You know those weeks when you feel like you just can’t win (quite literally, if you play soccer with me)?  I’m having one of those.

Things that happened this week:

  • My printer broke for the 9 millionth time, and then my hand got stuck in what can only be described as the bowels of said broken printer, while I was trying to fix it.  My fellow non-profit people can relate.  No IT departments.  No HR departments.  No development departments.  If it’s broken, you’ve gotta fix it.  And get black ink from your finger tips to your elbow.
  • Our soccer team lost our first game of the season, 672-0.  And I gained a bruise that rivals the surface area of The People’s Republic of China.
  • Speaking of China, I had a very rare craving for Chinese food.  And I fed that craving.  And I barely lived to tell of it.  (Never, never, never again.)
  • While descending the stairs at a red line station, I got hit in the face by a wind propelled piece of trash.  No amount of Purell nor attempted self-hypnosis has succeeded in helping me move beyond this.

The motto of the week?  YOLO.  You can’t win ’em all.  

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Looking forward to Easter weekend
  • Packing up food to donate at tomorrow’s Feed the Need 5k
  • Researching various masks and helmets I can wear whilst riding public transportation

What was the low-light of your week?  (I’m all for being positive, but… misery loves company…)

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  1. Booo. The T is disgusting. I once had a guy with OPEN FACE SORES touch me. I got to work and promptly bathed in clorox wipes while trying desperately not to vomit.

    Have you tried writing an evil letter to your printer, describing your feelings of hate towards it? It seems dumb, but it’s super helpful emotionally!

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