Today: Surprise! You’re too old for this.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Being both an amateur detective and a bit of a control freak, I am certain I am not an easy person to surprise.  Nick, with the help of my sister, somehow pulled it off, though.  He put together the perfect birthday celebration.  I was met with a table full of my favorite people last night for sushi, sake bombs, scorpion bowls and larger than life cupcakes.  I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in ages, I wore a tiara, I was over-served, I performed a daring trust fall from atop our counter height table.  It was one of the greatest nights ever.

Nick organized a fantastic dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Owl Station Japanese Bistro.  I devoured my favorite dishes, including steamed vegetable gyoza and vegetable dreaming maki (sweet potato, mango and avocado).  The food (and booze) just kept on coming.

Before heading back to our condo for all kinds of shenanigans, we enjoyed special sushi-inspired cupcakes from Sweet Tooth, another Southie favorite.  While I’d love to blame the sugar or adult beverages, sometimes a girl just needs to take a trust fall in her living room.  Risk taking is part of my anti-aging strategy.

It’s a good thing I have such trust-worthy friends and family members.  Thanks for helping me kick off my thirties, and protecting me from bodily harm.  Aaaaand now I think I need to crawl back into bed.

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11 thoughts on “Today: Surprise! You’re too old for this.

  1. I am dying laughing at the trust falls. I think that should definitely be a required happening at all 30th birthday parties. Happy Birthday!!!

    I was surprised twice – once when I was 15 and one at 18 (why only in my teens, I don’t know). For my 15th, I was at my friends house when she claimed that she had to leave to go babysit because she forget. I was SO PISSED she ditched me until I walked in my front door and all my friends were there, ready to present me with the new Backstreet Boys album. Yup.

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