5 Things to do this spring

Toodles, winter.  Hello, spring.  

things to do this spring

These vases were a 3 AM online find (children who don’t let their mothers sleep are really good for the economy) + I picked up ALL the flowers at Whole Foods in Dedham this weekend.

Remember when it felt like spring a few weeks ago?  It will feel like that again soon.  I think.  In the meantime, let’s make some plans.


Now we just need Mother Nature to get on board.

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s on your spring bucket list?

3 thoughts on “5 Things to do this spring

  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks for this suggestions! I love spring! maybe because my birthday is around the corner!
    So happy that we met at the Wellness Day last Saturday.
    Best for you and would love to reconnect!

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