Today: My hope for this child.

Nick and I find our the baby’s gender today (secrets and surprises are for patient people), and I am totally freaking out, man.  Early on, I thought the baby was a boy, but lately, I’ve thought the opposite.  Mostly because I saw a tiny hospital cap with a giant black bow on the side in a catalog.  And almost ordered it.

I was driving home from work earlier this week, stuck in particularly nasty traffic, when this thought occurred to me: Being a parent will likely be the greatest, most significant contribution I make to the Universe.   Unless I, like, invent something really amazing (ain’t gonna happen).

Who I am am, what I know, what I’ve accomplished, where I’ve been, what I think, what I’m afraid of, what I love…. all of this will l inform how I raise my child, and will shape the person he or she becomes.  Needless to say, I cried the entire way back to Southie (it was mostly a good, if not semi-overwhelmed, cry).   Thank goodness for over-sized shades. It’s both empowering (dude, we are giving the world a human who might do some really good things) and terrifying (what if he or she steals an old lady’s purse?).

I hope this child loves this beach as much as I do. And wants to spend all summer there.                                                                                 (This is one my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.  It’s just so happy.)

I have a lot of hope for this child.

  • I hope this child inherits my curiosity and imagination.  I hope this child does not inherit my love of murder mysteries and fascination with serial killers.  I’d like him or her to be able to sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time.
  • I hope this child inherits Nick’s attention to detail, his ability to nurture, his careful planning and execution, and his devilish good looks.   I hope this child does not inherit Nick’s skill for scaling a fraternity house balcony at age twenty-five, only to have his tooth knocked out by a friend wielding a garbage can moments later (one of the many, many reasons I married this man: there is never a dull moment).
  • I hope this child inherits my sister Andrea’s work ethic, her strong sense of conviction, and her contagious laughter.
  • I hope this child inherits my brother Jimmy’s kindness, his sense of adventure and love of travel, and his ability to read chapter books at a mere five months old.
  • Though they’re not technically blood related (whatevs), I hope this baby inherits my sister-in-law Colleen’s compassion and her good nature.
  • I hope this child inherits my brother Christopher’s collection of homemade sleeveless tees, his thoughtfulness, his talent as a leader, and his ability to lift very heavy things.
  • I hope this child inherits my niece’s ability to make everything better just by being there.
  • I hope this child inherits my mother’s innate way of putting other people first, her creativity and artistic talent, and her warmth.
  • I hope this child inherits my father’s impeccable taste in music, his mischievous smile, his depth of knowledge, and his green thumbs.

I hope he or she never goes a single day without feeling loved, safe, happy and whole.  And while we’ve got several months to go, I just can’t wait to meet this baby.

Also On Tap for Today:

What did you inherit from loved ones that you’re most proud of?


7 thoughts on “Today: My hope for this child.

  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! I think your hopes for your child are so super sweet…I mean, I didn’t really know what to expect before reading them, but a heartfelt tribute to the loved ones in your life certainly wasn’t expected! What a creative way to simultaneously thank them for the positive things they contribute to this world while dreaming about how you’d like your child-to-be to turn out!

    Also: I second Molly’s (the last-nameless Molly) comment.

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