Today: How to spoil your dog and a giveaway from Milk-Bone

GIVEAWAY CLOSED — Congratulations Kim, and many thanks to Wish Bone and all who entered.

When we first brought Clark home, I had no idea what I was doing.  He was my first non-hamster pet, and the first dog I wasn’t mostly terrified of.  I probably should have read a book about dogs, or something… but instead our relationship was forged by a lot of trial and error, several panicked calls to the vet (they all started with “Is it normal for dogs to…”) and lots of Googling.  And the fun stuff, like playing “Can you find me if I am hidden beneath all your half-destroyed stuffed animals?”

You get comfy, I’ll track down the meat flavored toothpaste.

When Clark didn’t eat right away, I would sit on the floor with him, garnishing his dry food with organic apple sauce, sliced carrots and shredded cheese, and attempt to feed him by hand.   When he didn’t, like, do his business… I’d stay outside with him for hours, making up encouraging songs about bodily functions.  I bought him a little toothbrush and meat flavored toothpaste (which smelled like a dead squirrel and made me want to cry) and tried my best to keep his K-9 canines nice and clean.  He was more interested in eating the toothbrush.  I thought he needed a bath before bed time each night (that was short lived, turns out that’s really not a good nor healthy idea), and wondered if there was some sort of Frenchie cuticle oil I should invest in.

During those first few weeks, Nick would often come home to find dog toys strewn about our condo, and me and Clark covered in food, bathing supplies, and fur.  Five years later, I’ve learned a few lessons (a monthly bath will suffice; if he’s hungry, he’ll eat), but I’ve yet to master the tooth brushing thing.

I think he’s trying to show you his molars.

When Milk-Bone offered to send me their new Brushing Chews, I thought…. finally.  No more dead squirrel paste. Clark seems to think they’re treats, which works for me.

Bonus points for the stand-up, resealable bag! #easilyimpressed

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews have been clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up and freshen dog’s breath.  They look like sweet little bones, but their brushing nubs and 75 degree twist were designed to reach down to the dog’s gum line, and those hard-to-reach back teeth.  They’ve earned the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s seal of approval, and the highly sought after “two paws up” from Clark.

Just casually brushing his own chompers.

The Frenchie is hooked, and I am happy to put away our little toothbrush.

A giveaway from Milk-Bone

The lovely folks at Milk-Bone have offered to give one On Tap for Today reader (US residents only, please… sorry, Canadians!  And French people.) their own Milk-Bone Brushing Chews kit, along with a $25 VISA gift card.  To enter, please comment below.

While your dog is busy cleaning his own teeth, you might think about how you’ll put that gift card to good use, spoiling your fur ball.

Little dude is famous. Kind of.

How to spoil your dog for $25 or less:

  • Do a little research about dog-friendly locations in your area.  I’m partial to the newly released Ruff Guide to the United States (pictured above)… and not just because Clark made his modeling debut in the Massachusetts section.  One of the best ways I can think of to spoil your dog is to spend good ol’ fashioned quality time with him or her.  C-A-R is one of Clark’s favorite words.  He loves adventures, but more than anything, I think he just likes to be along for the ride.  With summer approaching, we’re looking forward to a few dog-friendly weekends away.
  • Treat your pal to a new collar or leash.  A new collar or leash is an inexpensive but practical treat for your little guy.  We have a great waterproof, stink-proof collar from Dublin Dog that is perfect for summer.  Clark’s able to jump in the ocean (or the Swan Pond…) without getting his collar soggy.
  • Speaking of swimming, you might invest in some water safety gear.  Safety first, summer fun second.
  • Pamper those paws.  For less than $25, we can get Clark nice and clean (read: not smelling like Fritos… why does that happen?!) at our local groomer.  We also love B.Y.O.D., a local dog spa and retail shop where we can drop Clark into one of their industrial sinks and bathe him ourselves.  It’s a lot of fun… and a lot less messy than bathing him at home.  You could also stock up on your pup’s favorite grooming supplies.  We use Bag-Balm for Clark’s nose, oatmeal and aloe shampoo in the tub, a Zoom Groom for brushing (perfect for his short coat), and Musher’s Secret for paw protection in the winter.
  • Make a contribution to your local dog park. Living in the city, we really appreciate having a safe, enclosed space to let Clark roam free and stretch his short legs a bit.  We’re lucky to live close to the South Boston Bark Park, which is always really well maintained.  I noticed the other day that you can become a member and support volunteer efforts to keep the park clean and safe.  Seems like  good way to ensure our little guy can continue to enjoy his trips to the park!

