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Float Therapy at inBody

This post is written in partnership with inBody, a natural therapy spa in Arlington, MA.  I received a complimentary float therapy session in exchange for this post.

I’m not sure when or where I first heard about float therapy, but I know I took an instant shine to the idea.  One of my favorite places to be is floating just far enough off shore that I can’t hear anything (or anyone… asking me for more snacks), but close enough that I won’t accidentally get pulled out to France and/or eaten by a shark.  I love the sensation of being weightless, but also totally aware of my body and breath.  I love the meditative rhythm of the waves, and that feeling that’s pretty close to surrender.  

float therapy

This is me casually floating in my bathtub (because I didn’t dare risk dropping my phone into the float tank), making use of a whole bunch of hoxie organics lemon + lavender bath salts… and following through on my #noshopfeb plans to use enjoy the pretty things I already have…

The water at the Cape is far too cold for floating these days, and we’re not headed south any time soon (though I am day dreaming of this amazing trip), so when Christine + Valerie at inBody invited me in for a complimentary service, I jumped at the chance to try float therapy. 


float therapy inbody

The Arlington spa is a short drive from the city and is beautifully decorated (the fireplace in the lounge was my favorite, especially given that it was -300° F on the day of my appointment).  Valerie gave me a quick tour and then brought me to the float area, which includes a private shower + changing area, along with the float tank itself.  Unlike other places that offer float therapy, inBody’s float tank is not a pod (I was initially concerned that I might get claustrophobic, so I was both relieved and surprised by how spacious the float tank is).  Valerie walked me through the process, and then it was time to float!

You shower both before and after floating (inBody offers towels and basic shower supplies, as well as earplugs) and then step into the float tank.  The tank provides a total sensory deprivation experience — if that’s what you’re looking for.  I was a bit of a wimp at first and kept the lights and ambient music low for the first few minutes, but then decided to go for it.  

Float sessions last 60 minutes, and the water is filtered and sterilized between sessions.  Water is kept at body temperature and contains hundreds of pounds of epsom salt, so floating in the tank is truly effortless (like… you couldn’t sink if you tried…).

Thanks for all the great questions you submitted via Instagram!  I’m hoping I answered them all.  Got more questions about floating at inBody?  Check out their FAQ here. 


float therapy inbody

I went into the float tank expecting (or hoping) to totally zone out and be, like, hyper relaxed.  It took almost no time for my body to relax and get comfortable.  I had gone to Mama Beasts class and run the day before, so my creaky knees and hips definitely appreciated the instant release.  The music and light controls were within reach and very easy to adjust. After a few minutes, I turned both off and really embraced the sensory depravation experience.

I’m sure everyone’s experience with float therapy is different, but it was not at all what I expected (in a very cool way).  I definitely did not zone out (though I know many people do).  Instead, I found my brain sort of kicking into overdrive.  At first I felt like I had failed some sort of mental test (shouldn’t I be able to quiet my thoughts, at least for a little bit?), but it occurred to me how rare it is to have literally nothing tugging at our attention.  No music, no noise, no people, no phone or other electronics, no imagery, nothing.  It made sense to me then, that the thoughts and ideas would flow, filling up the space that’s usually occupied by the daily noise.  I let go of my expectation of essentially water nap time (that does sound legit, though), and embraced what became a really productive  + energizing creative brainstorm.  I left the tank with renewed energy and clarity, excited about a number of projects I am working on.  


float therapy inbody

Yes.  Absolutely.  And now that I have a better sense of what to expect, I think I’d get even more out of it. I think I’d likely try to go later in the day (I went straight from dropping the kids at preschool), if only to avoid having to rush home and make myself look like, well, I hadn’t just been floating for an hour.  I’d also recommend bringing your own deep conditioner or hair mask (this is what I use) to wear home, as I found the salt dried out my hair a bit.  Otherwise, it was such a positive and energizing experience.  

I’m also looking forward to checking out inBody’s other services, which include:

Services can be purchased separately, in sampler packages, or as part of a monthly membership.  For pricing info, visit inBody’s website.  Anyone wish they were headed to the sauna instead of out into the arctic tundra that is Boston today?

