Soup weather + Just Add Cooking

I received a free meal kit delivery from Just Add Cooking in exchange for this post. 

It is 900% soup weather in New England (not that I don’t eat this lentil soup when during the blazing heat of summer, because I do) and I’m always on the hunt for my new favorite vegetarian soup.  Bonus points if the ingredients sort of magically show up on my door step.

just add cooking

I had the opportunity to try Just Add Cooking again this winter (I reviewed their vegetarian meals when the company was newly launched) and may have found my new soup of winter.  Their Tuscan Ribollitta was my favorite meal recently– delicious, easy to make and perfect for soup weather.  Technically it’s more commerce than magic, but the ingredients were hand delivered to our door in Southie, so… bonus points awarded.

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One of my favorite things about Just Add Cooking is their commitment to sustainability across the board.  They source ingredients from New England, use minimal packaging and hand deliver their meal kits each week.  I was really impressed with how their packaging has evolved since I first tried Just Add Cooking (though I was impressed then, too).  The ingredients for each meal are packed together, making prep so easy and organized, and the packaging was all recyclable.  

Just Add Cooking offers three vegetarian meals per week (non-vegetarians have a few more options to choose from) and subscriptions are flexible (you can skip weeks as needed).

just add cooking soup weather

I had to reach out to customer service because I was missing some of my perishable ingredients (which are packed separately from the non-perishables) and… how often do you get to say this?… the customer service experience was honestly delightful.  Katie from Just Add Cooking followed up with both an email and phone call and was so helpful in sorting out the mix-up.  My subsequent orders have been perfect, and I sort of love how they use a frozen water bottle in lieu of those mysterious frozen gel pack things other companies use.  

I’m looking forward to adding a few new soup (and other non-soup foods, too) recipes to my repertoire this winter with my subscription.  Pssst.  There’s falafel on next week’s vegetarian menu…

To find out of Just Add Cooking delivers to your neighborhood,  please visit their website.  Plans start at $59 for new customers. 

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What’s your favorite winter comfort food?

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