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Today: Flywheelin’ with ClassPass.

My midwife cleared me for yoga and “brisk walking” (which sounded super fun until I briskly wiped out on my neighbor’s icy sidewalk) two weeks after Grace was born.  When I was still feeling (relatively) great two weeks later, she encouraged me to engage in “moderate exercise.”    My CrossFit Southie membership is on hold for another week or so (and as anxious as I am to be back, I want to be sure I am as careful about returning to CrossFit as I was about CrossFitting while pregnant), and though I love a good workout DVD as much as the next girl, it felt important to get out of the condo.  And see other people.  Like, other than the post office people.  I think they have grown weary of my chatty visits.

One of the upsides to being overtired is that I have much less energy to think rationally and/or talk myself out of things.  When I received an invitation to the ClassPass Boston launch at Flywheel, I probably should have asked myself the following questions:

  1. How might sitting on a spinning bike feel mere weeks after giving birth? (Don’t ask, I won’t tell…. Okay, I will.  The first minute or so felt like an atomic wedgie of death… and then I remembered to adjust the seat height on my bike and all was right in the world.  Obviously, the post-partum experience is different for everyone, but I am guessing there are more gentle re-entries into the world of exercise.)
  2. Do I have any business whatsoever at a place as cool as Flywheel?
  3. Can I ride a stationary bike? (It’s been ages.)
  4. What if I fall off?
  5. What will my mental state be at 7:30 PM, after being up all night and all day?  Safe for human interaction?  Acceptable for the public domain?
  6. Do I own clothes other than these three bathrobes I’ve been rotating and have become weirdly attached to?

Instead, I just RSVP’d Very much yes.

And I’m so glad I did.  In addition to the much needed normal (the others, not me) human  interaction with some of my favorite Boston girls (Caroline, Sarah and Sarah), I got a great workout and maaaaan, did that feel good.  I loved everything about Flywheel, from the friendly staff to the stadium-style set up, and the high-tech TorqBoard to the freedom to control how intense (or un-intense?) my workout would be.  Added bonus: I did not fall off anything.  Our instructor, Ann, had the best energy and chose the perfect soundtrack for our 45 minute ride.  I can’t wait to take another class with her.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to wait long.  Shortly after Tuesday’s event, the lovely Jenna at ClassPass reached out with the generous offer of a complimentary one month membership.  I immediately (after saying thank you, obviously) booked another class with Ann at Flywheel and checked out the other classes available in and around Boston.


For $99/month, members can take up to 10 classes at partnering studios and gyms (up to 3 classes at a given studio per month, for example: 3 of your 10 classes can be at Flywheel).  There is no long-term commitment required.  You can find all the details here, but here’s my take:

  • While $99 isn’t chump change, the $10/class you’d pay with ClassPass is often much less than the cost of individual or drop-in classes at the participating gyms and studios (a single ride at Flywheel is $28… a bit rich for my wallet… but to be fair, this includes amenities such as shoes and lockers). #chaching
  • The variety of classes available (spinning, yoga, HIIT, etc.) is fantastic, and the participating studios and gyms are some of the city’s most popular venues (I love a good map: Boston studios, New York studios).
  • I love that you have to reserve your classes in advance.  I know this will keep me accountable, while ensuring I am carving out time to take care of myself
  • ClassPass’ website is very user-friendly.  Members have access to information about each class, studio and instructor, as well as a review system for sharing post-workout tips and experiences.

In addition to scheduling Ann’s class, I took a post-baby fitness class in the Back Bay this morning, and may also fit in a restorative yoga class (which I am hoping amounts to adult nap time… so tired) for later this week.  In the meantime, I’m going to make a list of things normal people talk about (i.e. not diapers) and practice chitchatting with Clark.

Full monty disclosure: I attended a free class at Flywheel and received a complimentary month-long membership to ClassPass.  All opinions and thoughts shared are my own.  Especially the part about the wedgie.

Also On Tap for Today:

Who is your favorite fitness instructor?  Do you have a class to recommend?  What’s your favorite thing to talk about with other grown-ups?

