Today: Mitch, Cam, and marriage equality.

I’m usually in bed by ten on weeknights, even earlier lately, as I’ve been under the influence of cold medicine.  Nick and I stayed up late Monday night, not to watch the debate, but to see our favorite television characters in real, live human being form.  Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Cam and Mitch fame were in Boston for a show at the Wilbur Theatre.  Billed as “the ultimate fan experience,” which makes me feel like sort of a creeper for having been attracted to something like that, the two actors fielded questions from the audience for the better part of an hour and a half.  I laughed, I cried, they talked about CATS.

A few highlights:

  • Eric used his mother as inspiration when reading for the part of Cam; she too loves jewel tones
  • I am not the only one who wants to know where to find Cam’s shirts
  • Jesse once worked in a theatre where CATS played; he still remembers the choreography
  • The haunted house episode was the hardest to get through on set due to all the laughter
  • The original Stella had to be replaced with a new Stella; same goes for Lily

There were several questions from the audience about the pair’s work in advancing gay rights, and with organizations like the Trevor Project.  We learned about the Tie the Knot Foundation, started by Jesse and his partner to advocate for a “more stylish and equal America.” In a particularly moving moment, a thirteen year old in the audience asked for the actors’ advice when dealing with bullies.

At the close of the show, Eric surprised Jesse with a brilliant performance by the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus.  I left the Wilbur grinning from ear to ear – check out my video here to share in the fun.

With less than two weeks until our wedding, I am beyond excited.  I am more than ready to make a forever and ever and ever commitment to Nick.  And I can’t wait to climb into that gigantic dress.  I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage– and not just our wedding day– in general, and how lucky we are to live in a time, and in a state (golf clap for Massachusetts) where people are free to marry, no matter their sexual orientation.  I wish this were true for everyone.  Beyond being an issue of equality, respect, and dignity, there are quite a few very practical benefits to being married.  And I’m not talking about the flowers, nor my future husband’s credit card.  Wink.  

I found this list from to be eye opening.  I take so much for granted, and couldn’t imagine being denied any of the things listed when it comes to my partnership with Nick.  It’s worth noting that none of the benefits of marriage under federal law apply to same-sex couples married in Massachusetts (or any of the other states that recognize same-sex marriages).

I can’t fathom why I, as a heterosexual person, would be more worthy of these benefits than someone who is homosexual.  To paraphrase the esteemed Lady Gaga: Baby, we were born this way.  If I am entitled to these important benefits, so too should my gay friends, neighbors, and family members be.  I feel strongly that marriage, with all its benefits– both the tangible and intangible– should be a right.  Not a privilege.

It’s worth staying up late on a Monday night to be reminded of that.

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5 thoughts on “Today: Mitch, Cam, and marriage equality.

  1. Just attended a second same-sex wedding this month this past weekend. Such a happy event! Like you, I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to discriminate. It sounds like this was an awesome event, and I’m really glad to see such a well-spoken discussion on same-sex marriage. Definitely retweeted your post! 🙂

  2. Well said, Elizabeth, and I couldn’t agree more! I think future generations will look back on this issue in 10 or 20 years like our generation looks back on civil and women’s rights. Just dumbfounded that it took so long! Thank you for bringing this point up, when so many people in the blogosphere are simply focused on their own wedding days and can easily lose sight of others who don’t get to have that joy. 🙂 Also, Cam and Mitch…simply the best.

  3. Elizabeth, I’m just getting to reading this now but it is so well said. I couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. Also, a HUGE and belated congratulations on your wedding! All the best to you!

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