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Tried anything new lately?  Let’s hear about it.


Meal plan + workouts for the week | 1/22/18

Welp, the Patriots are going to the “Big Game” (I think we’re not allowed to call it by its real name?) …again… and I’m already mentally making party snacks.  I should probably actually make actual food though… since we’ve got, like, two weeks to go.  Same goes for workouts that extend beyond pacing and fidgeting and acrobatic high fiving.  Let’s get down to meal plan + workouts for the week.


meal plan + workouts for the week 1/22/18



  • MON: Mama Beasts class + TIU daily moves
  • TUES: MB home workout + run
  • WED: MB class + TIU daily moves
  • THURS: Run + plank challenge
  • FRI: Yoga + foam roll
  • SAT: Run + TIU daily moves
  • SUN: Rest 

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your plan for the week?  Feel free to share recipe links in the comments.

Meal plan + workouts for the week | 1/8/18

Part of me is like, “What can I accomplish food and workout-wise without leaving the house until the temperature exceeds 20°F May?”  But a larger part of me is like, “If I don’t leave the house this week, I will drown in Duplos.”  Also, the family cannot survive on yogurt pouches alone.  And grocery shopping is, like, my second or third favorite past-time (behind Googling Jeopardy! contestants, and talking about cool stuff with my dog).  So… here’s my meal plan + workouts for the week.


gluten free avocado toast meal plan and workouts


  • Grapefruit + Feta Fregola Salad (recipe from Real Simple): I’m going to use farro instead of fregola (I think fregola is going to be my new favorite substitute swear word) and add some arugula to the mix
  • Gluten free toast with hummus, avocados, tomatoes + greens:  So easy, so good.  I really like Rudi’s gf sandwich bread, for what that’s worth (not much, I imagine).
  • Vegetarian chili for lazy people (the old standby)
  • “The Best Lentil Dal” (recipe from The Kitchn): Will report back.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes with black beans, onions, garlic, pico de gallo + cilantro
  • Tomato soup + garlic toast
  • Spicy Spaghetti Squash w. Black Beans (Recipe from Whole Foods Market)


I’ve yet to successfully complete a full Tone It Up challenge, but… new year, new me?  we shall see.  I do plan to incorporate a bunch (technical term) of TIU workouts into my weekly plan since I have all the necessary equipment and a membership to both the nutrition plan + app.  I like that all the workouts can easily be done at home (where it’s warm and no one can see my embarrassing French bulldog socks). 

Similarly, the Mama Beasts winter challenge starts next week (those challenges are definitely my jam)– I’m especially looking forward to the added motivation, structure + accountability of that.  If you’re a mother in greater Boston, South Shore or MetroWest area, I highly recommend checking out Mama Beasts.

  • MON: TIU Daily Moves + MB class
  • TUES: TIU Daily Moves + Yoga
  • WED: TIU Daily Moves + MB class
  • THURS: TIU Daily Moves + Kettlebell workout
  • FRI: TIU Daily Moves + this 20 minute rowing workout
  • SATURDAY: Rest
  • SUNDAY: Maybe run outside… maybe turn into a human icicle?

I actually have enough embarrassing socks that we could add a sock schedule section next week… maybe.

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your plan for the week ahead?

Staying calm + bright during the holidays with Legacy Place

This post is part of a paid partnership with Legacy Place.  Please be sure to scroll down for details on your chance to win one of three $200 Legacy Place gift cards on Instagram.


Last week I had a few hours to myself (the ultimate mom luxury) and a lengthy holiday to do list (my favorite sort of to do lists) to tackle.  After dropping Grace and Nick at preschool, I jumped on 93 for the 20 minute drive from the city to Legacy Place in Dedham.  Since becoming a mother, I’ve really come to appreciate the convenience of one-stop destinations like Legacy Place.  I am very down for the ample free parking, not to mention the fact I only need to make the car seat to stroller transfer once.  And the kids love it because the Whole Foods there has the cool tractor shopping carts.  