Today: National Osteoporosis Month, Adora and The Bar Method.

I updated the four-month planning calendar white board thing in my office this week and seeing September up there?  Good Lord.  It’s somehow the last day of May– which happens to be National Osteoporosis Month– and I’ve got some important information to impart to you and your bones.

I joined the lovely folks from Adora at Bar Method Boston this week for a serious workout and conversation about osteoporosis prevention.  I used to think of osteoporosis as an old lady issue.  Rude, I know.  Turns out, how we treat our bodies now (regardless of age) matters a great deal.  Before sweating through a Bar Method class, we met with a Registered Dietitian and licensed nutritionist who gave us the run down on osteoporosis prevention.  She echoed much of the information shared by the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Listen up, ladies… and the gentlemen who love them.

  • An estimated 10 million Americans have osteoporosis.  8 million of these people (or 80%, mathletes) are women.
  • Approximately 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 will break a bone because of osteoporosis.
  • A woman’s risk of breaking her hip is equal to her combined risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer.
  • People often do not know they have osteoporosis until they are treated for a fractured wrist, hip, spine, etc.

Why are women more likely to get osteoporosis then men?  

  1. Our bones tend to be smaller and thinner and cuter.
  2. Estrogen (which protects our bones) decreases significantly during menopause, which can contribute to bone loss.

That’s the bad news.  The good news?

We are never too young or too old experienced to take care of our bones and overall health.

How to protect your bones and build or maintain bone density:

  • Get enough calcium (1200 mg a day is recommended) and vitamin D3… and get as much of it as possible from real food (click through for a list of calcium rich foods
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Engaging in regular weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercise will help increase bone density
  • Avoid smoking and limit alcohol and soda intake

If you’re like me (i.e. impossibly cool, sophisticated, and a bit mysterious) and your diet is less than perfect, supplements can certainly help,  but they should be just that: supplements to a healthy diet.  Not replacements for kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts.  In other words, you shouldn’t take 1200 mg worth of calcium supplements each day.  I just gave myself a stomach ache typing that.

I’ve been taking Adora calcium supplements for a few years now and sort of felt like the teacher’s pet for admitting so.  I keep a bag in my desk drawer and grab one with lunch most afternoons.

What I, um… adore about Adora:

  • It’s chocolate.  I could stop there.
  • Both milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties are gluten free.
  • The dark chocolate, which is definitely my jam, is dairy free (but dairy is present in the production facility).
  • Each disc contains 500 mg of calcium, plus magnesium and D3 to aid in absorption, and contains only 30 calories.

Is this the longest post in the history of the Internet?  Because I haven’t gotten to the part where I tried to be a graceful swan, but likely looked more like a trembling, sickly pigeon.

After learning about the importance of calcium and osteoporosis prevention, we were treated to a 45 minute class taught by McKenzie Howart, owner and instructor at The Bar Method Boston.  As class began, I was all… Whatever.  I work out.  This will be a breeze.  Ten minutes in to the class, I was more… Why are my legs shaking like this?  I have completely lost control of my body!  

What felt akin to gentle torture in the moment was actually kind of fun.  I can see why people get hooked.  I especially liked stretching at the ballet barre.  The studio itself is bright and airy, and McKenzie was warm, compassionate and very helpful.  Every time I heard her call my name I inwardly cringed, but she was quick with a helpful tip or correction.  It’s clear they pay great attention to form, which I am sure greatly benefits their students.  Usual classes at The Bar Method (there are locations in most major cities) are an hour long and features a series of movements (high reps, very focused range of motion) to both engage and stretch muscles in the arms, back, legs, butt, and core.

It was really great to try something new and challenging.  I am sure my bones are grateful.  My still-shaking legs?  Maybe less so.

The usual disclaimer: I attended this event as a guest of Adora.  I was not compensated for this post, and my opinions are mine alone.  Obvi.  (I hope.)

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Tried anything new lately?

