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Today: When enough is… too much.

I left home precisely three times between Friday and Sunday evening.

  1. I went for a walk with Clark (before you report me to the ASPCA or Sarah McLachlan, rest assured that Nick picked up my slack)
  2. I made a trip to the pharmacy for cough drops (and crossword puzzles)
  3. I met with our friendly neighborhood police officer to have our car seat inspected (Last Minute Larry strikes again)

I spent the rest of the weekend asleep, trying to be asleep, moaning and groaning, being stumped by crossword puzzles, watching the Kill Cliff East Coast Championships online (while my ticket to the event mocked me from the coffee table), wondering if you can wear more than one Breathe Right strip, and starring in my own one-woman version of Les Miserables.  I don’t know if I should admit this (especially after promising you that you didn’t need to call animal welfare on me), but at one point I was so conked out that I drooled on my own dog.  He didn’t seem to mind (and he loves that I am on the same napping schedule as him), but I was mortified.

I went from feeling great for the better part of 36 weeks to, seemingly suddenly, feeling… not so great.  Our midwife encouraged me to slow down.  I wanted to, but I also felt like I had a ton of work to get done.  And I wanted to squeeze in one more workout before putting my CrossFit membership on hold.  Also, I finally remembered what I forgot to get at the store, and so I figured I should go get it.  And I had just one more big work event to pull off, so I worked late to ensure it went perfectly.  Several nights in a row.  And I wore heels to the event.  Plus, I scheduled a couple more meetings.  And I invented other things to add to my to do list.

While my ego tries to keep busy and be important, my body is saying, enough is enough.  I could do without this rotten cold, and I wish I wasn’t such a boob for letting myself get this run down, but I’m finally seeing how badly I do need to slow down during these last few weeks (or days?).

Enough is enough… but it’s also too much.  I can’t keep up.  I can’t do what I’ve always done.  And that’s okay (even if it’s been a bit of a challenge to accept).  After all, it’s not just about me any more.  

If you can learn this lesson without polishing off a box of Kleenexes, please do.  From here on out, I’m steering clear of my ego and listening to my tired, not-so-little body.

A few more things to avoid when you’re pregnant (or just a human, in general):

  • Other people:  (Sort of.)  People say really weird things to pregnant women.  I’ve heard some real doozies, from the security guard in Detroit who told me that she did voodoo on me, causing me to have twins (I was like, Maybe, use your voodoo for something more productive… like fixing Detroit?), to the man in my office building who asked, “Did you get fat, or are your pregnant?” or the woman at the supermarket who told me my doctor was wrong, and that I would have a baby before Christmas.  And it’s not just strangers.  People I know and love have said some bizarre things, too.  It’s sort of impractical to avoid people altogether (especially when you consider my next suggestion), but it’s important to develop some sound coping mechanisms for the inevitable weirdness.  Please don’t let the comments get to you.  They are likely coming from a good place.  I think.  
  • Too much alone time: I have never been so far inside my own head as I have been these past nine months.  I would likely be lost in there if I didn’t have a support system to field my questions, listen to my worries, offer suggestions, and laugh (in sort of a sad way) at me when I thought my belly button was connected to the baby’s belly button via the umbilical cord.  (Don’t ask, don’t tell.)
  • The internet:  I should be banned from WebMD.  In the past week alone, I’ve diagnosed myself with six different incurable diseases.  And I’ve cried about all six of them.  When I stopped crying, I went on BuzzFeed (usually a reliable source of laughter, i.e. the opposite of crying), only to stumble on this terribly sad cartoon about how dogs grieve for their scattered children.  I thought it would be something cute about grown-up dogs following their puppies on Instagram (shameless plug for @clarkthefrenchie), but it was actually devastating.  Please don’t read it.  Unless you want your day life ruined.
  • Comparison:  Every person is different.  Every pregnancy is different.  You’re probably doing it perfectly.  For you.

Oh.  And avoid soft cheese.  Which is just plain rude.  I want my first meal in the hospital to be an entire wheel of brie.  Maybe.  Actually, I think I want a root beer float.

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How did you spend your weekend?

Today: The weekend according to Instagram XXIV

Nick and I spent the better part of the weekend in various parenting and child safety classes.  Needless to say, not a whole lot of Intagramming (or housework, or real work, or napping, or Netflixing, or CrossFit) happened.  Sometimes adult responsibilities trump social media addictions.  That’s probably a good thing.  In fact, if I teach a parenting class one day… I’ll add that important note to the syllabus.