As I scanned my list (groceries, a card for our neighbors, baby items for the Mama Beasts donation drive, stocking stuffers for my Secret Santa, and *fingers crossed* a polish change),  I noticed the Christmas music playing over the outdoor speakers and the planters brimming with evergreens, berries and ornaments.  I think you know this already, but I’m the sort of person who would play Christmas music and deck the halls year-round if I thought I could get away with it (I’ve tried… and failed).

Legacy Place

I am so easily swept away in the busy-ness of this season, so easily wrapped up in the need to check every box.  But with so many gentle reminders (the music, the decorations, the general spirit of it all) around us, I find myself feeling more grounded, more present, more calm and more bright.

I hope these tips will help you to stay present among all the presents, too.  And I wish you and your families a very happy and healthy holiday season.


treat your body well legacy place

I told you they have the cool carts at Legacy Place.

If you have kids, work with kids, encounter kids on the T, saw a kid once at a restaurant… you know that the holiday season is also cold and flu season.  This is the time of year to be loading up on the healthy foods that help your body’s immune system (the Pink Juice from Whole Foods Market at Legacy Place is loaded with Vitamin C and, basically, I am obsessed with it… it’s so good).  Save room for treats, obviously, but be sure you are taking care of your body.  

athleta legacy place

And please be sure you’re taking care of your mind + spirit (or whatever you want to call it), too.  Make time for rest, for restoration, for long chats with friends, for snuggling with your kids and pets, for good meals with your partner, for stretching, for yoga (if that’s your thing), for ridiculous holiday movies, and for all the things that make you feel your best.

While at Legacy Place, I made sure to stock up on the ingredients for my favorite lentil soup, our usual fruits and vegetables, some turmeric for tea and golden milk, and treated myself to a new water bottle (gotta stay hydrated, my friends) before perusing the new Restore line at Athleta.  I want to live inside that rack — all those cozy greys!  I bought some warmer tights for outdoor runs and a new tank a Soul Cycle ride or two.


blue mercury legacy place

There’s a time and place for multi-tasking (for most people, that’s all the time/everywhere)… it’s how we get most of our things done in life.  While picking up stocking stuffers for my Secret Santa (my siblings and I draw two names for Christmas — one for a larger gift, and one for a stocking), I asked Elissa at bluemercury for her skincare and beauty recommendations.  My skin tends to go rogue as the seasons change, and I found her suggestions really helpful.  While waiting in line, I did the usual (check emails, check messages, confirm a doctor’s appointment).  

caffe nero legacy place

But when I stopped to grab a coffee at Caffé Nero, I did just that.  No multitasking, no checking my phone, just 10 minutes of sipping my latte.  I’m amazed by how much more I notice and absorb when I am not trying to fill the minutes with productivity and other things.  Semi-related: Caffé Nero is basically Instagram heaven.  The design is as good as the coffee.

If you can, balance your holiday multitasking with some uni-tasking (is that a word?).  Holiday traditions like decorating your tree, preparing special meals, reading favorite stories, and wrapping gifts provide great opportunities to focus and really enjoy those specific activities.  


get outside legacy place

Though it’s finally starting to feel like December in New England, I’m a firm believer (though not a scientist nor doctor) in the power of fresh air.  One of my favorite things about shopping at Legacy Place is all the outdoor space.  The sidewalks are wide and safe (very stroller friendly) and you can easily get your 10k steps (or whatever) while running errands. 

From their own Little Free Library to public art like their new mural, Legacy Place has lots of delightful elements and artwork throughout the property.  Can you make time this week for a short (or long) walk?  What sorts of things will you notice along your way?  


unplug and connect legacy place

While I hope you know I’m glad you’re here (and I’d love to see you on Instagram, too — and I’d especially love for you to win one of the Legacy Place gift cards we’re giving away this week…), I encourage you to spend as much time offline as you can this holiday season.  Consider how you can replace time spent scrolling through photos of strangers’ Christmas light displays (#guilty) with time spent connecting with family and friends.  

I first met Simone and Laura, sisters and owners of Elburne, an eco-friendly home and decor shop, on the Insties (or the ‘gram… I prefer Insties… also, I’m 35 and should call things by their real name).  They have a beautiful shop on the Cape in Dennis, not far from my favorite place to collect mussel shells (Cold Storage Beach).  One afternoon, I pretended to not be an introvert and stopped into introduce myself (and shop their amazingly curated collection of local art and goods). 