Today: 12/12/12

We visited the Mayan ruins at Tulum a few years ago, and our trusty tour guide assured us the world is not going to end this year.  So there.  No more worrying.  Today marks the first and last time I will see 12/12/12 on the calendar, though.  Unless, like… I invent a time machine, travel to the year 2112 and take a peek at their calendar.  Or whatever.  I’m much too busy for that.  I’m not too busy to give you 12 jams, 12 places, and 12 books however.

12 favorite jams (of the moment)

  1. The White Panda‘s Drake and Diane mash-up.  Download it immediately.  It’s brilliant.
  2. Led Zeppelin – All My Love
  3. Amy Winehouse – Valerie
  4. Bon Iver – Re: Stacks (perfect for lowering your blood pressure, or napping)
  5. The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
  6. Michael Jackson – Human Nature (and also, every song he has ever written, recorded and/or performed… except for the Free Willy theme song)
  7. Nas – One Mic
  8. Pat Green – Carry On (I like to pretend it’s summer when I listen to this song)
  9. Ray Charles – That Spirit of Christmas
  10. The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait
  11. Wilson Phillips – Hold On (makes me wish I was in an 80’s girl band… sort of)
  12. Youth Group – Forever Young (and not just because it’s on the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack)

12 places in Boston that I just love

  1. The courtyard at the Boston Public Library, Copley Square
  2. The Buddha room at the Museum of Fine Arts
  3. Franciscan Hospital for Children
  4. Castle Island
  5. Dorchester Heights
  6. Bapst Library at Boston College
  7. The penguin exhibit at the New England Aquarium
  8. Our roof deck
  9. The Harborwalk in Fort Point
  10. The docks by the Esplinade
  11. Haley House Bakery Cafe in Dudley Square
  12. Murphy Memorial Rink

12 books on my shelf

  1. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand [per Anne‘s recommendation!]
  2. MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend by Rachel Bertsche
  3. It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig
  4. Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann
  5. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (one of the very few books I can read over and over)
  6. Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead
  7. City of Falling Angels by John Berendt (so, so good)
  8. A New Owner’s Guide to Papillions by Deborah Wood (no… we don’t have one… but the papillion was one of forty types of dogs I thought I wanted before we found Clark)
  9. I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley
  10. The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank
  11. The Apple Lover’s Cookbook by Amy Traverso
  12. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (…arrrrgh)

Happy 12/12/12!

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your favorite jam of the moment?

Today: Our wedding Mass.

Let’s get down to wedding business, shall we? I truly appreciate all the kind comments and tweets and am excited to catch you up on our wedding and honeymoon over several hundred posts.  And yes, I promise to tell you all about those killer bridesmaids dresses.  While I was extremely excited for our reception (and the aforementioned dresses), the highlight was definitely the moment we exchanged vows and our marriage became “official.”

For Catholics, many – if not most – of life’s greatest milestones are marked by the seven holy sacraments.  Since I will never receive the sacrament of holy orders (obvi), that leaves six:

  • Baptism
  • Eucharist
  • Reconciliation
  • Confirmation
  • Holy Matrimony
  • Anointing of the Sick

Holy Matrimony (or the sacrament of marriage, if you’re feeling casual) is a public sign of giving oneself totally to your partner, while also making a commitment to our faith.  Because Nick and I have such a warm, welcoming faith community, our decision to get married at our parish, St. Cecilia, was an easy one.

Our wedding rehearsal [this photo and the truly special one at the bottom of this post were taken by my lovely friend Kristine]

In the months leading up to our wedding, we met with our pastor and our pastoral associate (he was also our cantor and coordinated our Mass).  We requested our baptismal certificates from the churches where we were baptized – mine from Hyde Park and Nick’s from Lowell.  [Catholic fun (?) fact: The parish where you were baptized – most likely as an infant – keeps all of your official records regardless of if/when you join a new parish.  Most records are still kept by hand.]  We completed a day-long marriage preparation class (often referred to as pre-Cana) at The Paulist Center in Boston, which focused on conversations about faith, finances, and relationships.  I had no idea what to expect going into the process, but truthfully, we had an overwhelmingly positive experience.  We are really lucky to have found a home in our parish and the people that make up that community.

