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Today: Detoxify

BrittI have quit Diet Coke.  Again.  I know what you’re thinking, Heard that before.  It’s true, I’ve given up the DC for six or seven Lents, several summers, and a week last October.

This time, I mean business.  While I love a good caffeine buzz as much as the next young professional, I’m not so certain all those chemical sweeteners aren’t mutating my insides.  I’m not so certain they are either, but I don’t think I’m willing to take the risk.

With so much press and noise about getting back to basics, living authentically and going green, it’s hard to know what’s sound advice… and what’s a big pile of organic crap.

Now I know Kathy Griffin’s reality show on Bravo is probably not the best, or even second best, place to take medical advice, but Suzanne Sommers had me thinking.  She admonished KG so strongly for imbibing the Diet Coke that I wondered… was the Thigh Master on to something?

The morning after Kathy’s season finale, I spent five minutes on the Yahoo and found five million reasons (sixteen were evidence-based) to quit.  So I did.  That was three days ago.  My survival (to date) has motivated me to consider detoxifying other aspects of my life.  For example:

  • You’re a bad friend and you do nothing but complain.  Actually, we’re not really friends.  We’re facebook friends.  Until today!  Bam!  Un-friended.
  • This dress is cute, but it was made from the same fabric as Lt. Dan’s new legs.  Looking bitchin’ is not worth all that itchin’.  See you in the St. Vincent De Paul donation box, with the hopes that someone less fortunate than me has less sensitive skin.  Making them more fortunate.  I kid.  Also I didn’t mean to say bitchin’… but it rhymed and I couldn’t stop myself.
  • My virtual inbox is overflowing in a very real way.  Delete, delete, forward to ten people so I don’t cast a plague upon my loved ones, delete.  Purge.  Much better.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Watch as many Damon Waver videos as possible.  This eleven-year-old journalist will melt your heart, cold Bostonians!
  • Find a “This book  belongs to” stamp.  I used to dream of being a librarian.  Until I dreamed of making money.

What’s toxic your life (besides Britney Spears’ hit single)?  How do you keep your mind, body, soul and gym locker clean?