I was thrilled to find out they would be opening a pop-up shop at Legacy Place this holiday season (through January 15) and loved having a chance to chat with Laura (in real life) in their new space last week.  Their pop-up is full of beauty gift items, home goods and furnishings, and plenty of good vibes.  Technology does so much for us, but nothing beats making face to face connections.  


focus on gratitude

My last tip for enjoying a calm, bright, happy and healthy holiday season will likely come as no surprise to you (especially if you’ve joined in my Season of Gratitude project).  Make a commitment to focus on gratitude this holiday season. Take note of what your thankful or grateful for and note how that shift in thinking affects how you feel and how you approach your to do list, your family, your health and wellbeing, and the world around you.  

I’m thankful I ended up with enough time for that polish change (T-Style Nail, located next to Hanna Andersson, was lovely!).  But even more so, I’m thankful for each of you.

***For your chance to win one of three $200 Legacy Place gift cards to enjoy the fun and convenience of #LifeAtLegacy, please click over to my Instagram feed for details this week.  Winners will be announced and contacted by Instagram DM on 12/22 You can find direct links to my giveaway posts below:

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#ad I’m thrilled to partner with @legacyplace + some of their generous retailers to give away a series of Legacy Place gift cards this holiday season. 🎄 Today’s giveaway is for my fashion forward mamas! 👗 Whether your shopping for yourself (hint, hint: that buttery soft baby blue clutch is from @kudetaboson…), your partner or children, Legacy Place has everyone on your list covered. * Enter to win a $200 #LegacyPlace gift card courtesy of @freepeople, @kudetaboston, @jcrew, @aquitainededham, and @madewell! Stay tuned for two more chances to win. * To enter: 👛Follow @LegacyPlace 👛Tag a friend in the comments 👛Tag additional friends for extra entries 👛Winner will be randomly selected and notified by DM on 12/22 #LifeAtLegacy #momlife #bostonmoms

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#ad I’m thrilled to partner with @legacyplace + some of their generous retailers to give away a series of Legacy Place gift cards this holiday season. ✨This is our third and final giveaway— please feel free to enter all three!🎄 Today is all about the new mamas! From adorable baby bows to healthy meals for your family (and plenty of opportunities to treat yourself, as well), Legacy Place has it all. 💁🏻‍♀️ Enter to win a $200 #LegacyPlace gift card courtesy of @gaplegacyplace, @wholefoodsdedham, @henrybearspark, + @happyhannas! . To enter: 💃🏻 Follow @LegacyPlace 💃🏻 Tag a friend in the comments 💃🏻 Tag additional friends for extra entries 💃🏻 Winner will be randomly selected and notified by DM on 12/22 . #LifeAtLegacy #momlife #bostonmoms

A post shared by Elizabeth | On Tap for Today (@elizabethev) on

To learn more about Legacy Place, visit them at 680 Legacy Place in Dedham or online:

What are your favorite ways to stay calm, bright, happy and healthy during the holiday season?


A Season of Gratitude: Week 2 + Gratitude Favorites

You can read a bit about my commitment to staying grounded in gratitude this holiday season and download your free (#printable #dopeoplestillhaveprinters #IDK) gratitude list here.  Feel free to share your own gratitude lists with me (#gratitudeOTFT @elizabethev) and the rest of our crew.


a season of gratitude week 2

  • Wednesday, November 8: I am grateful for Grace’s preschool teachers.  They are so kind and compassionate, and I know she is safe and happy under their care.  For someone who worries about everything (and then some), this means the world.  
  • Thursday, November 9: I am grateful for opportunities to connect with fellow bloggers/Instagrammers (slash-real-people) and brands I love.  Tonight’s holiday event with Whole Foods Market felt extra warm and encouraging.
  • Friday, November 10: I am grateful for our escape hatch Cape house. (It really does feel like an escape hatch, though.  And a cozy one, at that.  There’s just something about crossing the bridge that does it for me.)
  • Saturday, November 11: I am grateful for my sweet, silly, darling niece who turns 2 today and can play a mean (toy) electric guitar.
  • Sunday, November 12: I am grateful (and sort of terrified) to have two babes and zero cribs.  In less than a month, both our kids have made the move to beds (or “big girl beds” as Nicky calls them…).  They are growing and changing and learning… on their own schedules… just like they’re supposed to do.  It’s amazing and wild.
  • Monday, November 13: I am grateful for $5.99 craft/activity sets from CVS. 
  • Tuesday, November 14: I am grateful for the two women who gave me a manicure/pedicure this morning.  It was quiet at the nail salon, so they offered to save me 30 minutes and do both at once.  I felt extra cared for… and likely wasted that extra 30 minutes, but hey.

