Today: The Supermoon (and other super things).

You know you’re important busy when your can’t even lazy blog the weekend (i.e. The Weekend According to Instagram), because you only posted 3 Instagrams all weekend.  One of which was of your husband freeing his Mini Cooper from the tow lot, which would likely only appeal to fellow Parking Wars fans (I might be alone on that one).  This is the last week of both the school year in Boston and the fiscal year, so come Friday evening (after a long nap), I expect to be back and better than ever.  Or at least, back and mostly the same as ever.

I had already crawled into bed last night, running through my mental to do list for the week (which, when attempting to have a stress-free Sunday night, is kind of a to don’t…) when Nick texted me from outside our building.  “You may want to come outside, this supermoon is so cool,” he said.  No need to twist this nerd’s arm.

While things might be a bit harried around here lately, I’m never too busy to witness the super things in life.  Like this supermoon.

It was so super that we were compelled to drive down to the water to get a better look.

I have a tendency to get wrapped up in the stressful and worrisome, so these few quiet minutes by the ocean were such a welcome way to bring in the new week.  I went to sleep focused on the super good things going on in my life, rather than the aforementioned stresses and worries.

Super things on my mind (in addition to the moon):

  • We made an offer (and it was accepted!) on a new condo… right by the water.  While I’ve come to learn that when it comes to real estate deals, it ain’t over ’til it’s over, life couldn’t get much better.  Next up: home inspection.
  • My niece turns one this week (on my parents’ anniversary).  We celebrated with our family this weekend; watching a baby smear frosting all over her face is quite fun.
  • Summer (and summer weather) has arrived.
  • We are Maine bound shortly!
  • Two more Stanley Cup championship games to go…

I don’t really like the word super.   I do like that list, though.

Also On Tap for Today:

What’s on your mind at the start of the week?

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