Today: Don’t get your eyebrows waxed when you’re sad.

I believe the last time I explicitly offered advice On Tap, it involved going to the hospital when you have a concussion, rather than laying on the sofa eating ice cream and trying to remember the word for “post office”… in English.

Today, I impart this nugget of wisdom:  When you’re sad (even just a little), do not get your eyebrows waxed.

I had exactly six minutes of unscheduled time this weekend.  Feeling it was important to not appear at my grandmother’s funeral with a unibrow, I popped into Gaelic Day Spa (my favorite non-Gaelic, very un-day-spa-like-day-spa) for a quick grooming.  I am mostly good at keeping my emotions in check (emoticons are another story, I love a good winky face), but the second that hot wax and errant eyebrow hair was ripped from my face, I just about lost it.

I am guessing I am not the first person to cry on the esthetician’s table, and I likely won’t be the last, but I felt rather awful when the woman taming my brows thought she had mortally wounded me.  I couldn’t express what I was actually feeling, mostly because my six minutes were nearly up, but I tried to assure her it wasn’t her fault.

After all, it was my fault.  Trust me.  Do not get your eyebrows waxed when you’re sad.  Here are a few things to do instead.

Just be sad.  It’s okay to be upset when you’re upset.  And if you feel like talking and you need someone to listen, I will gladly share my dog.  He rarely talks back.

Watch the Caine’s Arcade video.  It’s 10 minutes long; I estimate that you’ll feel better by the 14 second mark.  I also recommend Marcel the Shell, and anything involving small children singing Hey Jude.

Make a feel good playlist.  This is not the time for brooding, melancholy jams.  When I need to be lifted up, I go straight to Sir Duke. David Gray is fully off limits.

Sweat it out.  Nothing reminds me of the therapeutic power of a good workout quite like a few days out of the game.  Endorphins are real.  Don’t believe me? Ask Endorphin Dude.

Find an outlet.  Not an electrical one.  A creative one, perhaps.  I impulsively bought a coloring book and a box of crayons this weekend.  I was prepared to lie to the cashier about them being gifts for my niece or nephew, but the lady didn’t seem fazed by a 30 year old buying a Hello Kitty coloring book.  Which is good.  Since my niece or nephew isn’t due until June.  Plus, I don’t think infants are allowed to have crayons.  Oh, and also: it’s bad to lie.  (If you’re looking for ways to make room for creativity in your life, I’ve got some ideas about that here.)

Whether it’s doodling, making a special meal, taking photographs, or writing down my thoughts, I find expression to be especially helpful when I’m feeling down.

Get outside.  I’m fortunate enough to live a short run from the ocean.  And this weekend, while I was away leading a retreat, my room had incredible views of the sea.  During the day, I watched the tide’s cycle and couldn’t help but be moved by the natural order of things.  Sometimes the tide is high, and we are carried atop the waves.  And sometimes the tide pulls out, and we’re left feeling very small, a bit lost and a little abandoned.

Inevitably, though, the tide comes back in.  And so it goes with life.  Sometimes we’re up.  And sometimes we’re down.  And when we’re down, we’d be wise to avoid the hot wax at Gaelic Day Spa.

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What’s your favorite feel good jam?

13 thoughts on “Today: Don’t get your eyebrows waxed when you’re sad.

  1. Oh gosh, you poor thing. It must have just been the release… I recently found out that I cry when I wake up from anesthesia, for no reason. Nothing makes this normally emotionally independent woman feel more stupid that blubbering “can you please go get my husband?” while lying on a table in a johnny.
    Ironically, one of my favorite feel good jams is “Fat Bottom Girls”, even though I hate the word Fat. I just can’t help but sing along when I hear it!

  2. Is it bad that my immediate thought to finding an outlet was an Outlet Mall?? Wrentham anyone? Retail therapy is for realz.

    Balls about the waxing!! I never wax, scares me, plus the tweezers work for fine for me 🙂

    Yes I want to borrow Clark.

  3. I just love this post. You have such a knack for extrapolating life lessons from the ordinary. I hope you keep writing for a long time. 🙂

    I’m also an emoticon over-user. I embrace it.

  4. I really love this post! I agree with you wholeheartedly! #1 thing when you lose someone is to let yourself FEEL. It took me awhile to learn that lesson after my Mom died, but its was necessary.

  5. This is a beautiful post. I agree with all of your ideas – don’t brood, don’t allow yourself to wallow in what is the natural course of life.

    Dogs are the best listeners, I talk to mine all the time.

    And a Hello Kitty coloring book and crayons? That is such a fantastic idea!!!!

  6. Words of wisdom here. Seriously though, love this post. And of course I love Clark. I may be a Clark stalker in fact. Don’t worry, I am not crazy 🙂

  7. I need a little of your advice today. I’ve discovered Pandora (I know, I’m like a decade behind) and it has gotten me through a really tough workweek.

  8. I love this video of Cain. How did you come across it? I’ll be using little army men in a scavenger hunt I’m hosting in September. Glad to see kids still play with them!

          1. Wanna meet up for dinner/drinks/coffee sometime this weekend or next week? I would love to have a guest blog post by you about Southie, but also just to hang out and meet a fellow Southie blogger. 🙂

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