The weekend according to Instagram XXIV

  1. Clark loves being towel dried.  He enters some weird euphoric state as soon as one of us breaks out a towel for him.  It’s one of my favorite things to watch.
  2. I am making a concerted effort to finish a full month of fatmumslim’s photoaday challenge.  We shall see.  Saturday’s prompt was looking down.  While I try to take a fresh photo for each challenge, I woke up at 11:30 PM for a nearly-midnight snack and remembered that, welp… I had forgotten.  So I dug up this one from a few weeks back.  I only managed one workout last week and truthfully, I’ve felt pretty run down lately.  I’m proud of myself for CrossFitting and staying active through 35 weeks of pregnancy, but I am beginning to feel that it’s time to pull back a bit.  I’ve been trying to fit in as much as possible lately (at work, at home, at the gym and elsewhere), and I think it’s catching up to me.  This week’s m.o.: more rest, less stress running around like a nut.
  3. As I mentioned up top, Nick and I took two prenatal classes this weekend– one was on breastfeeding (can I just say, I was not prepared to see so many PowerPoint slides of boobs…), and the second was infant/child CPR and baby care and safety.  I supposed we are officially as ready as we’ll ever be.  The instructor for our second class was especially… um… free-spirited, and offered some pretty amazing advice.  One of my favorites: Worried someone’s not holding your baby properly?  Say something like, “In our home, we like to support our child’s head.”  We’re lucky to have such great healthcare, and really like our OB and midwife.  Which is good, because we’re seeing them at least once a week at this point.  We’ve taken advantage of many of the classes offered, including an early pregnancy class (which exists because when you find our you’re pregnant, you call the doctor and they’re like, “Cool.  See you in ten weeks.” And then you worry about all the things you can mess up during those ten weeks.), a tour of our hospital, and a one-day childbirth class.  Knowledge is power.  As long as you don’t faint while the knowledge is being imparted (there were a few close calls).
  4. Taco Tuesday Saturday.  Don’t these little guys look good?  I piled on Amy’s vegan refried beans with green chiles, spring mix with herbs, hot sauce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and some lime juice.  And then I devoured them.  And then I went to bed at 7:15 PM.  Ole!
  5. Clearly Nick paid attention during the swaddling portion of class this weekend.
  6. And one last photoaday prompt: colorful.  You know how I feel about glitter, and you know how I feel about Martha Stewart.  In both cases, more is more.

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What was the highlight of your weekend?

Today: Last week’s workouts.

At 35 weeks pregnant, putting on pants feels like a workout.  Fortunately, I’m still feeling good enough to make it to CrossFit twice a week and have been carving out time for a little prenatal yoga in my makeshift studio (the baby’s room).  Actual workouts are a good thing.  Pants on the other hand… meh.

Tuesday and Friday: Prenatal yoga

I haven’t been sleeping much lately (no more than 1-2 hours at a time, which is making for a very delightful and pleasant Elizabeth), and nearly nodded off during savasana both days.  With so much floating around in my brain (a recent sampling: trying to get as much work done as possible before going on leave, trying to avoid googling various pregnancy symptoms, attempting to locate my keys, wondering), the quiet time yoga affords has been both challenging and exactly what I need.  The stretch feels good, too.

Thursday: 2014 WOD at CrossFit Southie

Nick and I rang in New Year’s Day at CrossFit Southie with lots of rowing and modified burpees.  And then I ate a donut.  Real talk.  Also: I like that the baby got a shout out on the whiteboard.

Saturday: CrossFit in the cold

My face nearly froze off on our way to the gym Saturday morning, but after being snowed in, it was good to get out of the condo.  All that rowing warmed me right up.

WOD: 1000m row, 30 pull-ups, 20 front squats, 10 wall climbs, 20 front squats, 30 pull-ups, 1000m row

I wasn’t sure I could hang for the full 2000m, and scaled the first row to 850m.  By the time I got on the rower for the second time, though, I knew I could finish out a full 1000m.  I scaled the pull-ups to jumping pull-ups and the wall climbs to elevated push-ups using a racked barbell.  No donut this time.

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Today: Hello, 2014.

And just like that, another year has flown by.

On New Year’s Days passed, I sat down to think through and write out my goals, my hopes, and my plans for the coming twelve months.  I’d look back the previous year’s highs and lows, and attempt to make some sense of it all.

This year, however, I am doing my best to just be here.  With our baby’s arrival mere weeks away, I feel a bit like a boat tied to the dock.  I’m as ready as I can be (which is to say… who knows) to leave the harbor; all that’s left to do is wait.

