Today: The weekend according to Instagram XXII.

Judging by this weekend’s Instagram snaps, it was a very Clark weekend.  It’s his world, we’re just living carrying him around in it.

The weekend according to Instagram XXII

  1. We spent Friday night like a couple of cool college kids… at the library.  BU hosts therapy dogs at the Mugar Memorial Library in the days leading up to their final exams.  Clark and I have volunteered there the past few years and always have a great time, so I was psyched when Nick offered to come along.  The program is really well organized and the reactions students have to Clark is so fun to witness.  We were up past his  bedtime (we took the 8-9 PM shift this year), so Clark was extra snuggly.  And smiley.
  2. We spend Saturday like a couple of unprepared parents-to-be… at our “prepared childbirth” class.  While the certificate says we’re prepared, that really remains to be seen.  Mostly because I got up to take a break anytime I felt squeamish.  Which was often.  Hopefully Nick was paying better attention that I was.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I fainted during two separate health classes about where babies come from, once in sixth grade and once in ninth grade.  I tried to convince our midwife that we didn’t need to take the class (mostly because I was convinced, given my track record, that I would not remain conscious… so why waste the time and money?), but she was not hearing it.  In reality, I learned a lot this weekend (and even stayed up Sunday night to read the full manual, semi-terrifying parts and all).  I could have done without the video (there were scenes I will never be able to un-see), but everything else was super helpful.
  3. The jury’s still out on my weekend polish change.  Essie’s belugaria looks fun, but I’ve already started peeling away at the sparkly flecks of glitter.  The polish itself is textured, sort of like nail caviar mixed with regular polish.  I have a feeling this manicure’s not lasting past Tuesday.
  4. We postponed our little Christmas party Saturday night, as several friends would be driving in from outside the city and if you’ve ever tried to park in Southie before, during, or after a storm… you know this is not a process for the faint of heart (the underlying theme of today’s post is fainting).  Also, we wanted everyone to stay safe.  Obviously.  I couldn’t wait ’til morning to check out the snow drifts (which didn’t amount to much after the switch over to rain), so I bundled up Clark and headed outside as soon as we got back from baby class.  I love weather.  Almost as much as I love mail.
  5. On Sunday morning, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in an hour or so and that light, fluffy snow became crusty, icy snow.  I bundled up the little guy again, zipped my coat over the bump, and soon found myself carrying 30 lbs. of French bulldog across icy pools of slush.  Not surprisingly, he pretended to be asleep for the remainder of the day to avoid going out again.
  6. Meanwhile, Nick spent three hours shoveling and actually earned his spot on the sofa.  As for Clark? He’s lucky he’s so cute.

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What was the highlight of your weekend?

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