Disclaimer: The Milk Bone dog products, information, and VISA gift cards (for this post and giveaway) have been provided by the Milk-Bone brand.  I received a complimentary Brushing Chews kit and a $25 gift card.  All opinions shared are my own (welp, and Clark’s… sort of), and I grateful to be sharing this giveaway with you and your pups.

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s your favorite way to spoil your dog?  Share below for a chance to win your own Milk-Bone Brushing Chews and a $25 VISA giftcard.  Entries will be accepted until the end of the day on Wednesday, May 28th.  A random winner will be selected and notified by email.


28 thoughts on “Today: How to spoil your dog and a giveaway from Milk-Bone

  1. Oh my gosh, my dogs are so spoiled. They sleep in the big bed every night, I contour my body around theirs to make sure THEY are comfy. They demand blankets over them anytime we are sitting down, so even in the summer, you’ll find me with a quilt over my lap so I can cuddle with them. They love outside, but hate being hot, so I spend many a days getting up to let them out on the deck to sunbathe, just to get up again to let them in 5 minutes later. There are dog beds strewn throughout our house in the PRIME SUNSHINE spots depending on the time of day. So spoiled. But I would do all of that and more for my puppas.

  2. Olive is definitely more than a little spoiled. I guess that’s what happens when it takes 20+ years to finally get the dog that you’ve always wanted! The thing that she is probably most spoiled by is that she gets to go to the “doggy hotel” when we leave town. It may be more expensive than any other daycare, but she loves it there and they love her there, which I feel like is worth it for my piece of mind at least.

  3. ahaha. I love this because getting a dog was so similar for me. I made my roommate bathe her for the first 2-3 times because I was so nervous. Teeth brushing time is a like a workout in my house. we chase. we pin down. we pretend like we’re being murdered (well that part is really just Talula) and then we brush.

    PS. Just re found your blog after awhile. Congrats on the baby!

  4. My co-worker told me about ice cream for dogs, so yes, I had to go buy some for our pooch and that’s just one of the many treats she gets when we spoil her 🙂

  5. Oh, let us count the ways: Morning runs, afternoon walks, tummy rubs, lap seats , treats, cuddles, brushing, kisses, and hugs!

  6. Ha ha ha—our dog didn’t want to eat either when we first brought her home. I even tried to hand feed her too. Our dog is our furchild so needless to say she is spoiled! I can’t even begin to count the ways. I am one of those crazy people and take her biking with me. She rides in a Burley attached to the back of my bike and loves it!! Yes…I actually do this. When we first brought her home I tried to brush her teeth with chicken flavored dog toothpaste. When she threw up from it, I thought “no more teeth brushing.” The Milk Bone brushing kit would be great to help remove some tartar of those pearly whites.

    Thanks to you and Milk Bone for the giveaway!! Dog are just the best 🙂 (ok…all animals too)

  7. My favorite way to spoil my dog is to get him healthy treats that he enjoys! And to play with him a lot, too!
    califkitties @

  8. My guy has a window seat full of blankets he can reach from the bed (seriously.) and also likes to take walks down to BYOD to pick out his own treats.

  9. Oh these would be perfect for my dog, who hates getting his teeth brushed! I spoiled my dog rotten yesterday for his birthday: a nice bath, new toys, kielbasa and chicken for dinner, and a walk to the local ice cream spot for a small cup of whipped cream.

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