I am trying to pass this time, this wait, engaged — rather than idling.  I’m trying to soak up the quiet, the mundane, the simple.  And while I cannot wait to see what’s outside the harbor (I just can’t), I am enjoying being tied to the dock.

Life is such a gift.

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What does 2014 have in store for you?

Today: The weekend according to Instagram XXIII.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  I spent equal time napping, wrapping, and celebrating with family.  Did I mention napping?   As the third trimester has me slowing down a bit, I have adopted Clark’s preferred schedule lately: sleep as much as possible.  And then eat snacks.  And then go back to sleep.

The weekend according to Instagram XXIII

  1. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of slippers and after much searching, found this sparkly and furry pair at Target.  They are so cozy that I didn’t mind risking identity theft.  Just kidding.  Kind of
  2. I had every intention of going to CrossFit Southie with Nick on Saturday morning, but found myself craving a bit more sleep.  Clark was happy to keep me company.
  3. By Sunday morning, I was ready to get a move on, and set up a makeshift yoga studio in the baby’s room.  I love the Daily Burn’s prenatal yoga app (available for iPad), and got a great 40 minutes of stretching in.
  4. I picked up this “thinking happy thoughts” shirt at Old Navy a while back, and it’s still juuuuust big enough to fit over the bump.  I sort of love it.
  5. I overdid it on the bubbles (per usual), and gave our bathtub a giant bubble butt.  I crack myself up.  Get it… crack… 
  6. You know how I feel about sparkles, and have been adding glittery bows to every package I wrap.  Things were getting a bit tangled around here, so I dug into our cabinets for a suitable corral for all that ribbon.  This is probably not what bundt pans are for, but it did the trick.
  7. While I slacked a bit on the crossfitting, our elf went to work on his kettle bell swings.  You can find your own one pound baby bell, incidentally, at
  8. I like wrapping presents almost as much as I like giving them.  Almost.
  9. I saved the best for last.  If you were born in the early 80’s (1980’s, just in case that warranted clarification), loved PBS, and celebrate Christmas, you just may remember the most amazing holiday movie of all time: The Muppet Family Christmas.  And maybe your parents taped the movie for you when it first aired in 1987, and then you and your siblings watched it so many times that the VHS broke.  Or you mistakenly thought something cooler came along (wrong) and taped over it (tragedy).  And then… you talked about this movie, and how it was impossible to find the original (You could find a weird edited version, yes… but hello, we want to see the Muppets watch family movies of themselves as Muppet babies.  Duh.) every single Christmas.  Welp.  My husband found the real deal and ordered DVDs for me and my three siblings.  It is a Christmas miracle almost as miraculous as the actual Christmas miracle.  And if you’ve seen the movie, you know I am not exaggerating.


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What was the highlight of your weekend?




Today: Stocking stuffers for fit friends.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Koss.

Growing up, we opened our stockings before tackling our pile of presents.  I always loved the fun of reaching into the toe of those giant socks to pull out Lip Smackers, toothbrushes, card games, and other smaller gifts.  With Christmas fast approaching, I’m looking forward to putting together stockings for Nick and Clark (obvi), my secret Santa person (who shall remain nameless) and a few fit friends.

Stocking stuffers for fit friends

Koss Fit Series headphones

Koss’ Fit Series headphones were designed by a team of women (including Gold Medalist Dara Torres) specifically for women. The Fit Series features two models: FitBuds, which are great for everyday use (I wore them on a recent flight and found them super comfortable… and effective at blocking out the snorer seated next to me), and FitClips, clip-style buds ideal for workouts.  Available at Best Buy, Walgreens and Walmart (as well as online), these headphones come in a range of fun colors (hello, mint green) and sell for less than $30.

Tech-friendly running gloves

While the only marathon I’m training for this winter is labor and delivery, I’ve spent the last few years logging very cold miles in Boston.  Comfortable, wicking gloves with iPhone screen-friendly finger tips made those miles more bearable and are also great for commuters.  This pair is from New Balance (here’s a similar pair), but you can find great options at Target, too.

Slip-proof headbands

Katie recently sent me one of her adorable (and very wintry!) BAMR band to review.  I am forever on a mission to keep my unruly curls and fly-aways out of my face while at CrossFit, and this band certainly does the trick.  Like other non-slip bands, the underside is lined with velvet ribbon, which keeps the band in place and prevents the dreaded hair dent.  What I love most about the bands, though?  One dollar from each purchase benefits Every Mother Counts, an international organization committed to ending preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

With so many different designs and patterns to choose from, you’re bound to find something you a friend will love.

