Today: More official wedding photos and more advice for brides.

I have become that person that won’t stop talking about her wedding.  You thought I was done, but I’ve really been spending the last (nearly) two months since my last wedding post tricking you all into believing I was done.  Because I am sneaky like that.  Mostly, I will talk about our wedding as long as Nick and I are married (the plan is for that to be, welp, forever).  Please come to terms with this.  Or delete me from your internet life (No.  Please don’t do that.).

Allow me to pacify you champagne sequins.

More official wedding photos

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Remember when I advised you to make a list of things that didn’t matter?  Flowers were very much not on that list for me.  I worked in a flower shop as a youth of America (someone kept saying that in a meeting yesterday – the youth of America part, not the flower shop part – and now I can’t stop saying it).

It was the best part-time job I’ve ever had.  I quickly learned the names of every flower (and that I am allergic to stargazer lilies, and that I am prejudiced against carnations), and loved watching the designers create the most beautiful arrangements.  The shop’s owner is one of the smartest, savviest, most hard working people I have ever met.  And she knows exactly what I like.  I knew I needed her to do our flowers.

Moving on.  The headpiece was made by Vera Wang (or maybe, like, one of her minions).  The eyelashes were made by God.  Just kidding.  They’re store-bought.  So is my skin tone.  Being pale and freckly is fine 364 days of the year, but I didn’t want to risk blending in with my dress, so I went the, um, old-fashioned route:  spray tanning.  Before you picture J-Woww (is that how you spell her name?), I aimed for a few days in the sun (if that were safe, and if my skin turned any color other than hot pink after 10 minutes of exposure), rather than a few years down the Shore.

Okay.  Less writing, more photos.

Big church, big dress.

Maybe when I grow up I will be as tall as my siblings.

I wish I had a balcony like that in real life.  I would make so many speeches.

And more (unsolicited) advice for brides

The last time I offered unsolicited advice for brides, we talked about finding a good pair of flats, a mantra, and the perfect bridesmaid’s dress.  Today, we’re talking registries.  Awkward, I know.  That’s why I feel like it’s important to talk about them.

  • No one wants to feel (or appear) greedy.  A registry is essentially a list of stuff you want.  Maybe you need some of the things on the list.  Or maybe you feel like you’re pretty much set.  It’s okay (and I think, normal) to feel a little weird about telling people – people who will likely be spending time and money by simply attending your wedding – that you want a whole bunch of forks, waffle makers, and margarita sets.
  • With that said, I like to think registries were invented for a purpose other than to make you feel uncomfortable.  In fact, they can save you from uncomfortable situations such as opening six of the aforementioned waffle makers at your bridal shower.
  • People like to give presents that they know will be enjoyed, appreciated, and used by the recipient.  Thinking about this helped me when it came time to wield the scanner gun thing.  (Truth be told, I became a bit obsessed with that thing.)
  • When registering, think realistically about what you want, and why you want it.  In an imaginary world, Nick and I regularly host elaborate dinner parties on fine china.  In reality, a dining table (let alone the actual diners) does not fit into our condo.  Six basic (but beautiful) white place settings made much more sense for us.  China can wait.  So can the waffle makers.
  • It also helps to think about space.  Accumulating items for the sake of accumulating items never goes well.  Especially if your basement and attic are effectively other people’s condo units.  And are therefore locked.  And not places you can store things.
  • Look into alternates to traditional registries.  One of the most thoughtful wedding gifts we received was a donation to a children’s charity in our names.  Nick and I were really moved by that.  Sites like I Do Foundation and Just Give allow you to share your favorite causes with family and friends.
  • If you are planning to change your name, you might also consider adding a service like Miss Now Mrs to your registry.  Having spent several hours at the Social Security Administration last week, I can assure you that services like this are worth the $29.95.

If only you could register for French bulldogs.  And two additional hours of sleep.  And magical, calorie free Junior Mints.

Also On Tap for Today:

What do you wish you could register for?

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