual shoulders-to-overhead weight, started to figure out how to kip, and managed to not hit myself in the face with anything (all victories in my book).
  3. Though it rained off and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it was too warm for hot tea so I opted for iced.  I dressed up my Dunks in a l.i.f.e. jacket from Lifeline Fashion (a CTC International Program).  I met the founders of CTC at a Whole Foods event recently and can’t wait to share more about their story later this week.  They are doing incredible work.
  4. I recently found this little terrarium for $12 at HomeGoods.  It fits perfectly on our windowsill.  I lined the bottom with rocks and added a bit of soil before planting basil, parsley and chive seeds.  Here’s to hoping they sprout soon.
  5. With work events and travel, I’ve been a bit of a flake lately when it comes to grocery shopping, meal planning and food prep.  In an effort to get back on track, I spent some time on Sunday washing, chopping and organizing my vegetables for the week. I also whipped up a quick and easy salsa (3 tomatoes, 1 yellow onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a bunch of fresh cilantro, a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon) for use throughout the week.
  6. Nick, Clark and I headed down to see my parents yesterday and made a stop at their favorite garden center to browse a bit.  I picked up these three varieties of Sempervivumor hens and chicks.  I love that they’re called that (I am easily amused).  The “hen” is the main plant, and the “chicks” are the smaller plants that surround it.
  7. Said it earlier, but it’s certainly worth saying again: I am so grateful to all those who served our country, and their loved ones.
  8. After poring over plants, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon with my parents.  Clark was in his glory, rolling in the grass and walking around with my Dad.  And standing on Nick while soaking up some sun.
  9. Speaking of Nick, it would appear he did a little re-decorating in our kitchen this weekend.  We spent plenty of time watching the 2013 CrossFit Games Regionals again this weekend (you can catch more action next weekend at games.crossfit.com).  Watching the live streaming is almost as good as being there in person.  It’s been so motivating and exciting to watch athletes like Talayna Fortunado, who now graces our kitchen wall, compete.

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Today: CrossFit Games North East Regionals 2013.

Nick and I spent the better part of the weekend (there was no worse part, that’s just an expression… I think) at Reebok HQ for the 2013 CrossFit Games Regionals.  I went to last year’s competition, shortly after getting my first taste of CrossFit (coached by Austin Mallelolo, no less), and basically had no idea what was going on.

This year, I was much less confused and much more excited to cheer on the team from our box, CrossFit Southie, and all the incredible athletes competing in three days worth of brutal workouts.

And I mean brutal.  Event 4 started with 100 wall balls, followed by 100 chest to bar pull-ups, 100 pistols (one-legged squats) and 100 one-arm dumbbell snatches (70 pounds for men, 50 pounds for women)…. all with a 25 minute time cap. I imagine it would take me 25 minutes to complete the wall balls alone, and only if I didn’t knock myself unconscious in the process.  I’ve nearly given myself a nose job with that thing more than once.  Also, more than twice.  You can find details for all of the Regionals workouts here.

A few highlights from the CrossFit Games North East Regionals 2013*

…*before I round this post out with a motivational speech that I just wrote… for myself.

Event 5, Heat 4: Austin Malleolo, Daniel Tyminski and Christian Harris on deadlifts (315lbs) and box jumps.

Christina on squat cleans during the final team event

Handstand push-ups and toes to bar

CrossFit Southie came in fourth overall, just one spot shy of the top 3 and an invitation to the Games.  Regardless, it was so awesome watching our coaches lay their hearts out.  While my husband and I wore matching shirts.

I think about what these women and men are able to accomplish.  How fast they work.  How strong they are.  How bad ass they look in their braids and bandannas.  Could I see myself out there?  In reality: Nope.  In some very small way: Maybe.  Aspirational (and somewhat unrealistic) goals are as important as S.M.A.R.T. ones (and acronyms are so annoying to type).

Not too long ago, I believed I’d never complete and single double-under, and one day… I did.  And then I did five.  And eventually I did fifty.  That’s what I love about CrossFit: there will always be someone to inspire you, and there will always be opportunities to improve.  And inspiration without action?  Welp, it’s useless.  You need to believe in yourself and do the dang work.

P.S.  There is no better time to believe in yourself (and no worse time to doubt yourself) than when you have heavy metal hoisted above your head.  Or when the clock is winding down.  Or when you have 100 more yards to go.  Clearly, I left this weekend’s events feeling excited and inspired… and sort of like, I have a lot of work to do.

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What inspired you this weekend?

Today: The weekend according to Instagram IX.

Hello, Monday Tuesday.  It’s going to be one of those weeks, isn’t it?

The weekend according to Instagram IX

  1. Nick and I kicked the weekend off in lovely fashion on Friday night, thanks to the Boston Ballet.  The Ballet generously offered me a pair of tickets to the opening night of Sleeping Beauty.  And beautiful it was.  I highly recommend making it to this show (and grabbing a glass of Champagne on the way in).  The dancers are incredible, the costumes are fabulous, and the music is divine.
  2. My sister and I headed to the Cape on Saturday morning with our parents.  Andrea’s wedding is just two months away (beyond excited), and I got to tag along for her hair trial and a meeting with her florist.  We also swung by a couple of our favorite beaches.  It’s incredible how this winter’s storms have entirely shifted the shoreline in some places.
  3. I love Sunday mornings at CrossFit Southie.  The classes are always small, and I get to spend the rest of the day limping around.  Just kidding… kind of.
  4. For the strength portion of our workout, we were working up to our max reps of bench presses at either 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of our body weight, or at our body weight for prescribed.  I got 2 reps just under 1/2 my body weight, and 20 reps at 1/4.  (Sometimes I think I should carry a calculator around the gym.)  I was working with two women who are stronger than me, which I always find intimidating, but they encouraged me to keep adding weight and pushing it just a bit more.
  5. New favorite app:  Percolator.  It’s much more entertaining in color.
  6. While I pretended to get stuff done around the condo (but mostly just followed Clark around and Percolated him), Nick got the grocery shopping done at Whole Foods River Street.  What a man.
  7. We didn’t have a hospital visit scheduled this week, so Clark took his magical therapy powers (and matching vest) to the college kids.  We spent two hours in a senior dorm at Bentley, just doin’ what we do (i.e. I hold the leash, Clark snuggles with strangers).
  8. It wouldn’t be a weekend without a Polar FT4 shot.
  9. And it wouldn’t be spring in Boston without… Christmas lights?  If I had my way, the Commonwealth Mall would look like this year round.

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