Today: A good start.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]A new day, a new week, and almost a new month.  Despite losing our playoff soccer game by one measly goal, I feel like things are off to a good start.  This may be an overshare, but I’ve taken to keeping fresh flowers in the bathroom so I am greeted by something happy and living (in addition to Nick and Clark, obviously) first thing in the morning.  I think it helps start things off on a lovely note.

I managed to get today’s breakfast and lunch all packed up, the dishes done, and my bag ready to go last night.  I am truly amazed by the amount of time I usually manage to waste before heading out the door in the morning.  Perhaps this weekend’s conference inspired me to get my act together.

After a short break, Clark is happily back at The Pawsitive Dog for day school.  He’s doing his best to start back on the right paw, but apparently he’s been a bit naughty as of late… which makes me love him even more.  Apparently someone left a door open today and, ever the opportunist, he went on a little adventure through the neighboring pet store.  What a goober.

Nick and I picked up the little guy before heading to our soccer game, which ended rather disappointingly.  We were the #2 seed heading into tonight’s championship games, but lost our first game.  Per usual, we had no girl subs, and I walked away from the field feeling utterly wiped.  When we returned home, I caught a glimpse of a box that recently arrived and just like that, instasmile.  With January wrapping up, it’s time to dig into my foodie penpal package. I was lucky enough to receive the most fantastic package from Alex of yums and loves.  As soon as I learned that she has a Frenchie named Clarence, I knew we could be kindred spirits.

Alex sent me a Frenchie memo pad, which you might recognize from Clark’s 2nd birthday when I came out of the crazy dog lady closet, creating goodie bags for all of Clark’s four-legged friends.  Thanks for replenishing my stash, Alex!  She also included a copy of Everyday Food, one of my favorite sources for tasty, healthy recipes. Other goodies included snickerdoodle animal crackers (straight into my little lunch bag those go!), tiramsu almonds, glazed almonds with honey, cranberries and sea salt, a bar of dark chocolate and Barney Butter packets (a favorite around our condo).  Alex completely spoiled me.  Thank you so much!

If you’d like to participate in this fun monthly exchange, hop on over to Lindsay’s blog for more information.

After such a good start to the week, it’s time to slip on my sparkliest shoes and relax a bit.  It’s likely I’ll be trading them for snow boots tomorrow morning, but that’s fine by me. 😉

Also On Tap for Today:

Is your week off to a good start?  What does February have in store for you?

4 thoughts on “Today: A good start.

  1. Bummer about the soccer game but it seems like you’re trying to tackle this week with a positive attitude. For our anniversary, B sent flowers to my office yesterday and they are definitely brightening up my hours at work…so I totally get the fresh flowers for the bathroom idea!

  2. So nice and organized — I may have to bookmark this page since I’m definitely having trouble with that one of late…

    Too cute on the notepad! But should I be worried that Clark will be a bad influence on Payton? Haha 🙂

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