Today: Where are my Worry People?

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I had a set of worry people (and a matching barrette, for questionably fashionable worry dolls on the go) when I was younger.  I am not sure how many worries I shared with them, but I can see the value in having something inanimate to unload on, consequence free.

I’ve been feeling a bit weighed down lately.  Some of my worries are worthy, like health concerns (The latest in a long series of body experiments? A weekly shot of B12… in the butt cheek.) or work stress.  Others are less worthy, like “which–of the three wedding headpieces I bought– shall I wear?”  While I tend to draw a lot of motivation from stress and worry (I’d never make a doctor’s appointment or meet deadlines ahead of schedule if my wheels weren’t perpetually in motion), I’m also easily drained, worrying about things I cannot control.  And worse, by inventing scenarios… just in case I run out of real things to worry about.  For example, my car is likely on its way out sometime soon… so why not worry about what might happen if it broke down on the way home from tonight’s soccer game?

Worry’s a double edged sword.  When worry prompts me to take action, take stock of a situation, or take better care of myself, it’s a positive.  When worry preoccupies my thoughts and prevents me from being present, it’s less than a gift.

This is the thing:

So after I finally choose between the flowered headpiece and the jeweled one, I am making a commitment to worry less.  Like all ingrained habits (I’ve been perfecting this naughty one for thirty years now), I know my inclination to worry will not be easy to break.  Step one: a worry-free playlist.

Perhaps I should dig out my worry people and enjoy the jams with them.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Congrats to everyone who ran today’s Tufts 10K for Women – way to #getafterit!
  • Soccer game
  • FaceTime with my niece 🙂

Are you a worry person?  How do you manage worry?

15 thoughts on “Today: Where are my Worry People?

  1. Age has mellowed my worrying ways. I don’t wish that for you but instead to continue doing what you are doing – talking about it, being aware of it and in due time, you will OWN it! Another fav quote on this topic I like is: Worry is like a rocking chair … it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere!

    PS — You look fabulous! Next time you start worrying about things you can’t change, remind yourself of your awesomeness!

  2. Thanks for posting this, it’s exactly the reminder I needed! Love the playlist and the quotes. I think I need to get the above rocking chair quote tatooed on my arm for a easy reminder.

  3. Love that playlist, I think I have half of those songs on a playlist of my own…

    I am a worrier and it drives me nuts. I also rehash events of the day in my head in bed at night. I worry about things that pertain to me (Did I say too much at that cocktail party?) and things I have no control over (How many kids and animals are sleeping out in the cold tonight?) Its a huge problem and I’d love to fix it.

  4. Sometimes I feel like worry stems from my expectations of things not being met. As I get older I try to letgo of control but its still hard 😉

  5. I am a worrier! Wish I wasn’t, but alas I am. Just started my own business and I was worrying (crying) to my husband today that I was worried I couldn’t do it all. He told me not to worry. LOL

  6. I am such a worrier! It’s taken a lot of conscious effort but it has gotten better for me. I just try and remind myself that most of the things I worry about never actually happen and it has helped. Talking it over with good friends (or worry people 🙂 ) can help put things into perspective too!

  7. Seriously, when I was younger, had no $ to pay the rent yet went out boozing all the time, I had Not a worry in the world. Fast forward 15 years and I have a great life, great job, great house, great husband and I worry more now than I ever did.
    What changed that? Hmm. I guess growing up and realizing what I have worked so hard for has resposibilities (mortgage!)
    I use to have worry people, maybe I need to find some more?

    I am hoping as I age, it dwindles!

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