For the Mass itself, we were encouraged to choose the readings and music that best spoke to us and our relationship.  Not surprisingly, we chose readings and songs about love (truly creative, I know) and joy and peace.  In addition to our bridesmaids and groomsmen, we had a chance to involve family members in a special way at our Mass.  We chose two readings from the New Testament that I adore.  Ordinarily a Catholic Mass includes one Old Testament reading and one New Testament reading, but most of our OT (…if I may) options were a little too “wife, obey your husband” for us.  I do what I want.

After the Gospel reading (John 15:9-12), Fr. John gave such a touching homily.  I am so grateful for the way he welcomed our family and friends, and shared bits and pieces of our conversation with him in the days leading up to the wedding.  He talked about the things we love most about one another and reminded us how important it is to continue to “bring these words to speech.”

[Photo taken by Tina… and snatched from her blog]

I managed to keep my composure (mostly), but teared up a number of times throughout Mass.  The music and readings were just perfect.  Being walked toward the altar by my father, and seeing so many loved ones on each side of the aisle, was incredible… especially knowing that Nick was waiting for me just a few yards away.  To have so many people gathered around us as we exchanged vows was such a gift.  At the risk of sounding like a cheese doodle, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love we felt that day.

Who knows.

Overwhelmed… and ready to dance.

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What is your signature dance move?

Today: Old kids on the dock.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Some people know my friend Elizabeth (we Elizabeths like to stick together) as my drinking buddy.  She’s been present 2 out of the 3 times I’ve been over-served in the past decade.  As she wisely put it yesterday, her gremlin speaks to my gremlin.  We have a way of getting into trouble together.  Which is why I enjoy her company so.  She’s not just my drinking buddy, she’s my thinking buddy, too.   We met at a conference in January, as I sat awkwardly at a lunch table, waiting for the keynote speech to start.  She recommended the vegetarian soup, and then asked if I wanted to grab tea.  We went to a music therapy workshop and giggled while the instructor sang about joy being all around us.  I think that song helped us to skip over being strangers.  The introvert in me is ever grateful for her friendliness.  Elizabeth is kind, generous, and compassionate.  We can talk hippie talk and hockey talk.  What more could a girl ask for?

We’re both running from one thing to the next lately, so I am so glad we were able to sneak in a little chat on the dock at the Esplanade last night.  Just two grown-up kids, talking about retirement accounts and bridesmaids dresses, and soaking up the view.  Life is good.

Also On Tap for Today:


What’s your favorite hometown view?

Today: Freshly showered.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I am as grateful as I am lucky, which is to say, very.  All of my lovely bridesmaids were in town this weekend, along with family and friends, to host the most wonderful bridal shower.  In short: I laughed, I cried (only a tiny, tiny bit… and they were happy tears), I got nail caviar.  I am still overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.  I really am so grateful, and so lucky.

Nick and I started the weekend at CrossFit Southie, where I was able to increase my PR by 10lbs for the power snatch.  After a few really helpful coaching cues, I have improved significantly on that Olympic lift.  That’s one of the best things: if you work hard, you’ll continue improve and grow stronger.  After sweating like a beast, I had less than an hour to transform into a beauty.  Thank goodness for mascara.  And antiperspirant.

I traded my new lightweight training tank (a gift from my friends at Reebok) for this cute eyelet sundress (what good is a selfie without a photobomb from a random stuffed French bulldog?).  Side note 1: Stuffed animals totally creep me out.  But this one is a Frenchie.  And the proceeds benefitted a charity I love.  Side note 2: I am a natural frowner.  Those mouth corners seem to go down, even when I’m smiling.  And smizing.

Kristine picked me up just before one o’clock for a manicures, pedicures, Prosecco and lots of catching up at Bliss.  It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole seven years since she traded Boston for New Jersey.  I miss living downstairs from her, and being able to see her at the drop of a hat (what a weird expression).  If I thought I could trick everyone into coming back home, I’d get married more often.  Sort of.

