Today: Do your Sunday things on Saturday.

You know all those things you leave for Sunday?  Nine loads of laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, scrubbing the bathroom floor, your thirteenth nail polish change of the week?  I’m not a scientist (I fainted in 9th grade biology), but I am guessing they only contribute to the Sunday night blues.  Imagine what you could do with your Sundays if most of the unpleasant stuff was done already.  I can’t promise miracles (those just happen on their own), but I bet this scheduling shift might make us all a bit more, welp, pleasant.

Do your Sunday things on Saturday

Why not do your Sunday things on Saturday?  I’m committing to getting the grown-up, boring stuff out of the way early so that I have plenty of time to enjoy my Sunday.

Sunday Saturday To Do List

  • Deep clean the condo (why yes, I do have a playlist designed just for this purpose)
  • Make a thoughtful meal plan and corresponding shopping list
  • Divide up vitamins and supplements for the week (I know.  My life is the pinnacle of glamour.)
  • Assess my schedule and wardrobe for the week (Do I need yet another pair of black tights?  Do suit-like things need to go to the dry cleaners?)
  • Work on condo projects I’ve been putting off (such as using the label maker to label everything in sight, including my dog)
  • Prep my handbag for the week (this mostly involves recycling random receipts and errant paperclips, restocking my stash of quarters for city parking meters, ensuring I have at least 13 chapsticks on hand, and packing snacks to curb low blood sugar induced rages)
  • Laundry to the sixth power
  • Tie up loose ends from the previous week (call the people I forgot to call, email the people I forgot to email, schedule the appointments I forgot to schedule) and prioritize my to do list for the following week

Sunday To Enjoy List

  • Early morning CrossFit workout
  • Mass
  • Long walk with Nick and Clark
  • Grocery shopping and meal prep (oddly enjoyable for me)
  • Sunday night manicure (and a pedicure at Gaelic Day Spa if I am feeling extra generous to myself)

I feel better already.

Also On Tap for Today:

What Sunday things might you move to Saturday?

4 thoughts on “Today: Do your Sunday things on Saturday.

  1. This is such a great idea. We usually get the cleaning out of the way on Saturday (when time permits). Morning is our work time and afternoon/night is for relaxing. And by afternoon, I mean it starts at 11am. I know its time to get down to business when the 80s channel gets turned on the TV.

  2. I love this post so much! It’s such a great idea. I usually lack zero motivation on Sunday and just want to relax and recharge for the week and by getting all my errands and to-do list accomplished on Saturday, I could actually do that!

  3. Yeah! What a great post! Everyone’s weekend just got better 🙂 Loved the label maker comment about Clark–ha! Sometimes we do that at work….label the radio, a door knob, a fork…just to lighten up the day a bit and spread some cheer! Happy Friday to you and those you love….

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