Today: Hunkered down.

While I normally get all jazzed about storms, weather reporters being absurd, and buying the last flashlight at Target,   Nemo (the storm, not the fish) is on my crap list.  With a big work event this weekend, I am stuck hunkered down at a city hotel missing this little dude.

And my husband, too.  Obviously.

I hope you’re hunkered down somewhere warm and cozy, with plenty of snacks, and the people (and non-people) you love.  And if you happen to grow tired of watching news people get snowed on and nearly blown away, here are a few alternatives to pass the time:

Stay safe.  And un-bored.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Welp, we already covered that…

Hunkered down?  What is your favorite boredom buster?


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