Other ideas:

  • Arnica gel
  • iTunes gift cards (great for fitness apps and new jams)
  • Socks
  • Digital magazine subscriptions
  • Nutrition bars, Gu, and other on-the-go fuel
  • A DIY “race day kit” – include extra safety pins, Chapstick, a small handheld water bottle, etc.

Happy stuffing!

Also On Tap for Today:

Today: Last week’s workouts.

I think the expression Better late than never! was invented as an act of charity towards people like me.  People who are just now realizing it’s Thursday.

I had a few really great workouts last week, one’s worthy of sharing, so let’s pretend I am not tardy to, like, every party.

Tuesday: Power Vinyasa Flow at NB Fitness Club with Susan G. Komen Massachusetts and New Balance Lace Up 365

Image courtesy of New Balance

I spent eight hours in Detroit last Monday (and exactly as many hours on planes or in airports), so when my alarm went off bright and early Tuesday, I considered spiking that thing volleyball-style across the room.  Instead, I got up, grabbed a great outfit from New Balance’s Lace Up For The Cure line (as part of a minimum $500,000 donation, 5% of proceeds from this line of athletic wear supports Susan G. Komen) and headed to Brighton.

New Balance hosted a number of special workouts this month, helping to raise awareness for their Lace Up 365 campaign.  I’d been looking forward to the yoga class for a while, but was so impressed with the overall experience.  Before class started, we heard from three breast cancer survivors, who joined us for an hour of Power Vinyasa Flow with Antoinette.  While I’d like to blame travel fatigue or pregnancy hormones, I teared up in the back row, listening as Peter, Theresa and Carol shared their stories because all three were so relatable, so honest, and so human.  And that’s what I love about the Lace Up 365 campaign.  It’s all about honoring those lives affected by breast cancer and ensuring that they are on our minds all year long, not just during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In addition to news and information about breast cancer, you can also find information about dedicating your workouts to survivors on New Balance’s website.

The class itself was the perfect blend of challenging and restorative.  I made modifications here and there to accommodate my growing belly (and dwindling balance), and looked up often to see Peter, Theresa and Carol practicing in the row ahead of me.  I’m grateful to have been able to spend the morning with such courageous people.

Thursday: Thanksgiving WOD at CrossFit Southie

Nick and I managed to fit in a workout before hitting the road on Thanksgiving, visiting my parents south of the city and his parents north of the city.  I had planned to do my own thing while the rest of the class completed a partner WOD, but I ending up pairing up with our friend Kendra and completing the whole workout.  I made a few pregnancy-friendly modifications (squats and elevated push-ups in lieu of burpees, step-ups instead of box jumps), but was happy to crank out all the rowing, running, kettle bell swings and double-unders.

A few people have asked me about keeping up with CrossFit while pregnant, and while I am no expert, I think it all comes down to doing your research, consulting with coaches, and doing what feels good.  Thanksgiving’s WOD took just over 40 minutes for us to complete, and at a high intensity– this was definitely pushing it for me.  Knowing how to scale different workouts (whether for time, reps, intensity, etc.) is so important.  If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Saturday: Hero WOD at CrossFit Southie

10 rounds
10 Thrusters 95#
10 Bar facing burpees
10 Pull-ups
57 Double unders

Saturday’s hero WOD honored Joe Lengel Jr., 57, of Toledo, OH, who died on November 19, 2012, of a gunshot wound sustained while opening his gym, Crossfit Intensity, early that morning.  I finished 8 +8 rounds (I believe the time cap was 35 minutes) and yes, my jump rope matches my Nanos.  Pro Regular person user tip: a bit of washi tape on your rope handles ensures your husband never mistakes your rope for his.

I’ve been fitting in long walks at lunch on off days, making sure to stay active despite the fact that my Spandex is getting tighter and tighter.  Meanwhile, this baby seems to be getting her own workouts in.  I think she’s partial to kickboxing…

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Are you a lone wolf or a workout buddy?

Today: Last week’s workouts.

