Today: The 2013 Healthy Living Summit, Twosday-style.

It seems only fitting that I give you the run down of this year’s HLS Twosday-style, inspired by Heather.  She and Julie were the masterminds, master-organizers, and master-people behind the 2013 Healthy Living Summit.  I am so grateful to have worked with them, and the rest of the planning team, in the months leading up to the Summit.  They are simply wonderful.

Let my “surprise face” [frame 3] serve as a PSA: Not all surprises are good.             Some are quite horrifying, apparently.

Speaking of wonderful, a quick two-by-two peek at a wonderful weekend spent in Minneapolis…

Two pieces of reading that helped me pass the time during airport layovers:

  1. Taking the Light Rail from the Airport to the Hotel, written by Danielle and shared on the HLS website – I practically memorized Danielle’s easy-to-follow directions (clearly, this woman is a teachers) during my layover at O’Hare.  When I landed in Minneapolis, finding my way to the Light Rail, and eventually to the hotel, was a breeze.
  2. I started re-reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (will share more on this later, but I think it’s a must-read for introverts and those who are confused by love us) on my first flight home, and put a big dent in the book while my plane was delayed from Newark to Boston.  Surprising fact: Reading a book about introverts does not make one immune to the creepers that want to talk to strangers at airports.

Rude, Clark. Rude.

Two apps I downloaded while at the 2013 Healthy Living Summit:

  1. Infinite Storm: because a quiet hotel room, devoid of snoring Frenchies and city noise is a recipe for insomnia.
  2. Blog Pad Pro: for writing on the go (an iPad mini + a wireless keyboard is so much chic-er than my 600 lb. , 600-year-old MacBook).

Two indulgences I enjoyed while at HLS:

  1. An original dark brownie, courtesy of Kristen and one of the Summit’s swag sponsors, Just Good Chocolate – this thing was the real deal, Evander Gluten-field, but I enjoyed it anyway.  Sometimes the reward outweighs the risk.
  2. An extra-long chair massage thanks to one of the students from the Minnesota School of Business Massage Therapy Program – I think I became so relaxed that my face fell asleep.

Two bits of wisdom I shared:

  1. Pregnant women (and anyone else susceptible to occasional bouts of uncontrolled, raw emotion) should not watch the PBS documentary Animal Odd Couples  (Clark and I watched it together several weeks ago.  I am still recovering.).  All other segments of the human population, however, should add AOC (I’ve talked about it so much lately, I now refer to it as simply AOC…) to their Netflix queues immediately.  If not sooner.
  2. Say “no” to opportunities that are not the perfect fit for you.  This will allow you to say “yes” when the right opportunities come along (and they will come along, as long as you’re patient and stay true to your brand and values).  [For more on the Blogger and the Brand panel, which I was honored to be a part of, check out Lindsay’s post on the 360 PR blog and the live blog and tweets from the session.]

That my suitcase closed after #HLS13 was nothing short of a Minnesota miracle.

Two swag items I am especially excited about:

  1. OrthoLite insoles: I am just about due for a new pair of Kinvara 4’s and will definitely be swapping in these insoles, which I have loved for ages.  They provide a bit of extra cushion and sort of make me feel like a famous person who only wears custom kicks.  Sort of.
  2. Erba Vita Leg Light Gel:  Along with other samples from this Italian herbal medicine brand, we received several packets of Leg Light, which this ol’ pregnant lady is loving.  I’m finding my legs are feeling a bit heavy at the end of the day, and this soothing gel provides some nice relief.  So does laying down and pretending I am too tired to fold laundry… Shhh.

Two Minneapolis spots I would like to visit again:

  1. Pardon the blasphemy, but can I just say… shopping at Target on the Nicollet Mall (adjacent to Target HQ) was a religious experience.  I walked over there bright and early on Friday (I was there when the doors opened at 7 AM, as I had been awake since 4 AM #timezonesareweird) to pick up a few last minute cocktail party supplies (every good party calls for index cards and Sharpies) and…. wow.  South Bay Target, this was not.
  2. The Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge: We crossed this bridge on Sunday morning’s 5k-ish fun run/walk as a group, and I loved the John Ashberry poem that appears across the upper lintel.

Two does not do the weekend justice, but it’s a good start.

Also On Tap for Today:

What are two bits of wisdom you’ve shared (or learned) lately?

4 thoughts on “Today: The 2013 Healthy Living Summit, Twosday-style.

  1. It is so good to hear that people visiting Minneapolis had fun and found new places to visit! I am proud of Mpls and MN in general–I’m from here:)
    Yes, the Target downtown Mpls has two floors……funny, I work downtown and I never go to that Target. I guess since I shop at the one close to home, that makes sense. Today’s weather is stunning—wish it would last longer!
    I would say that my mom keeps teaching me how to stay strong. She is 78 and has been through losing her husband to long term illnesses, had to get through her own health and surgeries and she still is active and full of faith. She is an inspiration! Last night we talked by phone during The Voice on t.v. it was fun–she’s pretty hip when she wants to be:)

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