And a few gratitude favorites for the week:

And I’m currently super grateful for the microwave that has reheated the same cup of tea twice this afternoon…

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Timely for those hosting this holiday season: 6 Things Everyone Forgets to Tell Their Houseguests from Apartment Therapy
  • Not sure if this helpful/weird/both, but I added a SHOP ON TAP page for those looking for gift (or everyday purchase) ideas + recommendations
  • Digging out all our cold weather gear (and hoping it fits…)

What are you feeling grateful for today?

This week’s meal + workout plan | Week of November 20

If you’re short on time, my meal plan for the week can be summed up in two words: mashed potatoes.  But hopefully you’ve got a few minutes to stick around, because in addition to some meal + workout ideas, I’ve got a very cool mindfulness challenge from Coolidge Corner Yoga to share with you this week.

Back to the mashed potatoes.

meal and workout plan november 20

(These are not mashed potatoes.)




  • Monday: Mama Beasts (hoping to get there in time from gymnastics… I don’t want to miss this year’s can workout/food drive)
  • Tuesday: Yoga 
  • Wednesday: Mama Beasts
  • Thursday: Row/basement workout of some sort
  • Friday: Walk at the Cape with the family
  • Saturday: Yoga
  • Sunday: Run (and/or family walk in the woods)


I’m really excited to join Coolidge Corner Yoga (and their sister studio in the South End, Sadhana Yoga) for their #OMfortheholidays six week mindfulness challenge.  The challenge begins this week (Monday, November 20) and runs through New Year’s Eve.  All are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate, both in studio or at home.  The goal of this inclusive challenge is to make room for mindfulness, movement, and focusing on what matters most this holiday season. Coolidge Corner Yoga will provide weekly inspiration for self-care and mindfulness, as well as a chance to win prizes from their challenge partners.  I am really looking forward to continuing my daily meditation practice (going on 50 consecutive days, baby!), carving out more mindful + focused time with my children, and treating my body kindly.

How to get involved in #OMfortheholidays:

  • Join the Coolidge Corner Yoga newsletter or follow their BLOG
  • Follow @CoolidgeYoga on Facebook and Instagram
  • Make mindfulness part of your weekly routine, either in the studio or at home
  • Post it: Every week share your mindfulness practice on social media using the hashtags #coolidgeyoga #omfortheholidays, and tag @CoolidgeYoga (Make sure you use all three tags each week to be eligible to win prizes!)
  • Check in every Monday on the CCY website or on social media for your mindfulness inspiration for the week ahead

[Disclosure: I received a class pass in exchange for sharing about this challenge.  I truly hope many of you will join me in participating!]


Also On Tap for Today:

Who’s with me for #OMfortheholidays?  And what’s on your Thanksgiving menu?

A Season of Gratitude: Week 1 + Gratitude Favorites

You can read a bit about my commitment to staying grounded in gratitude this holiday season and download your free (#printable #dopeoplestillhaveprinters #IDK) gratitude list here.  Feel free to share your own gratitude lists with me (#gratitudeOTFT @elizabethev) and the rest of our crew.