In an effort to keep myself accountable and motivated with weekly workouts, I thought I’d start sharing them with you lovely folks.  It seems like I can cook up more (and more creative) excuses than ever to skip a workout or sleep in (for example: There is not enough room for both me and this baby inside my Spandex or, I just ate two ice cream sandwiches and an entire jar of pickles).  Right now (and likely for the remainder of my pregnancy), working out is about doing something rather than doing nothing.  It’s about enjoying the time I’ve carved out for myself, rather than pushing myself.  It’s about consistency, rather than extremes.  It’s about appreciating all the cool (and sort of terrifying weird) things happening to my body.  It’s about staying as strong and stress-free (does that state of being actually exist?) as possible.  It’s about taking care of myself and setting a good example.

My goal, as of late, is to make time for three structured workouts each week (2 at CrossFit Southie, and 1 yoga class), and plenty of walking (occasionally running shuffling) and mobility work on off days.  I recently decreased my CrossFit membership from three days a week to two, and will soon be looking for a new prenatal yoga class to join, as my series at Bodywaves Boston is about to wrap up.  I am truly grateful to be feeling really well lately.  I’m planning to take advantage of this as long as possible.  I’d be remiss without saying that Nick has been tremendously helpful in both encouraging me to get out the door and ensuring that what I am doing make sense for how I feel and what my body’s up to.

Sunday, October 13th: CrossFit Southie


  • Strict press 3-3-3-3-3
  • Between each set complete 15 GHD sit-ups or 20 abmat sit-ups


  • 5 rounds: 15 wallballs, 10 burpees

This workout took a bit of creative scaling.  I’ll share more about this in a separate post, but I tend to follow’s trimester-by-trimester guidelines and recommended substitutions, along with a healthy dose of common sense and adhering to Clark’s m.o. (if it feels good, do it).  I strict pressed 50 lbs., which is 10 lbs. less than I did a few months ago.  I’m working on maintaining good form (and not, like, falling over or hitting myself with a barbell), rather than PR-ing.  Honestly, part of me (namely, the irresponsible part) would love to still be going for it.  I really like most shoulder-to-overhead movements, but I always battle to not use my legs for this lift, and find the weight gets really heavy, really fast.   For ab work, I did knees to elbows rather than sit-ups.

I planned to do 3 rounds and see how I felt, and managed to slog through 4 full rounds in just over 11 minutes, trading in “pregnant burpees” (air squat, wall push-up) for regular… like, non-pregnant ones.  Needless to say, my legs were burning by the time we left CrossFit Southie.  Bonus: I managed to not hit myself in the face with the ball.  This may have been a first.

Monday, October 14th: Long walk with Nick and Clark

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and a day off (thanks, Christopher Columbus) and enjoyed a lovely walk in the neighborhood.  There were lots of stairs and hills involved, much to Clark’s dismay.

Tuesday, October 15th: Reebok CrossFit ONE

Warm-up: Obstacle course

WOD: Jackie

  • Row 1000 m, 50 thrusters, 30 pull-ups

On Tuesday, I joined five other bloggers for a day of focus groups, product demos and a workout at Reebok HQ.  Reebok announced a partnership with Spartan Race earlier this year and has a Spartan-inspired obstacle course on the campus of their Canton, MA headquarters.  Coaches Ericka and Matt took us through the course as a group before we headed back to Reebok CrossFit ONE for Jackie.  I was able to tackle some of the obstacles, including the shorter walls and balance beam, but opted out of several others (and suffered the 10 air squat penalty at each).  We drilled each of Jackie’s movements before starting the WOD, and after 15 or so thrusters, I decided to drop the bar and stick with air squats (30 total).  They were not using bands as a scaling option for pull-ups, so I went with ring rows (20 total) and rowed the full 1000m.  With various scaling options and great coaching, we all finished in just under 10 minutes.

Wednesday, October 16th: Rest

Doesn’t he just melt your heart?

Thursday, October 16th: CrossFit Southie


  • EMOM (every minute, on the minute) for 10 minutes: 1 power clean, 1 push jerk
  • Work up to max load


  • 3 rounds: 20 hang power cleans, 10 handstand push-ups

Some days, I am ready for bed the second I get home from work.  Thursday was not one of those days.  Hallelujah!  I was eager to get to the gym and get to work.  I sort of forgot ignored my own “no more PR” rule on Thursday and clean and jerked 75lbs. during the strength portion of the workout.  I tried for 80lbs., but failed on my first attempt and decided to stick with 75.  For the workout, I used 55lbs., which felt heavy, but doable.  Rather than handstand push-ups or hand release push-ups (the belly gets in the way), I did incline push-ups using a racked barbell (on the lowest rack).  I loved this workout.

