Today: Scenes from the snowiest winter in South Boston.

snowy South Boston

I am not sure which is more unbelievable:

  • It has snowed 7 feet during the last 3 weeks here in Boston
  • I am about to quote a Florida Republican and member of the NRA (on the topic of winter, of all things)  

It has come to this.  My ability to use my own words is buried, along with my car, under all that snow.  However, the former Congressman’s words (in this instance, at least) felt spot on.

After Nick cleared out the SUV and picked up some iced coffees (always iced, even when the thermometer iPhone weather app thing reads 4 degrees), we bundled up Grace and took a quick drive around the neighborhood.

I’m not a betting girl, but if I were, I’d say there will still be snow on the ground come Marathon Monday. [Side note: our friend Sarah is running Boston in support of the MGH Emergency Response Team.  If you’re wondering what marathon training during this historic winter is like… welp, she’ll tell you.]

South Boston Emergency Transportation Reconfiguration

With no room for both cars and snowbanks, driving around here has felt a bit like living in a (mostly super-dangerous) video game.  Last Thursday, it took me two hours to get from the South End to Southie.  I was an hour late for daycare pick-up (fortunately, Nick was able to get there in time).  Most of those two hours were spent in my own neighborhood, trying to navigate too narrow streets, while attempting to neither hit a pedestrian nor get hit by a bus.

Hopefully this weekend’s Emergency Transportation Reconfiguration (doesn’t that sound so… serious?) will help.  Most numbered streets are now one-way (odd numbers head east, even numbers head west), through April 1st.  Ahh, April. That sounds nice.

While I lose my mind keep busy with glamorous things like laundry and pretend a heat wave is moving through, a few photos from our tour of the neighborhood:

Sully's Castle Island snow

Oh.  I saved the best for last.  How awesome (and unsafe, yes, but awesome) is this tunnel at the corner of K & 8th?  I like when people make the most of things.

snow tunnel south boston

With more snow on the way, that’s really all we can do.  Make the most of things.  Hang in there.  And be grateful that we’re warm and safe.  We’re going a little stir-crazy, sure.  

But spring is coming.  Eventually.

Also On Tap for Today:

Share something bright, sunny, warm, tropical, pink, lovely and/or Mean Girls related.  Please.


4 thoughts on “Today: Scenes from the snowiest winter in South Boston.

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were converting all the Southie streets to one way. Though I guess it makes sense, since most of the streets were already essentially one-way!

    Glad you and your family are finding ways to stay warm!

    I was actually thinking about the Marathon today (and wondering if the snow would be gone by then)! Looking forward to spring!
    Stephanie recently posted…Reviewing 2014: Looking ahead to 2015My Profile

  2. Liked pics of tunnel at k and 8! I lived sev yrs at k and 7 and learned to b very creative during snowstorms…loved living there but not saving parking spots…had 4 high back chairs I was going to refinish but used them during very bad storm to save “my spot” in front of home…after the 3rd chair was stolen I said to myself “they’re not getting a full set” and kept the 4th! Still a great place to live!!!

  3. I think we all thought we were making it out of the winter unscathed. But suddenly we got hit with feet upon feet of snow in just a few weeks. And now it’s that bitter cold we all have to suffer through. Since it came so late this winter we were all a little unprepared!

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