After plenty of pampering, we grabbed a bite to eat and did some browsing on Newbury Street before heading to my sister’s apartment.  Andrea, Katie, Meg, Kristine and Colleen had dangerously strong cosmopolitans, snacks, and plenty of Michael Jackson waiting, as well as some fun little surprises.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner and lots of laughs.  Pink prosecco?  Yes, please.  This little lady loves bubbles.

The next morning we headed home for the most lovely shower.  From the centerpieces (straight from my parents’ garden) to delicious food and incomparable company, it was just the perfect day.  I was spoiled rotten.

I’ve said it before, and I know I will say it again.  I am the luckiest.

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Today: W-i-n-d-y… windy.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I stand by yesterday morning’s tweet.

If you have no idea who Marcel the Shell is, please get schooled on this squeaky footed sensation.  Your life will be changed for the better.  Speaking of, what better way to spend a windy morning in Boston than with three of my Reach the Beach teammates?  Bridget, Patricia, Tina and I joined The Most Informal Running Club Ever –along with sponsors New Balance, Race Menu, Go Motion Gear and NGR Bar— for a brisk run along the Charles.

[Photo courtesy of Tina]

The group, which meets weekly, was really warm, welcoming and well-organized.  With the option of a 3.5, 4, or 7 mile route, we chose the 4 mile loop up Commonwealth Avenue, and along the river.  At one point, I was more horizontal than vertical, thanks to the 30 mile per hour wind gusts.  If it weren’t for the railing along the Mass Ave bridge, we may have had to swim back to City Sports.

[Photo courtesy of Patricia]

[Photo of me and my partner in crime courtesy of Tina]

After the run, we chatted with fellow runners and some of the lovely folks from New Balance and Reach the Beach before headed to Eastern Standard for brunch (and a hot cup of tea) in our finest Spandex and Lycra.  I have a feeling 24 hours in a van will be some good (if not slightly smelly) fun.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks of training… especially if brunch is involved.

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Today: Times, they are a-changin’.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]For the first time since 1982, I will not be waking up at my parents’ house on Christmas morning.  I will not be making a holy racket at 5:45 AM in an attempt to wake my three siblings a bit early.  I won’t be sitting on the top step waiting while my dad checks “to see if Santa came.”  I think this means I’ve become a grown-up.  It only took me (nearly) 30 years.

In the past, Nick and I have spent the holidays apart, with our own families.  More often than not, Clark rolled with me.  A girl needs her bat-eared sidekick.  This year, though, the three of us are sticking together for a magical, whirlwind Christmas tour.  We will go north to spend Christmas Eve with Nick’s family, stay at our home, sweet condo Christmas Eve night, go to Mass on Christmas morning at our parish in the Back Bay, and then head south to spend Christmas day with my family.

It feels rather odd to be breaking with tradition, but at the same time, it’s exciting to start creating my own traditions.  With my own cute little family.  I fully intend to make a video as I check to see if Santa came (more specifically: did I leave paper, tape and scissors strewn about the living room?), and then release Clark from his crate to tear open a giant stack of (mostly edible) presents.  I am contemplating what I will make for Christmas breakfast, but it seems only appropriate to take a cue from Buddy the Elf and break out the maple syrup.  Lots of maple syrup.

I have already spent hours creating the perfect Christmas music mixes for the car rides.  I have baking supplies ready to go, and more gift tags than I know what to do with (which is why I declined my mom’s offer of approximately 8,700 of them at our dinner on Sunday).  Plus, I have been wrapping like the bad ass white wrapper I am.

Though I tend to be a bit resistant to change, my philosophy for Christmas 2011 is a resounding yes, we can make this holiday– complete with traditions old and new– totally awesome.

Also On Tap for Today:

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Today: The latest buzz.

I made an incredible discovery on Wednesday night:  Espresso.  As usual, I’m a bit late to the game.  I have been awake for nearly 72 hours straight (just kidding… I took a three hour nap early this morning before heading to work).  I have done four loads of laundry.  I have updated my iPhone… twice (apparently I was more than one version behind). I’ve watched two episodes of Pan Am, while painting my nails three different colors.  I’ve written two grant proposals and drafted one budget.  I went seven rounds in the boxing gym without taking a single break.  I can’t stop dancing. Why is my eyelid twitching?

