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Today: Look at me! I’m three!


[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Clark’s celebrating his third birthday today.  He’s as wrinkly, brindley, and snuggly as ever.

What a love he is.  Happy Birthday, little buddy.  And a very, very happy birthday to my older brother.  :)

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Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?


  1. Happy birthday, Clark! My godson is a yellow lab that lives in D.C. and his mom is one of my best friends. One year, I took a doggie birthday cake on a plane for him because my visit coincided with his birthday. So yes, I’m a little nuts but a dog lover. :-)

  2. I celebrate my dog’s birthday as the day I rescued her (since they didn’t know). :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Clark! – from Stitch (from one Frenchie to the other)

  4. Let me get this straight: “Happy Birthday to Clark, my totally incredible dog! Oh yeah, and you too, bro what’s your name” Ahh haaaaaa Love the word “brindley.” What does it mean? http://funandfit.org/2012/03/giveaway-lesserevil-the-greater-good/

    • Hahahaha. Point taken. I probably should have wished my brother a happy birthday first… but in my defense, we celebrated with him on Sunday. ;-) Clark’s coloring is tiger brindle, sadly brindley is not a real word. I just like the way it sounds.

  5. Love your puppy!
    We have a cat, whose first birthday is quickly approaching. (Mind you, we don’t really know what date it is, just the date we adopted him). My children are planning a party, including tuna cookies and catnip toys.

  6. Happy Birthday Clark!!!! I’m sure that your Mom spoiled you rotten!!!!

    I can’t wait to get my own Frenchie!!! Clark is just too cute!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Clark! Payton says treats are on him next time he sees you :)

  8. Happy belated birthday, Clark! Hope you got a new bone to chew on :)

  9. Clark and I have the same birthday! I celebrated my big 2-4 yesterday though, so he still has a ways to go to catch up to me. ;)

  10. Happy birthday, Clark!!!!!

  11. He is SO adorable – love the pictures! Happy Birthday to your pup! :)

  12. Happy birthday Clark! that photo of him in the pink chair is priceless

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