season of gratitude week 1

  • Wednesday, November 1: I am grateful for the chance to paint for a few hours once the babes are asleep.
  • Thursday, November 2:  I’m grateful for an interview I heard with David Ridgen from CBC Canada because there was a tiny aside where he said he prefers to call pets “friends.”  This made me smile (even though I’m prejudiced against cats).  
  • Friday, November 3: I am grateful for my husband.  This is true every day, but this is our 5th wedding anniversary, and so his thoughtfulness, generosity, ingenuity and enthusiasm for life are especially on my mind today.
  • Saturday, November 4: I am grateful for Grace’s compassionate spirit.  At nearly 4 (whyyyyyyy), she is becoming more and more aware of the world around us and it is both amazing and heartbreaking.  The other day she asked me why there were people in our neighborhood who hold up “signs made of cardboard by the streets.”  We’ve been talking a lot lately about how fortunate we are, and also how we can be of service to others (her school does a tremendous job with this too, involving their preschoolers in monthly projects).  This is turning into a novel, but today Grace and I went for a walk on the beach.  There was an older woman sitting on the bench near the parking lot, a cane resting at her side.  Normally I’m the first to yell stranger danger, but I watched with such a full heart as Grace climbed up on the bench next to her and told her all about her morning.  It was an unexpected gift.
  • Sunday, November 5:  I’m grateful for an extra hour of sleep.  JK.  Daylight Savings is a legit joke when little people run your household.  I am, however, grateful for a relaxing weekend on the Cape with our family.
  • Monday, November 6: I am grateful for the Motown Party playlist on Spotify.
  • Tuesday, November 7: I am grateful for the right to vote, and I am grateful that so many good people were elected today.

This first week has proven to be a really helpful exercise for me.  I find myself paying better attention to both the big things and the little things.  

And a few gratitude favorites for the week:

Oh… and I’m also grateful for those rose gold TOMS I found for 50% off at TJ Maxx.  I mean…

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Checking out the Connect Boston event with Verizon in the Seaport 
  • Speaking of David Ridgen, the entire third season of his Someone Knows Something podcast was released today– I highly recommend it!
  • Fully embracing cranberry season

What’s on your gratitude list this week?

This week’s meal + workout plan | October 16th

It’s been 3 months since I published a weekly meal + workout plan.  I assure you, I have been eating meals… and mostly doing workouts, too.  We’ve been back in a semi-normal (read: non-summer) routine for just over a month now, so I figured I’d get back in the habit of sharing my weekly meals + workouts.  Rejoice and be glad.  Or whatever.


weekly meal + workout plan


Meal prep: Several jars of vegetable broth and miso soup (this week’s body experiment involves fermented foods + broth, so…), chop vegetables for snacks + salads, cook quinoa, make-ahead smoothie packs


  • Monday: Yoga
  • Tuesday: Fall 5 Workout (MB) + run
  • Wednesday: Mama Beasts + challenge circuit
  • Thursday: Spin class (or rest)
  • Friday: Mama Beasts
  • Saturday: Captain’s Choice (MB) 
  • Sunday: Run + yoga

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your plan for the week ahead?

This week’s meal + workout plan

Some weeks I fly by the seat of my yoga pants and things go well workout and meal-wise.  But other times, we have a week like last week and the lack of planning nearly does me in.  As much as I like to pretend I’m all Type C (is there one of those?), laid back and simultaneously highly motivated… I am not those things.  I need a plan.

meal plan July 17

I’ll be the first to admit I can be tightly wound and yet… given the chance to eat popcorn for dinner while watching three back-to-back episodes of The Great British Bake Off… I will take it.  Every, single time.  I thrive when my days are orderly and structured (which is sort of a pipe dream when you’re parenting).  

I like checking things (including workouts) off my list.  And who doesn’t love knowing dinner is made and safely waiting for you in its nice little glass container in the fridge?   I find a little planning and prep goes a long way.  Even in the summer.  When I’m trying to be all cool and casual.  


meal plan peach smoothie



  • Prepped today: Everyday Detox basil vinaigrette; smoothie for tomorrow morning (hemp milk, frozen pineapple, frozen peaches, raw honey + parsley); cooked farro; kale chips; cooked corn; washed + chopped fruit for breakfasts/snacks
  • To prep tomorrow during naps (…God willing): Wash + chop vegetables for salads/snacks; bake sweet potatoes


I have a newfound love for our C2 Rower in the basement at the Cape.  I’ve only ever rowed in short spurts during CrossFit classes, but realized this weekend how tough, effective and semi-fun a longer row can be.