Friday, October 17th: Yoga

I had to miss this week’s prenatal yoga class due to an all-day work commitment on Saturday, so I made sure to fit in 2 episodes from the Body Talk prenatal playlist on YouTube.  The baby’s room is currently empty (awaiting our furniture delivery and the 10,000 things little humans apparently require), so I rolled my mat out on the hardwood floors and pretended we have our own yoga studio.  While I would have preferred to have made it to class the following day, these videos were the perfect alternative.  Each episode is about ten minutes long, and are designed for specific trimesters.

Saturday, October 18th: Rest 

I did more running around than resting, and came this close to ordering a pair of orthopedic shoes (Amazon 1-click ordering is dangerous and should not be available to people who are feeling over-worked and/or over-tired), but hey.  That’s life.  Clark, however, stuck to the schedule and rested like a champ.

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Today: The (long) weekend according to Instagram XX.

What a difference an extra weekend day makes.  More fun, more food, more fresh air.  Fewer number fives… apparently.

The weekend according to Instagram XX

  1. Things start to feel really real when you go crib shopping.  Trust me.  After a surgical strike at Jordan’s Furniture (we were in and out in an hour, and five weeks from now we will have a crib, a dresser — which we will also use as a changing table — and a glider), we spent a bit of time walking around Babies R Us.  Those little folks need a lot of stuff!  I am so excited for her room to come together though.  While I am not wishing away then next couple of months, I just can’t wait for our baby girl to arrive.
  2. After another long week (and yes, I did end up with a third nail in one of my tires…), I was tempted to skip Sunday’s workout and sleep in.  A little encouragement from Nick and a fresh pair of Nanos from Reebok (thank you!) got me out the door, though.
  3. The WOD required a bit of creative scaling, but it felt good to get moving.  I strict pressed 50 lbs., but I think my days of PRs will likely be on hold for a bit.  I’m getting more and more comfortable doing my own thing, substituting and scaling when needed ( is a great resource for pregnant CrossFitters), and focusing on the fact that doing something is better than doing nothing.  Especially when it feels like I am wearing a weighted vest… all the time.
  4. I could make six different trips to the paint section at Home Depot and I imagine I’d leave with the exact same paint strips.  Regardless of the intended room.  We used chinchilla (Martha Stewart, surprised?) in our first condo, and I’m leaning towards the same color for the baby’s room.  I love color.  It’s like nail polish for your house.
  5. Can we discuss the fact that I missed number 5?  To quote my husband re: pregnancy brain, “What will you forget to think of next?”
  6. This little snail keeps showing up on our front steps.  I like his outfit.
  7. Running low on mascara (my personal nightmare), I ducked into Sephora… and accidentally bought one of everything.  While reaching for a fresh tube of Diorshow Black Out, a pre-teen (or tween… or maybe she was an actual teen) complimented me on “my makeup taste.”  She then followed me around the store and approved of everything that went into my basket.  She made my day.
  8. I got to spend some quality time with my favorite blondes (my younger sister and our niece) this morning.  We did baby yoga, hid in closets, sprinkled bagel crumbs everywhere, read a book about penguins, sang “head, shoulders, knees and toes,” put a human sweater on a baby doll, and made monster noises.  I wish every day started that way.
  9. Back in Southie, Nick and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and coaxed the Frenchie up a thousand stairs to enjoy the gorgeous view of the city from Dorchester Heights…
  10. …which explains why Clark has been asleep for approximately 50 hours.

To make up for the lack of #5… a bonus instaphoto:

I am excited and grateful to featured as today’s “Healthy Girl on the Go” thanks to Jenny and Nancy at Gold Standard Women.  I love reading everything this mother-daughter duo shares about their inspiring health journey and loved spending time with them at this year’s Healthy Living Summit.  I encourage you to check out their site!

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Today: A baby on the way.


I have the best possible news to share (though the title surely gave it away… keeping secrets for months and months at a time is not easy).

(c) 2012 Henry Photographers

Nick and I are expecting a baby this winter.

We have already enjoyed so many amazing moments, from seeing the baby via ultrasound for the first time, to hearing his or her heart beat, and dreaming about what our lives will be like as parents.

It’s all just incredible.  I am feeling incredibly lucky, incredibly happy, and incredibly like the button on my pants might shoot across the room if I’m not careful.  I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon (maybe… less about the pants situation).

Also On Tap for Today:

  • I can now freely admit my recent obsession with
  • …And prenatal yoga
  • …And Skittles

 No question today.  Just a big, goofy grin.