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Winter on Cape Cod

When we closed on our beach house last fall, I was longing for summer.  I looked forward to long days at the beach, warm evenings on the deck, and starry nights with our family.  While I know this coming summer will be wonderful, I can’t tell you how much joy and peace winter on Cape Cod has brought us.  It has been the best surprise.

We’ve spent nearly every weekend down the Cape since October, escaping the busy-ness of our (equally wonderful, albeit noisier) lives in the city.  There is something so calm and lovely about the off season.


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Calm and lovely, indeed.

…And there’s plenty of beach parking.

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What’s your favorite local escape?

Today: Bag lady.

Whoops!  Apparently I forgot to click ‘publish’ before hitting the road.  Imagine you’re reading this yesterday.  Time travel!

I’ve got to hit the road again in a few minutes, but I will be back to my regularly scheduled nonsense on Wednesday.  I hope you’re all enjoying these last few days of summer.  I am living out of this beloved treasure for a few more days.

I am full of crap!

After 1/4 hour of sleep on Friday night, my sister and I tooted down to Long Island for our future sister-in-law’s shower.  We brought some very special things with us.

Like most things in life, Martha Stewart taught us how to make this.

A triflin' good for nuthin' type of fruit bowl.

If this were Jeopardy!, the category would be potpourri.

And the most special project of all?  Homemade Snookie glasses.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a few thousand fake crystals, a severe lack of sleep, some Diet Coke, one bottle of tacky glue… and a very tacky idea.

I am the non-blonde.

The shower was absolutely lovely, which is fitting, because the bride to be is absolutely lovely.  We’re really excited to have another sister (to do weird projects with).  We love Colleen.  And Jimmy.  We love everyone, really.

After the festivities, we went to the beach for a little bit before heading back over the bridge and up the parkways.  I will leave you with a few more photos from the beautiful shoreline of Long Island.

The happy couple!

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Take a quick peek… what’s in your bag right now?

Today: Step away from the dune.

Erosion is no laughing matter, people.  As I read on the front page of this Sunday’s Boston Globe, one of my favorite beaches is closed for the next two weeks as the stairs (which are insane, and totally unsafe when crowded by tourists and their umbrellas and inflatable alligators) are rebuilt.  Marconi and the rest of the Cape’s National Seashore, which includes Nauset and Coast Guard, have been hit by some major erosion due to this winter’s storms.  Welp, storms… and years of dune-climbing by misbehaved children and misinformed adults.

Workers installed a section of a new staircase being built at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet. (Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)

It seems like every summer we watch at least one person shamefully being escorted from the beach by Park Rangers after attempting to or succeeding in sliding down the giant dunes at Marconi. The worst are the people who randomly appear atop the dunes, several hundred yards from the proper beach entrance, throw their beach chairs and coolers down before them and start to slide… only to be lodged halfway between top and beachdom.  Where the heck are these people coming from?  I will personally fork over the $40 for a season’s parking pass if that’s what will prevent you from ruining the Earth.

Spoken (Tweeted?) like a true ambassador of the Earth and enforcer of the dunes.

Side bar: I’m no scientist, but if I had to guess, I am pretty sure the erosion process speeds up if you’re wearing a Yankees hat on the Cape.

It’s all fun and games until the stairs collapse and the fragile ecosystem hangs in peril and not-so-suddenly our beloved beach is closed. Dingbats.

Source: www.best-of-cape-cod.com

We may not be able to control Mother Nature and her stormy winters, but we can control our behavior and that of our dependents.  So please, people, step away from the dune. And, if you’re venturing to Marconi this summer and want to avoid looking like a rookie, leave your aforementioned umbrella and alligator at home.  All you need is sunscreen and a boogie board to catch the wave of your life.  Or whatever.

If you’re less curious about naughty dune sliders, and wonder about nature, please read on.  Otherwise, thank you for your attention.  I’ll let you off with a warning.  This time.

For Your Information:

Do you think I can trick Under Armour into outfitting the Dune Police?  I’d sell my soul to see Katie on television shouting, “Protect this Dune!”

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What steps (get it… like the broken stairs… uh) do you take to protect Mother Nature’s house?