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I’ve gotten so used to connecting (like, not in a creepy way) with people online that comments, pins“likes”, whatever those heart things on Periscope are called and emails to/from strangers seem normal.  


If, a month ago, you suggested I start sending and receiving actual mail from strangers, though… I would have assumed you were trying to have me murdered.  Or added to some sort of watch list.  We all know I have an active imagination.

I stumbled upon Postcrossing a few weeks ago, though, and my curiosity trumped my suspicion, so I signed up and headed promptly to the post office for some global forever stamps.  

Side note: Did you know global forever stamps were a thing?  I spent entire days of my working life in line at the post office (not an exaggeration… and, on second thought, I am probably already on various government lists because of those days) trying to get mail to various corners of the globe and I had no idea.  Also, I love the post office.  I just do.



Postcards from… people I don’t know.

Postcrossing is a free community that connects (hopefully normal non-muderous) people all over the globe with the goal of sending and receiving postcards.  When you join, you request your first recipient’s address and send a postcard to that person.  As soon as your postcard is received, your name and address are given to another member and the cycle continues.  

In just a few weeks, I’ve sent eight postcards and received four.  Each postcard has a unique registration code, and the site tracks how far your cards have traveled, how long each traveled for, and other interesting stats.  I’m not really a numbers person, but love checking my personal map.  


Who knows what (if anything) I’ll do with them, but for now I’m keeping the postcards on a little binder-ring-thing.

So far, I’ve sent postcards to 

  • Belarus
  • Canada
  • Germany (2)
  • Russia
  • China 
  • Taiwan
  • Estonia

And received postcards from

  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Great Britain
  • Netherlands

I like reading about people’s lives (what people choose to write about really varies) and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something interesting to share about my own life.  Postcrossing is sort of like a low-commitment (you only request an address when you’re ready or want to send a postcard) grown-up pen pal thing.  You can learn more here.

Projects like this help make the world feel a bit friendlier than the news would lead us to believe.  Plus, it’s really nice to have something other than my next door neighbor’s Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon in the mailbox.

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One thought on “Today: Postcrossing | Mail from strangers

  1. Oh wow! I’m intrigued and scared at the same time, LOL!
    I went to the website and read a bit more about it but still trying to figure out what the purpose of it would be, other than to have some really cool post cards from all over the world… or maybe THAT is the purpose.
    I would love to know more about your experience and see what you ultimately do w/ the cards you receive!

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