Today: Easy summer entertaining.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Plenty of things in life are difficult. Snacking with friends shouldn’t be one of them.

A tiny and a huge caprese bite for Tina‘s tinyHUGE party

With the weather being just lovely lately (I like the blistering heat almost as much as the recent cool down), there’s no better place to be than up on the roof with a carafe of wine, crisp vegetables, fresh berries and a good wedge of brie.  Oh, and– most importantly– a pal or two.

When it comes to summer entertaining, I like to keep things easy.  No utensils, no cooking, no frills.

  • Glass isn’t allowed by our condo association’s pool, so I’ve been using a shatterproof acrylic carafe to transport adult beverages.  It looks rather shady, but it gets the job done.
  • Washing and cutting vegetables and portioning them in packable containers at the beginning of the week saves time, and ensures you have healthy snacks at the ready.
  • A bit of variety ensures there’s something everyone will like, but I try not to go overboard.  Something sweet, something salty, something gluten free, and something not.  That’s my pool snack M.O.
  • Beach towels make great table cloths.  And they keep your toes warm when the sun sets.  Aaaand they soak up spilled wine.
  • Keeping food finger-friendly equates to less waste (no need for plates or forks).  Besides, tiny things are just plain cute.

The best part about easy summer entertaining?  No need to decorate when you’ve got views like this, captured on my iPhone (no filter, just Mother Nature putting on a show).

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What is your best summer entertaining tip?

5 thoughts on “Today: Easy summer entertaining.

  1. I have a very similar photo to the one you posted at the end, it must have been from the same night. We ended up going to the red sox game, it was gorgeous out! Great tips, especially about using a beach towel to soak up wine 😉

  2. Smudge pots from Plow and Hearth make for some awesome ambiance! But without good company, wine, and some snacks … It’s not the same!

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