Today: North of the border.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Sometimes I think I should have been born in Canada.  It would explain my natural affinity for the cold,  general politeness, hockey, the French language (even if oui is pronounced ouais up there), and umCanadian people.

My parents recently returned from a trip to Prince Edward Island to visit Anne of Green Gables celebrate their anniversary, and seeing their photos and hearing about their vacation only confirmed my strong belief that I would make good Canadian.  I mean, I love churches and potatoes and flowers and fields.

I traveled across the border several times as a younger person, for various reasons:

  • A French immersion trip to Quebec City, during which I swore I saw a dead penguin frozen in the St. Lawrence river.  My genius-ness apparently does not extend to geography or biology or whatever subject would have prepared me to know better.
  • A jazz festival and competition in Toronto – I wore my itchy wool select vocal jazz choir sweater (if that doesn’t scream the coolest, I don’t know what does) to the top of the Sears Tower
  • Spring Break 2003 (or whatever year I turned 21) in Montreal
  • I went to Niagra Falls once, too… maybe on the way to Toronto?  Who knows.

I’d love to revisit each of those places as a grown-up, especially now that the jazz sweater is long gone.  An adventure in the Maritimes and a trip to Vancouver (preferably if the B’s were in town for a Stanley Cup replay) are on my Canuckit List.  That’s like a bucket list, but for things in Canada.  Also on that list: appearing on one (or any) of the HGTV shows filmed up there.  Even if it was just to bring coffee to the set, or something.  Maybe offer my opinion on fabrics.

I like when people say reno.  It makes home renovation sound so lovely and effortless, and not at all like having a man in jean shorts wallpapering your living room, while standing on a ladder directly in front of your air duct so that his 80’s singalong can be broadcast at full volume into your bedroom where you’re working from home (to supervise the construction, you’re no stranger to hard hats) and not conveniently, on a conference call.  Hmm.  Maybe I’d have to improve my ‘tude a bit before gaining citizenship up there?

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If I got to choose, I’d totally want to be on Sarah’s House.  I think Sarah Richardson is just the cutest.  She seems kind, thoughtful, earnest, hardworking, friendly, a little silly, and therefore, 900% Canadian to me.  I think her sidekick Tommy and I would get along famously, as well.  I was home the other day folding laundry (the glamour of my life abounds) and happened upon a Sarah’s Cottage marathon, featuring re-runs of episodes that (according to my DVR), originally ran in 2009.  Side note: I refuse to watch television in real time anymore.  Can’t deal with the political ads (that’s another post for another day).  I hate commercials with talking and/or dancing babies, too.  So creepy.

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Anyway, I am rather glad I saved four whole episodes because there was so much to love about Ms. Richardson’s complete overhaul of their family’s summer cottage.  I want to paint floors.  I want to monogram cabinet doors.  I want to have our towel sets embroidered with numbers.  I want whatever a “bunkie” is.  And I want Sarah to choose every paint color, every stitch of fabric, every wall sconce and every piece of furniture that we bring into our next home.  Wherever that may be.

..likely in the United States.  Harrrumpf.

Also On Tap for Today:

If you could live anywhere (including Sarah’s cottage in Canada, obviously), where would you land?

9 thoughts on “Today: North of the border.

  1. Where do I start. There are so many cray-cray differences. Mat leave- maternity leave (And you get A YEAR), ‘no worries’ instead ‘no biggie’, PROject instead of prahject, lots of different spellings: favourite, clour, centre. NO trader joe’s, no whole foods, no dunkin donuts, and they drive redonkulously slow. Other than that- YAY! hahaha

  2. Love this post 🙂 I’m from Nova Scotia, and my boyfriend is from PEI. We laughed because there are lots of churches, fields and potatoes on the island. Awesome.

  3. I love this. I hate how people here are embarrassed to admit they’re of Canadian descent… I’m proud of it! I haven’t been to Canada since I was 18 and I’m dying to go back, specifically to Nova Scotia or Montreal. Road trip, eh?

  4. My last trip to Canada was on a quick stop in Vancouver before flying up to Alaska last summer, and I have to say I felt like Vancouver was Seattle-like, but smaller and therefore even more grungy and emo. I went once to Montreal when I was also somewhere around 21 but it was the dead {pigeon} of winter. I should probably go back when there is less than 18″ of snow. Ok… 45cm, whatever, eh?

  5. I love visiting Quebec. I’ve been to Quebec City and Montreal but QC is definitely my favorite. My mom’s family is from Quebec so I loved hearing them talk in French when I was growing up. I definitely want to get back up there again. My husband has some famiy in Toronto so that’s on the list too. 🙂

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