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Today: My favorite travel apps.

I love the work that I do (and I know I am lucky to have such a fulfilling career).  I love connecting with likeminded folks around the country.  I like seeing new places, and understanding how things are done elsewhere.  I enjoy room service and small shampoos.  But I don’t love air travel.  It might be the claustrophobia (something I didn’t know I suffered from, until I realized all the places where I’ve either fainted or nearly fainted  in recent memory– namely: an overcrowded T car, the exam room at the vet, and an overstocked, overdecorated bookstore– are remarkably alike in their lack of an open escape route), but I just don’t like flying.

I spent most of last week in Michigan, and will be headed back there in a couple of weeks (my last trip before the baby arrives!).  As I search for flights, I can’t help but wish there was an app for teleportation.

While that’s in development (maybe?), I’ve got a few apps that make travel a bit more bearable.  Some help organize travel information, while others help pass the time between the beverage cart (ginger ale, no ice) and landing.

My favorite travel apps:

App in the Air: App in the Air is great for keeping track of travel plans, flight times, and other important details.  I tend to be a paper and pen person (I remember things so much better when I write them down, like… in my own handwriting), but I try not to lug my 16lb. day planner through security.  Having all my flight information in my phone gives me great peace of mind, and the tips from fellow travelers about various airports are helpful too. Though the app is free, you can make in app purchases to check in directly from your iPhone, etc.

Uber: Available in 50 cities and 20 countries (click here to see if they operate in your area), Uber provides on demand car service — perfect when you need to get to a meeting or event.  We often use UberX or Uber Taxi in Boston, especially when traveling to the airport at the crack of dawn (taxis can be a bit unreliable).  I wouldn’t say I travel to the most glamorous locales (did I tell you about the time I went to Texas and my hotel shared a driveway with a “gentleman’s” club?), so knowing that I can safely hail a cab from inside a building makes me (and those who would prefer I didn’t get kidnapped) happy.  All of your trips are logged in your Uber dashboard, making it easy to keep track of expenses.  I find that taking an UberX is cheaper than most cab rides, and the service on all Uber rides has been fantastic.  The app allows you to get a quote before you ride, gives you the option to split a fare, and all payment is processed through your smartphone.  If you sign up for an Uber account using this link, we both get $10.  #freemoney #sortof

Beautiful Belly Prenatal Yoga by Daily Burn: While I have approximately 9 million fitness apps on my phone and iPad, Beautiful Belly has been getting the most attention lately.  I used the app twice while in Michigan, in a little corner of my hotel room… and used the ottoman cushion as a prop.  Available exclusively for the iPad, this app includes full length first trimester yoga videos for free, with the option to purchase a series for second and third trimesters for $4.99 each (or $6.99 for the full program — a steal when you consider how expensive in studio classes can be).  All videos are led by Briohny Smyth and are specifically tailored for safe, healthy yoga practice while pregnant.  This app is the perfect complement to a regular prenatal yoga practice (since our bodies do weird things when we’re pregnant, I do recommend taking an actual class or two with a certified prenatal instructor before going off on your own).  I can’t get enough.

Infinite Storm:  Having lived in the city for years, I have trouble sleeping without a bit (or a lot) of noise.  At the same time, unfamiliar noise keeps me awake.  I’ve become dependent on Infinite Storm when traveling, whether for quick naps on the plane or for falling asleep in hotel rooms.  While you can pay for extra noise (that strikes me as funny), the free version has served me quite well.  I usually opt for “wind” (essentially white noise) or “storm classic” and set the timer to an hour.

Next Issue:  I have a magazine problem.  I subscribe to several, and never manage to read them all before the next issue arrives.  When I travel, I tend to grab a magazine at the news stand, only to end up leaving it in the seat back pocket by mistake.  Not only do subscriptions add up, those piles of paper tend to stack up too.  I recently discovered Next Issue and have happily cut down on clutter and subscription costs.  For $9.99 a month (the first month is free), you have access to over 100 magazines, both current and back issues.  The only disappointment I’ve encountered so far: Martha Stewart Living is not available (which is kind of a travesty).  Martha aside, the app has provided a great way to try new magazines and enjoy the digital editions of old favorites.  It’s available on the iPhone and iPad (reading is much more fun on the iPad).  You can learn more about Next Issue by visiting their website.

Hey, nerds.  How’s that teleportation app coming?

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What app makes travel more enjoyable for you?