As someone who “swears off caffeine forever” multiple times each year, I may be venturing into dangerous territory. I had the pleasure of joining a few of my favorite Boston girls for a media dinner featuring coffee and wine pairings, hosted by Ted Allen and coffee expert Mark Uhlemann at the Nespresso Boutique on Newbury Street.  After only a few sips of my espresso martini, I felt like Jessie Spano on the trampoline (minus the diet pill addiction).  I was both so excited and so… scared that perhaps I had been invited to this fabulous event by mistake.  I prayed my over-sized lady briefcase wouldn’t knock over any of Nespresso’s teeny, tiny cute little espresso cups as I passed through the boutique.

When it was time to make our way to the dining area, set up towards the back of the store for this event, we spotted Ted Allen’s place card.  It didn’t take much coaxing to get Bridget to snag a seat next to the Food Network star, and our host for the evening.  Doesn’t she look like she’s up to something?

Our first course featured a sweet potato cup with parsnip puree whip and coffee caviar (yes, really).  The wine and coffee pairings included a glass of Argyle 2000 “Extended Tirage” brut sparkling wine, alongside a cup of Nespresso’s Livanto Grand Cru.  I think you know my policy on sparkling wine.  Bubbles make life better.  Prior to this event, I had no policy on Livanto Grand Cru.  I now do (it’s the same as my bubble policy).  I love when life gets unexpectedly better.

As our entrees were being served, we learned a bit more about the Nespresso brand, and their emergence in the US market.  Mark Uhlemann emphasized that this is not your run of the mill drive through coffee.  It is meant to be savored.  I started having flashbacks of the three hour lunch breaks I enjoyed as a sixteen year old exchange student in Rome (my host father once packed a Budweiser in my school lunch “because Americans love beer,” but that’s another story… and an awesome one, at that).  Does mixing espresso and sparkling wine cause flashbacks?  I’m willing to do the research and report back.

In addition to a glass of Pahlmeyer 2004 Merlot (not my favorite, but then again, I am white wine weenie through and through) and a tiny cup of Nespresso’s limited edition Dhjana (I love anything miniature, let’s be serious), I enjoyed one of the best vegetarian entrees I’ve been served in ages.  I savored nearly every bite of my roasted asparagus and crispy eggplant roulade.

Somehow, I saved room for dessert, which was paired with a glass of Niepoort 10-year-old tawny port and a cup of Nespresso’s Decaffeinato Intenso.  And my, was it intenso.  I probably could have sprinted home in heels, instead of lazily taking a cab ride (which wouldn’t be complete without a colorful lecture about the “jackassedness of paying for cab rides with credit cards”– direct quote.  Can you guess my new favorite word?).

I loved hearing Ted Allen speak about which restaurants he had visited in Boston, his experience with Nespresso, and his thoughts on the wine and coffee pairings.  He was truly charming, down to earth, and (not surprisingly) quite funny.  Mark Uhlemann offered great insight, and officially has me hooked on a new caffeine vehicle.  Diet Coke who?

It may have been the coffee, it may have been the wine, it may have been the chocolate… but I suspect it was actually the company– I had a fantastic evening.

Also On Tap for Today:

What advice can you share with a (sort of) young, naive coffee drinker?

Today: Well read.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] Today marked the second annual Boston Book Festival.  It also marked the day I nearly lost a toe or nine to frostbite.


The Boston Public Library looks on, like a protective older brother. An older brother that has public restrooms.



Great music. Even greater solo-dancing by the lady down front.



When we get ideas in Boston, antique gas lamps appear above our heads.



Hi, Mr. Copley. Cute shoes.



Show's over. Pack up your books.


It was a lovely, well organized day.  I am off to thaw my face and de-ice my ear lobecicles.  And spend some quality time with Nick, who ran 12 miles today, and Baby Clark, who ran 12 feet this week.

Also On Tap Today:

  • Rest up for my 12 miler tomorrow morning
  • I finagled a delicious grilled cheese and tomato at Finagle a Bagel
  • President Obama was right down the street!

What are your reading these days?