  • Monday: Stroller run/walk 4 miles
  • Tuesday: Stroller run/walk 4 miles
  • Wednesday: MB Tabata workout + row 30 minutes
  • Thursday: Stroller run/walk 4 miles
  • Friday: MB class or rest
  • Saturday: Row 30 minutes
  • Sunday: Rest

Semi-related: If you’re looking for a new Spotify workout playlist, here are my current jams.  Pardon the swear words.  

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your workout or meal plan for the week?


Free summer fun in Boston | fitness, cultural events + family activities

Free summer fun in Boston… Because the only thing better than summer fun, is free summer fun.  I think.  

Even better, still, would be if this free summer fun came with some sort of plan that enables you to prevent your toddler and preschooler from running in separate directions, at high speeds, at the same time, in public…

Holler at your girl if you have such a plan.  In the meantime, there are so many great (and yes, free) events being held in the Boston area this summer.  Here are a few that caught my eye.


free summer fun

Sail Boston

June 17 – 22, Boston

All events are free + open to the public (see the link above for full listing).  I’m hoping to catch a few sail by’s (is that a thing?) at Castle Island as the ships depart next Thursday, and will definitely be taking the kids to see the ships docked in the Seaport earlier in the week.  You can find the list of ships by pier locations here.

W.E.L.L. Summit Yoga + Barre at the Lawn on D

Sunday, June 25th from 8 – 11 AM at the Lawn on D, 420 D Street in South Boston (see link above to register, attend one or both classes)

  • 8:30 AM: Barre with Jessica Diaz
  • 9:20-10:40 AM: Summer Spark + Revive Yoga with Emily Griffin and Sara DiVello

Summertime at The Street | music, kids’ events, yoga, etc.

June through October at The Street, 33 Boylston Street (Rt. 9) in Chestnut Hill (see link above for full schedule, and this Eventbrite link to register for events).  Highlights include:

(Very cute) side note:  That’s Grace playing the street piano at The Street a few weeks ago.  We took her to Shake Shack after her end of the year gymnastics performance.  A+ idea, if I do say so myself.

Free Fun Fridays | free admission at the area’s best cultural venues, courtesy of the Highland Street Foundation

This great annual program sponsors admission at several different museums and institutions on Fridays throughout the summer.  Check the schedule (linked above) for featured venues, June 23rd through August 25th.  Highlights include:

  • June 23rd: Peabody Essex Museum
  • June 30th: Boston Children’s Museum, The Garden at Elm Banks
  • July 21st: MFA in Boston, Tanglewood
  • August 18th: ICA in Boston, Cape Cod Children’s Museum
  • August 25th: Boston Harbor Islands National + State Park

Seaport Sweat | free fitness classes in the Seaport

June through September at the Seaport Common, 85 Northern Avenue (see link above for full schedule).  The highlights include:

  • Monday: Box and Body with Monique at 6 PM, Kick It by Eliza at 7 PM.
  • Tuesday: HIIT with Athena at 5:30 PM, Boxing Conditioning with Monique at 6:30 PM.
  • Wednesday: Yoga with Jenna at 6 PM, Kick It by Eliza at 7 PM.
  • Thursday: Kick It by Eliza at 5:30 PM., HIIT at 6:30 PM.
  • Friday: Yoga at 12 PM.
  • Every other Wednesday: Free bike tune-ups with Landry’s, 7:30-9:30 AM.

More (free!) fitness in Boston

If you’re looking for additional (free!) fitness classes throughout the city…. from yoga to line dancing and yoga to boxing, Jamie Ducharme at Boston Magazine has a great round-up here: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Fitness in Boston.

City of Boston events | including a roller disco…

There are a number of great events on City Hall Plaza this summer, including the 4th annual Celebration of Summer (yes, a roller disco in honor of Boston native Donna Summer) and the Tito Puente Latin Music Series.  See the link above for the full city calendar.  You can also find summer reading, programs and resources through the Boston Public Library — each branch has a full calendar this time of year!

I hope you enjoy a really fun, interesting, peaceful, happy + safe summer.

Also On Tap for Today:

What is on your bucket list for summer?